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Venus Sign Messages: Energy is kind of weird

Check your Venus sign placement for your message

•Taurus Virgo Capricorn•

Turning down a new job opportunity to work on a creative project or start a business. You want to have more fun so you may skip hanging out with your mom or family. Instead, you’ll go out of town with a friend in 3 days or weeks. Feels as if someone in your family wanted you to go to the military or enroll in some sort of prestigious school instead. I’m getting a starving artist type of vibe. You will keep persisting on this thing until you get what you want. You don’t want to be a part of the modern world’s idea of what it means to work. You may try the freelancer lifestyle for a while. You’ll be commanding respect from a lot of people during this time. A banquet or some sort of event is coming up where you could meet an investor. Also you could be confused on who you want to sleep with or date next. There is an air sign and a fire sign after your attention. The air sign seems too desperate for attention and too willing to just let you do whatever. But that fire sign, WHEW 😰. They are putting you in your place and you kind of like it.

BTW, It’s an air or fire sign Venus, not their sun sign. Also your boss’s wife or husband wants to sleep with you or someone is coming to you with an offer to be a part of a threesome. WTF 😳

•Aries Leo Sagittarius•

You’re a bit weak in the knees for someone. There could be distance between the two of you. You’re putting on a good front though, but it’s not working. People want to talk to you or be a part of your life and you’re being very selective now about who you let in. You may not be interested in the hustle and bustle of being an entrepreneur, so you could be looking for a job right now. It may be best right now to take a more passive approach. You may have went through a breakup with a earth or air sign venus person. This separation feels pretty recent. Possibly happened in December or within the last five weeks. Bills don’t just go away if you don’t pay them. Over the next 5-7 months, you’re going to have to adopt a new budget. If you already budget well, you can ease up a bit. Communication is coming in fast. Within the next two days. It’s from someone who wants to help you move. Oh, you’re moving! There is movement happening in your life even though you can’t see it. Learn to let go of control issues. This ex of yours will try to win you back, even if you move to Antarctica. But they do this every time with the hot and cold behavior. They want you when you don’t want them. Before this is completely done, an argument is coming by June 15. Keep moving forward, you’re on the right path. Meeting a stranger soon

•Cancer Scorpio Pisces•

Still waiting on communication from a fire sign(Venus sign) that you have strong feelings for. You may have a child with this person. Someone got entangled in a love triangle and the other person let go. You are still remaining optimistic about the future. So for now, until they come back, you’ll put this to the side and travel to another country, build on an existing business, or start volunteering your time somewhere. If you’ve been working two jobs, you will drop the one that starts very early in the morning. An interview or a call from a good company is coming by the 13th of May. It will require you to travel more. On the other hand, those of you that have been dealing with a broken heart could be packing up everything to move to a far away place. You’ve lost your partner in crime or best friend. Maybe you guys have grown apart if they just recently had a baby or gotten married. With two ten’s coming through, I would say that either you’re ready to end a marriage and go back to the single life or you’re refusing to date so you can go back to someone from your past. For the rest of this month you will be sending subliminal messages on social media or actually texting someone. Stop trying to force your way into this person’s mind. They see you but they aren’t trying to hear from you right now. Find a hobby.

•Gemini Libra Aquarius•

Oh, someone is being nosey. There’s way too many people with hands in your connection. Your partner could also be telling their mom, big sister or friend about all you guys’ issues. This could be why your ears keep ringing you may be feeling like relocating to a different country or making a very long distance move. In order for this connection to make it, you have to keep what’s going on to yourself. As of right now though, you’re feeling turned off by this person because of the way they are being. You may feel they are lazy or they aren’t taking any responsibility off your shoulders. They are just sitting on the couch, feet on the table, chilling. You want partnership and you’re not getting it from them. I feel this person is actually quite greedy and they don’t like to share. Soon, like four months soon, you’ll be enrolling in school or accepting a new position with a company. The pay starting off is okay but there is a lot of room for growth. Are you thinking of getting a studio? An art studio or art museum is coming through. So you could have your art put on display in a museum or being invited to show it at an art show. Tech or work in computer sales is coming through as well. Go ahead and fill out the application and stop being so scary. You have every right to want love the way you want it but you have to stop accepting the breadcrumbs.

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