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Mini Weekly Horoscopes Oct 13-19: A time to tell

Aries: Justice: Libra, invalidating your emotions, swift justice, "carry-on" or a literal carry-on bag for a flight, incognito, x-men, sleeping sickness (if that's a thing), airborne, divorce papers, morality clause, ear, nose and throat doctor, 12 disciples, grandmas for Christmas, stern, Howard Stern, duplicitous (treachery, allegations), nursery rhymes, Taurus

Taurus: 3 of Wands (rx*): caveat, mainstream media, ignorance, being ignored by a fire sign, hurt feelings, unable to let go, mean conversations, elitist attitude, not ready to date, "when will you go away", no filter on Thursday, wishing away bad luck, "call me later", spilling coffee on your leg, dreading fall, computer class or room, make a wish foundation, caviar

Gemini: Emperor: having a conversation with your dad, speaking with your boss, taking over an authority figures role, cleaning out your basement, redecorating your living room, having a tough talk with a teenager, acting unbothered by an Aries, military man or woman, pocket watch, past life, tomato garden, cooking for your sister, failing a certification test, not fit to travel for another 3-12 days, school principal

Cancer: Hermit (rx*): feeling lost, raise in temperature; you could be getting sick, lights out, undercarriage, losing a long-time friend, Virgo, frog, struggling to finish school or dropping out, feeling nostalgic about home or the past, paranoid, hot flashes, foolish decisions, late night leads to pregnancy in February, everything will be fine, abundance, having a heart-to-heart with a soulmate, you will be the one that moves on first

Leo: Page of Cups: getting back to integrity, enjoying a hobby you used to do as a child, painting, drawing, landscaping needs to be done, missing a daughter, intuition, dream world, Pisces, another Leo, a small offer from the past, fishing trip, getting close to a parent, flute/piccolo, staying home, not leaving this water or fire sign behind, seeing something with new eyes, absence makes the heart grow fonder, starting a new life, remaining passive, stumbling over your words, phone won't be fixed in time, changing your mind about traveling

Virgo: Sun: a new skin routine, ice skating, "ain't no sunshine when she's gone", bridges, playing chess, meeting someone at the park or the mountain, 1833 (angel number), gender reveal, planning to see your brother soon, smiling a lot, double sun; a big blessing comes this week, writing a scary story, unexpected fame, being spotted with someone very important, color me badd song 'i wanna sex you up', looking good, changing something about your appearance, someone likes you a lot, getting pulled into the VIP area, singing, anything can happen, watching the series 'Scandal'

Libra: Fool (rx*): big mistake, don't throw things out the car window while it's moving, running away from someone, you feel like you don't know this person anymore, stagnation, fearful of change, communication is low with a fire sign, this fire sign may not answer the phone, not being approved for a loan, someone will have to get back to you on a job application, bitcoin, feeling hopeless because this person changes their mind about your relationship, job hunting, running low on funds, let the answer come to you and don't force it, try to keep the peace, find a compromise, undeliverable

Scorpio: Ace of Swords (rx*): telepathy with an air sign, you don't know what you're doing or where you're going, mental confusion, not ready to tell the truth, a new beginning isn't starting until December or June of next year, feathers on a bird, short distance trips help rebuild your confidence, finally speaking with a sibling after the silent treatment, you don't want to move on but you know it's time to go, having a hard time finding a place to stay, you won't find love on the internet this week, battling an illness, a friend, cancer or earth sign ignoring you, unrequited love, someone has a secret crush on you but you find this person annoying, sending out your resume, lack of growth in your current job

Sagittarius: 4 of pentacles (rx*): pulling money out of your savings, spending more than you earn right now, not worried about love right now, willing to lose some things if it means this chapter can be closed, uncertain about your living situation, tower of terror, being smug toward a Capricorn, a surprise visitor puts a smile on your face, a fight and then reconciliation, Pisces, spoiling someone with money, being invited on a long distance trip for free, you need a break so take the vacation, Disney world, Guam, running on a treadmill, frisbee, love comes when you're not looking for it, a younger earth sign

Capricorn: 8 of swords (rx*): being put in the middle, trying to break a lease, acupuncture, doctor's appointment, you need a massage, head cold, eating more carrots for your eyesight, the karmic cycle ends, paying back an old debt, you're not stuck, they've created an illusion that you are, bandages, fire, dealing with a selfish Leo, Sagittarius or Scorpio, things aren't over yet, spending the night at a friends house, planning a move to somewhere hot, back issues resolve, feeling overwhelmed by work demands but you like the job, stay positive, things will turn around in five weeks, don't let anyone borrow any money, stop trying to be liked and make a decision that's best for you, a brand new passion project or career coming in 11 hours or days, it will be in the field of communication

Aquarius: 8 of wands (rx): falling out of love, domestic disputes, slowing down, struggling to control your anger or frustration with a fire sign, fire sign moon, taking a gun course, afraid a package may not be delivered, if you applied for a courier service (ups, USPS, FedEx, etc) I don't see this one going through, letting go of a business or putting it on pause, having a new business idea that comes with quite a bit of backlash but it will be successful, letting a fire sign woman know how you feel about them, Pisces or cancer will bring you joy, doing the right thing and walking away from a hostile situation, pretending, you're about to sign a new contract in January, February or March, moving and leaving your kids behind, getting an apology

Pisces: King of Pentacles (rx*): you don't want to share, withholding good news, keeping your money to yourself, not accepting an earth sign's apology or bribe to come back into your life, throwing out the gifts they gave you, whistling, a retirement package, a party pooper, being on the right path, going to the beach, self-employment, quitting your second job, taxi ride, getting a facial, catered event, baking, cooking, not your perfect job but the money is good, internship, entry-level position, ending a relationship or a friendship with a Scorpio or fire sign, getting invited to a party where you will meet your soulmate, offers are pouring in, don't say yes to everything, putting someone on the block list, wear sunscreen

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