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Weekend Energy Dec 9-11: Understanding your power

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: The revelation of it all. During this time your emotional sensitivity will be heightened, especially when it pertains to matters of the heart or a family member that you aren’t on good terms with. You are willing to forgive this person but that could be the issue; they could be taking advantage of your kindness. Likely you just want to lie down, close your eyes, and rest but it feels like a motion picture is playing in your head when you try to sleep. This weekend may be the final straw or the final page in the chapter with another water sign or libra. Try not to go for the shock value this weekend because it doesn’t make sense. Moving irrationally will have you begging for mercy once January comes around. Things may really be over when it comes to someone that has disappointed you time and time again. But you just have one more thing you want to get off your chest before you go. Air sign women may be the cause of your dissatisfaction or they could make you question your physical beauty. Someone may leave their phone open and you could find out what they’ve been hiding. Stuck in a mentally draining cycle and you’re just praying for it to be done. Even though you may go back and forth, round and round, this situation doesn’t have the strength or foundation to be rebuilt again. You are in mourning, but the sun will come out if you look for it. Home may not be where your heart is.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: Someone is trying to get in contact with you and it seems to be a father or father-type figure. You may have miscommunications or difficulty with this person during this time. Seems like you’ve been avoiding telling them the truth about something or you’ve just been avoiding them just because. You may feel stressed or dealing with mild headaches because you are worried about your finances and some of you may be struggling to find a job. Right now the job that you are in is not paying you what you’re worth but you don’t have any other options. You will try to keep your mood swings in tact but if you have a child with a fire (Aries Leo Sagittarius) sign, then this person could be pushing your buttons. Something may go missing this weekend and it could be as simple as a remote or something tied to your glasses but this simple thing could create a chain reaction of chaos; you need to breathe. You’re just overwhelming yourself right now because you feel as if you’ve failed or you’re not where you want to be. Don’t try to fight or swing at anyone, but your anger may take you there. If you are in a relationship that you are ready to walk away from, you won’t be departing from them yet. It’s not that you still are deep in love or willing to make this work, it’s just that financially it’s not a good time for you. So you will likely wait until the spring or when things get better before you are able to part ways. You’ll be hanging on to your possessions and money tighter during this time and you should because money will be tight for almost two months.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: Ah shucks, you have the energy of success on your side. This week a message of money or stability will be coming toward you. If you live in an area where they don’t deliver mail on Saturday, then you’ll have to wait until Tuesday of next week to get this news. Or this could come virtually via email but the letter has already been drafted and you will get it sometime next week. You are in the process of changing your career or changing something in your environment that will be for the better. You are moving in the right direction so stop second-guessing yourself and stop allowing past failures to get to you. Some of you may feel scrutinized by other women or by people with the same moon or sun sign as you. This has likely been your issue in the past when it comes to moving forward. As soon as the negativity starts pouring in, you start to question everything, and then it makes you want to stop, pause or just scrap everything. Those of you in the market for a new car could have luck this weekend and you could end up getting top dollar if you are trading in a vehicle. It’s a possibility you may run into someone who is a public servant or who has some sort of influence in your community. Rather they see you in person or they may contact you via the internet, it doesn’t matter. I see a fire sign ready to date you or they are interested in you if you are looking. Even for those of you that aren’t looking an argument with your existing partner may push you into the arms of this Leo or Aries that will seem like a dream guy or dream girl. You must wait thought to feel this person out before you dump your present situation. I don’t see that this person is your soulmate and if they do have influence, you won’t be able to deal with the jealousy that comes with this person. Feels like big hook-up energy to me or you can settle for friends. But I would say not to expect this to go anywhere outside the bedroom. You will have a visitor who is already here or they could be heading your way on Sunday and this is another fire sign but I am picking up your aunt or someone on your mother’s side of the family. Good weekend for money.

Leo, Aries, Sagittarius: Did I say something wrong? That’s the question you could be asking an earth sign person that you are dealing with who has started to pull away from you. They could be focusing on their finances but I actually see that this person is financially stable so work may not be the real reason. They may use work as an excuse because that may be the only explanation you’re going to accept without going into nancy drew mode. You feel you’ve sacrificed enough to be with this person and you just want them to understand where you’re coming from. Unfortunately, this person is in their own world. I don’t see that they want to break up or stop talking to you at the moment but their ‘I don’t care’ meter is pretty high. You hope that you and this person will be able to reconnect or at least talk about what went wrong. So you may opt to hang out with your siblings or with people in your community this weekend to give them some space. If you’re single, there's an event that you may be planning to go to that could get canceled due to the rain or weather. The worst thing you can do is get comfortable and that’s what’s going on right now between you and this person. One of you is so comfortable to the point you have no fear of losing the other person because you already know they will be back. You don’t feel valued right now. Work seems to be going well and you may find the house that you want to rent or buy this weekend. For the most part, if you live with someone, you aren’t ready to go. So they, in a small way, have hope things can get better as well but they aren’t as optimistic as you. If you’re in separation from someone, they are currently dating someone new, rather you know it or not. Honestly, you have the upper hand, but they are reckless and even childish at times because they want to punish you in some way. Caring for one another is not the question here, it’s more so if it’s enough to save this sinking ship.

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