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Mini Weekly Horoscopes Sept 20-26. Nurture the Practical

Aries: Empress (rx)*: lousy haircut, issues with your bowels, worried about a mother at a distance, health declining, losing a check or checkbook, lack of abundance in this new venture, still waiting on a new job, wishing you had a better relationship with a sibling(s), dry spell, itchy throat, losing your voice or afraid to speak your mind, worried about not getting married

Oracle card: Butterfly: transformation is beneath your wings, feeling tired of growing just to lose in the end, dry your tears, a special visit from a passed-on grandmother, start a hobby that requires you to be outdoors

Taurus: page of swords (rx): spying, dangerous car, younger air sign spewing hate, talent not appreciated in this job or field, distancing from a problematic person, judgment is clouded, issues with hands, anemic, rumors, stalking, looking for a reason to be upset or to start a fight

Oracle card: Panther: You will be pretty aggressive this week and you'll be barking orders or biting back at people who look at you the wrong way. Being over-protective of a child or you are standing back to watch and observe what someone is up to. This could be a fire sign. uncomfortable change or feeling unfilled about a new beginning. Don't self-destruct

Gemini: King of Cups: boss inviting you out for lunch, water sign making more of an effort romantically, being considered for a new position, feeling more calm and content with your emotions, open relationship, border, Scorpio, waiting for a callback, speaking with a doctor, spiritual aide

Oracle card: Eagle: Watchful, soaring high, taking a plane to a place with the letter M or T, being more sincere toward someone that you've been mean to, transforming a negative situation into a positive. Try not to control everything and just let it go with the flow. Stress is sitting on your shoulders so you need to—anax. An opportunity to step into the unknown.

Cancer: Temperance (rx): feeling manipulated, having a hard time sleeping/resting, too much sugar or alcohol, trying to drown your troubles in hobbies or other vices, struggling to finish school or a course, cutting off communication with a fire sign, tired of acting like everything is okay, delaying a much-needed conversation, struggling to find documents, long-distance trip postponed

Oracle card: Elk: strength isn't always about the physical. Be more methodical in your movements over these next four months. Call or spend time with your dad or a male relative in your family that's been waiting for you to come to visit. Don't get on your high horse thinking that life's shortcomings may not happen to you or you could get hit with a reality check in three months. You may have to be a beacon of support for someone going through a rough financial time. This person is a good father but they may not be the best partner. You have decisions to make.

Leo: 10 of cups (rx): know-it-all attitude through Thursday, stubborn father or authority figure, dehydration, whispers, artificial intelligence, cat scan, drink more milk or incorporate calcium, broken home, issues with a Pisces or libra, grandparents, being told no when it comes to singing or an audition

Oracle card: Wolf: hunting down someone who you have an issue with by Friday, preparing your closet for the winter, thinking about getting a new pet, doing some sort of ritual to get rid of someone or something, trying to dominate the conversation or situation with an earth sign that wants to let you go

Virgo: World: completing a course or your degree, thinking about traveling overseas or moving to a different country, completing a 5, or a 21-year cycle, wanting to start fresh and get rid of everything, creating a brand or other social media platform (be mindful that mercury is still in retrograde), expressing your love to someone new online, jamaica, walking barefoot

Oracle Card: using your wisdom or wits to outsmart or shine, slow movements toward a goal, being complimented on your education or how articulate you are, an ex comes back but it's just an obstacle to push you in the right direction, tell someone you love them, trust your feelings.

Libra: Six of swords (rx): struggling to let go, arguing about the past again, issues with a trip or your car, painting a picture, other air sign trying to play the victim, breaststrokes (going swimming), making another trip to the hospital, if you work in healthcare you are dreading this career, west indies, thinking about a lover at a distance who's ignoring you

Oracle card: Beaver: overeating, hibernating, the task at hand is going to require patience as you have a long journey ahead of you, don't initiate or start anything new right now until October 12, healthcare may not be for you as you struggle to have a steady hand, might be a good idea to get into yoga, help someone out, go to the gym

Scorpio: Ace of Cups: a new beginning, rebirth or renewal, sacred text, new feelings emerge, getting back with an ex or talking about reconciliation, peace offering, flowers (yellow ones), sensual music, going for a massage, abundance, meadow, tea leaves, pregnancy

Oracle card: Whale: resonating with your soul's purpose, looking for your mate or calling them back into you, be more open to show your softer or sweeter side instead of constantly being walled up, a water sign has sparked emotions within you that you haven't felt in a while, getting a taste of freedom, wanting to learn to play the violin or other musical instrument

Sagittarius: page of wands: that song by JoJo is playing "Leave", feeling frisky or playful, news about a new baby will be coming to you, going or looking for a new direction, feeling bored with your current relationship, taking family pictures or taking photos for your social media, looking for a modeling job, a cracked mirror, a younger fire sign contacts you on social media, a lot of communication back and forth, hiring agency

Oracle Card: Bee: Looking for a new job, breastfeeding issues, having a sweet tooth, baking a lot of sweets, feeling annoyed by a fire sign or someone in your life who you feel isn't pulling their weight, overworking yourself to the point an illness may pop up in 12 days.

Capricorn: Tower (rx): the truth is still hidden, unbothered, issues with your feet, having an argument with your mom or the mother of someone's child, wondering why this person isn't being public about your relationship, issues with the foundation of a house, a lot of rain, worried about if you have to move, if you are trying to buy a house they will be rejecting your offer, a long way to go with this earth sign, trying to find ways to work from home

Oracle card: Otter: You need to play a bit more when it comes to life. You have been quite serious these last few weeks and you've been worried about every little thing. Go to a comedy show or organize one. Spend more time with your kids and see what they are up to. Your energy is too heavy as you may be allowing someone else's burdens to become yours.

Aquarius: 8 of wands (rx): don't talk to me, issues with sports or plane tickets, still waiting on communication about insurance or someone's health condition, no sex this week, not feeling attracted to this Sagittarius or Leo person, issues with thinning hair, pretending to talk to someone else as revenge, boss speaks to you about a pay raise, money comes in four to six days, finally finding a better job

Oracle card: wanting to learn dance or you are working on your posture. You may be thinking about working in the field of beauty or doing something creative. Pay attention to your dreams during this week as a vision will be revealing something important about your future. Preserve your energy because you are going to need it. You may end up meeting someone new who is tall and has a smooth walk.

Pisces: knight of wands: changing your mind, someone coming to visit you this weekend, when the cat's away the mice will play, wanting to get more active, changing your hair, looking at horses or going horseback riding, the forest, Encino (California), speech impediment, thinking about moving to a new house or you are moving, love when you least expect it, garden party, meeting with a boss, plans that will bear great fruits in the future, proposal

Oracle card: Feeling much lighter after a recent change, staying up late, candlelight dinner, being complimented on your smile or skin, get ready, a lot of attention will be on you soon. Don't be afraid to withdraw if you are feeling overwhelmed, write, sing or invent something.

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