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Mini Horoscopes Sept 28-Oct 4. Making it Work

Aries: 4 of swords: rest, India, Cyprus tree, tongue ring, tonsillitis, new ear piercing, visiting someone at the hospital or nursing home, prayer, white envelope, lost computer files, furnishing your home, peace sign, 333

Taurus: Justice (rx*): unfair treatment, low tolerance, oil change, diesel mechanic, engineer degree, looking for sex, Jerry, on the wrong path, stomach flu, riots, colonoscopy, eagle, concealed carry license

Gemini: Hermit (rx): not paying attention in class, missing an elder, worried about your health, hair loss, implants (teeth), scrap metal, canceled doctor’s appointment, ignoring texts from your ex, bad review, lousy weather cancels long distance travel

Cancer: Nine of Wands (rx): taking a cowardice approach, unblocking someone, opportunity to teach, mentally exhausted, giving up, bruised hand or knuckle, sweep, target on your back, Irish festival, hot wands, wasting time on an argument or job, feeling overwhelmed

Leo: Knight of wands: change of residence, boat ride, changing your mind, going back home to visit, pearl necklace or some kind of jewelry, saltwater, Sagittarius, military, horseback riding, trolley, Amsterdam train, impulsive, meeting someone new at a club

Virgo: page of pentacles (rx): someone is using you, money comes up short, issues with losing or gaining weight, wasting money on school, debt collector, dropping a glass bottle or vase, a child hides a valuable item, earth sign person doesn’t want to start over, caring about what people think, obsessing over your look

Libra: Eight or Wands (rx): whispers, twilight, red hair, red brick, message undeliverable, having a hard time finding a new job, ending is delayed, having dreams about death or seeing black crows, word travels fast, poor communication makes you lose money, watch your comments for the next eight days or until October 8, fishing, December 9 or 15th

Scorpio: Five of pentacles: it’s not enough, dry spell, dehydration, feeling unwanted, missing the bus, asking for a loan, missing out on the fun, working overtime, losing wallet/debit card, going through a breakup with a Taurus, Leo or Aries, you will get a second chance, Avril Lavigne, worried about a living situation

Sagittarius: Death (rx): spewing over the past, whimsical, Miami, unable to let go, gingivitis, not moving yet, controlling g water sign partner, eyesight, dominatrix, looking for money that someone owes you, losing a friend, talking with you grandmother, long brown hair, Judy, Jennifer, Leo, sin city (las Vegas), white coat

Capricorn: Star (rx): losing patience, giving up on a dram, technology issues, city blackout, starting a petition, group project, law school, worried about a friend that’s not answering their phone, trying to find a way to make money online, ginger, friends cancel on you, invite to a wedding, new laptop, reptile, promotion in 3 weeks or 3 months

Aquarius: Queen of Pentacles: struggling to get out the bed, soup, tea, nimble hands, clothes are too big, checkers, dominoes, family game night, poetry, movies, gender reveal, Utopian, grapes, abundance comes in threes, visa, kill them with kindness, wasting money on an investment, inheritance, knitting, snow globe or snow cone, cracked tooth, painting

Pisces: knight of cups (rx): pretending, stalker, Disney movies, not looking for love, thinking about relocating, calculus, truck, smelly feet, running into a player that you will turn down, job making you work late, speech, talking to someone old, turning down a date, weed, plastic surgery, taking a trip with a Scorpio or Leo, feeling blocked

*rx: reverse

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