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Mini Horoscopes Sept 6-12: You Did the Right Thing

Aries: 3 of Swords: Swastika, road rage, open heart surgery, cholesterol, abandonment, abandoned building, walking away from a lease early, disappointment from a libra or Gemini, slippery roads, tears tied to younger siblings or children, ignoring red flags

Taurus: 5 of cups (rx*): incurable disease, Scorpio disappoints again, callous, September, serpent, protein, being told no, progress but now they’re going backward again, dehydration, studying bible or spiritual text, Bobby, Gwin, Easter Sunday, stone cold, missing the one your heart still calls out for, looking out the window, rainy days

Gemini: 8 of cups: wisdom, retreat, stain glass window, bubble, rootbeer, Irish pub, rectum, snow dogs (the movie), avalanche, sneaking off, wisdom teeth, taking a solo trip, junction, gesture, idle, Smithsonian, east village, time and space, white or black envelope

Cancer: King of Swords (rx): whispers, lies exposed, poor judgment, bad haircut, issues with left knee, Tyler, generous with the truth, mechanic, diesel engine, prescription, passing a test, non-responsive boss, Phillip, Isaac, LaGuardia airport, plastic surgeon appointment, adoption, skill shortage

Leo: Judgement: passive-aggressive, awakening, lien holder, issues with toilet, Isaac Newton, frustrated with an ex, Sagittarius, Pickles, Peaches, Afraid to have the talk with someone from the past, balancing checkbook, refurbished phone, elite dancer, Tesla. Your wish is my command, sanctimonious

Virgo: 10 of wands: vibrator, hiking, trail, lower back issues, Leo, shadow work, movie tickets, wheel alignment, vision test, needles, competition, not meeting your deadlines, state fair, doing too many things at once, losing your voice Wednesday, you’re not moving yet

Libra: Ace of Swords (rx): fogginess, not hearing what you want to hear, slashed tires, libido, snapchat, loss of clarity, confusing air or water sign, still waiting on an apology, east coast, right of passage, loss of freedom, callback, not seeing the truth, car alarm, Tristan, 911 (angel number)

Scorpio: 2 of wands: a decision is made, looking for a new job, redoing your resume, crunching the numbers, turtle, fantasy creatures, balcony, San Francisco, manifesting something or someone new, new bank account, hot plate, hockey, scavenger hunt, Aries, nose job, you will wait for this ex to return from the past, hickey on neck

Sagittarius: 6 of wands (rx): shocking, embarrassing moment in public, pants too big, bored at work, struggling with a business, trying to get into medical or nursing school, struggle sleeping, health deteriorating because of stress, asthma attack, landlord comes knocking, looking for a higher paying job, new mattress, leftovers, craving for attention, Leo, Taurus, Libra

Capricorn: 2 of cups: new person enters your life, will meet them off the street, cybersecurity, tech field, new contract for career, drawing a picture, bowl of flowers, clean your fish tank, Cancer, sharing how you feel with a water sign, union (new), camera, new recipes, college campus, deuces, being asked out on a date

Aquarius: 8 of wands (rx): worried about traveling in 8 days or 8 weeks, missing car note, sushi roll, camping trip, changing your mind again, Eagle, Michael, Black bird, native american, fast talker, sending message to wrong person, company not returning your calls, Cincinnati, lactose intolerant, musical chairs, incorrect address or email, afraid to buy something for yourself

Pisces: nine of pentacles: independent, giving earth sign their space, recording, lump sum of money, enjoying being single, wanting to start a garden, watch out for nails on the ground, return on investment, creating a new venture that will be successful by 2027, feathers, flint, spy, cowboy, Jason, Oliver, eager, C, Q, R, O initials, December 19th, new pet, doing the right thing means someone has to get left behind, not spending enough time with your children

*rx: reverse

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