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Mini Horoscopes Dec 13-19

Aries ♈️: Seven of Cups: gingivitis, stomach issues, clogged ears, overrunning water, Scorpio, music, telepathy, scrapes, blueberries, phone ringing at 3 am, bad fish, spinach, carriage, alcohol poisoning, staying up too late, close your curtains, coattail of a jacket, sitting in gum, spelling a name backward

Taurus ♉️: Two of Pentacles reversed: speeding through traffic, slow down with your words, microscope, phone book, Latin music, window, Windsor, feet, speech therapy, spy, eagle eye, hospital, skull cap, ignoring an important debt, indecisive Capricorn or Aquarius, phone bill

Gemini ♊️: page of swords reversed: paranoia, vocal coach, Wednesday, spoiled, plea, concentrate, wheelchair or wheelbarrow, indie music, saxophone, delete my number, scam, don't sweep your feet, whistleblower, spend time alone, spying on an ex, hiding a baby

Cancer ♋️: Death: Big changes, finances, slow ending, broadening your horizon, coming out of the dark, getting clarity from another water sign, immigrant, English (UK), new attitude, new outfit, creative blocks, putting the past behind, taking a chance on what scares you, a whole new world, braided hair, endings, and new beginnings, a sigh of relief

Leo ♌️: Eight of cups: you're not ready, feeling that you've left something behind, playing devil's advocate, wind blowing, snow, salt on the ground, need some time to think, moving too fast in a new connection, matrimony, burden, knights at the round table, dehydration, heating and cooling system (air conditioner), a ford truck, football stadium, not sure what's going to make you happy, feeling numb to it all, waiting to hear from a water sign

Virgo ♍️: Queen of Wands: Patrick or letter P, yellow envelope, teacher, student faculty, discharge paperwork, saying no, not changing your mind, robe, wardrobe malfunction, take a mask with you, purple socks, a dog, a business idea, vulnerable, Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, cancer treatments, fix your window, tires screeching, spectator, sports event, feeling attracted to your boss or coworker.

Libra ♎️: Moon: fears greater than your faith, having a hard time sleeping, issues with your hands or wrist, eligible bachelor, burnt toast, tonic water, puzzle pieces, evil eye, step-sister, 10 steps, curling up into a ball, light sensitivity, Lasik surgery, hiding away from the public, the movie 'White Chicks', writer's block, inevitable,

Scorpio ♏️: two of swords: pretending it's not happening, trying to get back in contact with an air sign ex, leather boots, cutting your finger, philanthropy, Thomas or letter T, David Blaine, dress clothes, roll up your sleeves, logical, don't sign the paperwork yet, keeping the peace, the less you try the more that will come to you, acting, Lucy or letter L, Spokane, Washington, dandruff issue,

Sagittarius ♐️: Emperor reversed: shaky foundation, school lunch, token, game room, arcade, Winslow, weeping willow, avoiding your father or missing him, back and forth with the parent of your child, child support or custody issues, waiting on the government, rental application, old tree is about to fall on your house, cut it down, Winnie the Pooh, acorn, spendthrift, shock & awe, bisexual, a boss is intimidated by you, a festival

Capricorn ♑️: Hanged Man reversed: hearing voices or seeing shadows out the corner of your eye, learning a different language, letting go, unwilling to wait, mattress, rodent issue, Casanova, psychologist, Charlie horse or tingling in your calves, legal aide, spear, special needs, your new idea isn't a good one, control your late night eating, suspension at work, meeting someone new on your day off, walking around the mall, blood clots left leg, romantic proposal

Aquarius ♒️: Strength: you are strong, medical field, speak it into existence, a really good friend, taco night, refund, igloo, Egyptology, pharaoh, ming dynasty, chainsaw, thinking about cosmetic surgery, new piercing, wolf, panic at the disco, Leo breaks your heart again, a parent has heart problems, cutting your hair, locking your keys in the car, sequins, canceled high school reunion

Pisces ♓️: Temperance: preoccupy your time, long-distance travel, training class, inventory, messager Tuesday or Thursday, potatoes, salmon, next door neighbor, studying about someone new, fix, cat, glove, firefighter, project management, call from management, you got the job, interior designer, a skilled architect, family business, pay raise, going back to school, cruise in the summer

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