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Past Predictions (From my 2020 Live)

Going through my old archives on my past website and came across predictions I made In 2020. Looks like most of these came to past but we still have some time to go. Here’s the link to the original post

These were from my live that I had a few weeks back but I chose to delete the video so I am typing up the predictions I made in the video

There may be problems with fish that is red in color

Mass incarceration coming

Forest fires

Issues with trains or there will be some sort of incident revolving around trains

Benghazi secrets

Evangelicals coming to the forefront

Pledge of Allegiance will be banned in some sports or in some areas

News about the winter olympics


Vehicle recalls ---> toyota, Brands with initial ‘M’

A bridge will fall

Helicopter→ assasination

A leader in tech will be ousted as a predator


More heart issues

Fountain of youth

Federal reserved

Travel ban

Artificial intelligence by 2025

Sea turtles

Underground tunnel will be found

Churches closing

Heart medicine complications. Medications with the initials c,v, or e

Ship will get lost or a lost ship will be recovered

Teachers will start crowdfunding

Govt. sanctions

Bengazi cover-up

Major food chain closes due to people constantly getting sick

Govt. cuts agriculture

Furniture being ripped out- likely drugs

Deutsche bank fined $250 million

Michael jackson documentary

Someone will fake their death (important person)

Reddit fined

No cash flow

Things revolving around the toronto border

Silver & gold

A war is coming

Children will be trained in 30 years for war


Manufactured turkey

dioxide---> fruit

Something being injected into the fish


Music industry will decline

Premature deaths

Covid starts affecting kids around the age of 8

Originator of virus will be confirmed---> ties to china

Issues with the water

Dying of dehydration

Parasite in water (well water)

Marriages will go up

Treaty is coming

Travel will be affected especially to heavy vacation/tourist spots

Sex organs/ new gender

More deaths

More men in the energy coming up

More men in power, less women

Aiding and abetting

Earth x water signs in more positions of power

Establishment will rise/past lives

More astrologers/psychics

Ski scam

ivf---> cancelled or on hold

Adoptions with no papers

Brawl---> sporting league

NBA point shaving

Less women in sports in 3 years. Some of their sports may be cut during this time

Fly with chaperone (has to be actual family member)

Underfunded govt. Programs


-moving money around

- ssi gets cut more

Bridge to terabithia (symbolism)

Burning hospital

Working in an office will change drastically

Will be hard to live off of one income---> communal living will rise

The art world will rise

Religion will rise ----> people will start turning more to their faith

Fire x air signs losing their positions of power

Fear mongering

New technology

Media, magazines, news, writing will go up by 3 times

Philosophers will rise

Won’t be able to travel to certain countries anymore

People will move and gain citizenship in other countries

Beauty industry will decline

Disappointment with colleges

Online class will not go well

Taking from the elderly

Bed/Breakfast will boom

Issues with shipping/receiving

Dropshipping will decline


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