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Mini Weekly Horoscopes Oct 6-12: The Art of Being Selfish

Aries: Queen of Wands: in your element, music teacher, nursing or doctorate program, mustard seed, yellow, ill-equipped, fire sign teacher, friends with benefits, flute, piccolo, clarinet, orchestra, opera house, clinician, dermatologist, radiant, glowing, pregnant with a girl

Taurus: Moon (rx*): bad dreams, arachnophobia, seashells, erratic behavior, hospital, morgue, dungeon, fight with a water sign, heavy rain, writer's block, black magic, clean your house, not losing hope after being told no, scared to get on a train, pouring out liquor, sobering up, dazed and confused, apology letter, light a white candle

Gemini: King of Swords: Truth teller, bank account, being straightforward with an air sign, revenge on an authority figure, calling in sick, Aquarius, harsh words, military man/woman, tribal gear, Arapaho Indian, doctor visit, pain on the left side of the chest, cramming for a test, referral, disconnect notice, charge your car battery

Cancer: Six of Swords (rx): making a circle, not letting go of the past, struggling to find a new place to live, rumble, robotics, artificial intelligence, issues with accounting or math, being left out of a family or friend trip, work meeting called off, motorcycle, asthma, taking a step back, dehydration, issues with teeth, Pisces from your past, settling a debt, getting betrayed by the past again, loss of focus, waste of talent

Leo: Hierophant: success, principles, teaching a course or enrolling in one, marriage is on your mind, meeting someone with the same goals as you, training for a new position, preschool teacher, discipline, astronomy, anatomy, church, merlin, Taurus, feeling inspired, acting classes, sleeping with two people or two new suitors will get your attention,

Virgo: Lovers: getting close to someone, choices in love, bravery, sky diving, white water rafting, camping trip next spring, fire or air sign, forbidden fruit, they might be married, whispering something in someone's ear, artist, creative venture, broken road, a new opportunity in communications or sales, white veil, sister, Wednesday

Libra: Tower: fire, gunshots, building collapse, feeling pushed to the edge by a fire sign, hearing the gong of a clock, running out of time, dropping papers in water, something gets blown out of proportion, catching this person flirting again, unexpected loss of money, unexpected breakup after someone gets physical, control your emotions, the landlord won't give you any more time

Scorpio: Ace of Swords (rx): What's the truth? why am I being attacked? your character being questioned, a new beginning isn't starting yet, not ready to hear what's real, issues with an air sign playing mind games, losing your voice, fogginess, misplacing things, not letting someone help you, 60 days to move, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that," trying to apologize to someone or vice versa, not ready to date this new person, fear over finances

Sagittarius: Seven of Swords: privacy, leaving something before you finish, studying, sneaking off from an air sign, turning your back on someone, you dropped something, frantic energy, rushing to get something finished, shifty libra, a karmic lesson in a relationship, broken heel, take your time walking down the steps, blindsided by someone's change of mind, a surprise visit from a military person, you're getting your wish if you want this person to go away, new house,

Capricorn: Justice: wait it out, see your other options before choosing, soulmate isn't around you yet, get things in your life in order first, community event, group of kids, field trip, filing court paperwork, something needs your signature, touchy subject, government relief, payment comes to you, leaving the corporate world, very very unexpected blessing through social media, make sure your email works, they want to save the marriage

Aquarius: High Priestess (rx): keeping something a secret, losing money, hiding your identity, losing touch with a sister, intuition feels broken, nothing is making sense right now, worried about a mother, race to the finish line, cat scratches, homecoming, staring off into space, migraines, ear infection, sending back a check, new financial opportunity comes from your neighborhood, changing your physical appearance

Pisces: Four of Pentacles (rx): not hanging on anymore, Christmas tree, ornaments, decorations, issues with a Capricorn, bald-faced lie, choreography, dance class, taking money out of your savings, feeling uncomfortable about love, wind chimes, throwing away everything, cutting off a family member, disappointment because you thought someone was the one, a good week for career, laying in bed but struggling to fall asleep, water/earth sign calling your phone late at night

*rx: reversed

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