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Weekend Vibes 🌴 Go where the wind blows

🌿Weekend Vibe 🌿

•Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces• It may be best for you to stay home. Your mind is a bit all over the place as you struggle to decide if you should stay or go. This weekend you will decide to go but you’ll be changing your mind again in less than 3 days. This situation is not living up to your expectations and what once brought you happiness is now gloomy. You will have a visitor coming to your house this weekend so you should clean up. You’ll be doing a lot of rambling to whoever will listen to you this weekend. Really you just want someone to decide for you on something because you’re afraid of making the wrong choice. Allow yourself to be happy, and present, instead of worrying about what’s coming next. They’ll be another offer if you pass up on this one

🐰Weekend Vibes 🐰

•Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn• You’re afraid this person won’t talk to you again. You’ve said something insensitive or out-of-line, but this person isn’t telling you what you did or said that was wrong. They want you to guess. So they will be icing you out this this weekend, even talking behind your back to anyone who will listen to what you did to them. You could be dealing with a Cancer, Scorpio or Aries. You may see this person in your dreams. Scrolling the internet too much or leaving the tv on could be the source of your nightmares. You both fear not being in one another’s life but the mind games and emotional sabotage is getting out of hand. A separation or break is on the horizon, though you may not want it. It’s needed. This person will still be in your life but they need to go away for now.

🔥Weekend Vibes 🔥

•Aries-Leo-Sagittarius• Trying to figure out if the sacrifice will be worth it. Someone wants to take care of you but you feel allowing them to do so means you have to give your power away. You may feel this person has ulterior motives for being with you because they came in quick. This person has insecurities galore and in the end you may notice them being insufferably jealous, so maybe your intuition is right. You’re not feeling confident about a move you want to make before July 2023 but this move could give you more money and independence. Two things that you want and value but you don’t want to leave home behind. If you are planning to move for a relationship I don’t see it lasting. If you’re already in a relationship, ending your current one to be with this person you’re secretly talking to will end in disaster. You may notice this weekend that a friend or a family member has you blocked. It’s because you didn’t let them borrow money or you declined to get them a job in your company. Doing the right thing sucks sometimes but it’s the path you might need to take.

🐦Weekend Vibes🐦

•Gemini-Libra-Aquarius• Mercury retrograde must be soon because someone is coming back into your life. A Leo, Sagittarius, Virgo, or Scorpio. This is someone who made you feel comfortable and put you on a pedestal but work or bad communication drove you apart. You could find yourself at a bar, lounge, or some sort of upscale party by accident. Recognition is coming your way at work starting next week or you could be getting rehired at a job that you knew wouldn’t accept you back. Taking a trip home to your grandparents or siblings will be good. Also work will be busy this weekend or if you have a side hustle then expect success. Don’t run too fast in toward a reconciliation with this person. They still want to be separated for now and talk about what went wrong. An apology is coming. The two of you care a lot about each other. Baby making going on this weekend so protect yourself if you don’t want any children

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