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Weekly Horoscopes June 18-24: Does it Make Sense?

You can apply this key:

General- Rising Sign

Love- Moon Sign

Finances- Venus

Career- Sun

Healing information will be coming to you via your dreams or from a friend with the initial M, T, C, or Q. This may be an opportunity that involves your career as well. Over the next 17 days, there may be more than one invitation that you will have to respond to. Also, there will be an opportunity for you and a niece or older sibling to fix things up. The only thing is that you and this person may squash your beef via direct messages on social media. You will have a chance to fulfill a dream or you will get serious about manifesting something new or a better circumstance by November of this year. You will be dealing with your own alcohol or food issues or you will be helping someone close to you along this journey. Something about the nighttime will be significant for you around the 21st or 26th of next week. When was the last time you looked up at the stars? Some of you used to be really fascinated by astronomy and NASA when you were younger to the point where you thought you were going to be an astronaut. Go back to that time as a kid where you just dreamed because it let you believe in something. You can’t control what other people do but you can control yourself. The attitude that you will have this week isn’t worth the stress or headache. You may be abandoning a group of people and that will be brought to your attention by the end of the week or some of you with Aquarius or Virgo in your chart will have to resign from a position involuntarily. Don’t commit to things you don’t have time for. However, if this applies to you then you will still have good things happening going forward.

This week a friend will be gifting you something for your past birthday. This could be a necklace, tie, other jewelry, shoes, or a coat for the winter. You will be tapped on your shoulder to volunteer for some sort of cause and some of you may be volunteering for a church or religious group soon. If you used to play softball you will be interested in doing that again or this time it could be yoga, tennis or kickball. It’s a very active week for a lot of Taurus placements so use this energy to your benefit. Make sure that you are counting your change as well when you are out at restaurants and use those coupons that you’ve been hanging on to. There will be a Gemini friend who will introduce you to someone. Other Taurus placements should be wary of catching feelings for a friend's partner. You are having the wandering eye a bit this week and it’s mostly toward people that you know are already taken. Try to adapt to a more eco-friendly environment or you may look at recipes so you can go vegan. This weekend it will be good for you to kick back and watch your favorite cartoons from your childhood and I see some Taurus will be going on a date. Again, make sure that this person isn’t already taken and if they are (and you know it) then it’s your funeral. Not the best time to be getting any new tattoos as the price will change once you get there or dirty tools or needles are likely. If you are in the field of entertainment, especially music, there will be a contract or some sort of money exchange offer happening before Thursday. Mercury retrograde ends on June 22 so you should be fine if there is a contract involved. Cancer season should be good for you unless you’re a Leo or Pisces rising.

You will have a hard time focusing on the tasks at hand this week especially when it pertains to your finances, family, mother, or things regarding the past. It will be best to hang on to your wallet or your savings this week as money will be moving out as fast as it comes in. A Taurus father or mother may be contacting you for help when it pertains to their roof or they need money for some sort of home improvement. If you are trying to take a real estate exam then you won’t be getting the result that you need to get your license. Issues with the home and feeling restricted in your space will happen for the next four months, starting this week. You may have to deal with selfish children or a selfish earth sign that you have a child with. Money is being withheld because more information is needed to process an application or re-release funds. You may feel like you’re on a bit of a treasure hunt this week as you will be misplacing up to four things by Wednesday. The tread on your tires is a bit too bare so you will need to go by the tire shop to get a new one. Also, for those of you in a four-door sedan older than 2014, your air conditioner may be going out on Tuesday. Don’t hold on to information that someone needs to know just because you’re pissed at them. Also be careful because a partner, child, or neighbor may own your mail or package. Lay off the seafood this week or there could be a chance of a parasite.

Rolling out the red carpet for you, or at least you’ll feel that way. You will be a fan favorite this week with your peers or with your children’s friends. This could be a good week for you to start baking or cooking more. If you are trying to lose weight, you will drop up to five pounds by Friday. Some of you may feel irritated because as soon as you start to work on your physique then boom, a baby. You may be visiting with a great-grandmother this week or you may be visiting someone who lives in the country. The best is yet to come if you take better care of yourself. If you’re married or if you live with a roommate you may have to play doctor to this person because there will be an upper respiratory infection hitting them by Monday. It feels like sinuses are the issue. If you’re dealing with an earth sign or trying to get their attention, you may feel a bit lonely because they will be changing plans that you guys have already made. Some of you may decide to get a pet to curb down your loneliness. This week is more about taking care of yourself, your home, children, or those around you instead of trying to embark on something completely new in your career. You’ll have time for that when Virgo season comes around. It’s a good week if you want to start a vegetable garden or you could tend more to the garden that you already have. If you see caterpillars or butterflies then you’re almost there to the end of this struggle bus that you’ve been on. If you are already working from home then you will still be doing this for at least six more months.

A very busy week for you to the point where you may find it hard to get in a good meal. Don’t overwhelm yourself with all the things that have to be done. You could be making a new fire sign friend by attending some sort of party or gathering. Some Leo definitely has a lover on the side and there could be a visit happening between the two of you before august 15. I’m hearing a panic button go off, rather this be physical or it could be a mental thing. Some of you need to pay more attention to the warnings, signs, and symbols that you’ve been getting for the last two weeks. If you are trying to negotiate pay for a new job then you will have success with this. Your word may be pretty popular with the public this week if you are an influencer, sales, makeup, or in the field of accounting. You won’t have much patience this week for people’s nonsense and it’s likely that you won’t give a warning before you ghost someone or a situation. Someone that you’ve ignored or put on ice could be popping up at your job or they will be coming by your place. This person may be a stalker so make sure that you’re careful. Work on your flexibility and mobility by stretching before you go to bed or you may try hot yoga. If you are wanting to be a masseuse or go to esthetician school then you can submit your application on Wednesday. Also, be careful around pools that are deeper than five feet. If you are looking for work, ask a friend that just reached out to you in February or March, their job will have openings in three weeks.

Starting something new again this week. This time it seems to be your third or fourth run with an ex who you’ve been back and forth with since 2015 or 2017. You may have kids with person or they have a child from a divorce. For some this may even be someone who is in the military but be mindful because I sense a deployment soon to a country or state with the letter A or E. You also will be very interested in the library, teeth, or engineering. So you may think about enrolling back in school for the fall semester. You also will be working on your appearance and some of you need to change your makeup routine; it’s too heavy. You will be juggling making a decision to invest in a property or some sort of business that you want to start. Keep juggling with this idea a bit longer because it’s in the infancy stage and you may be in over your head. It’s not a good week to invest your money into any startup that will cost more than one thousand dollars. You may come across as immature or snobby this week, so make sure that you are taking in the criticism that you will be getting. A younger sibling will need your help at the last minute because they may run out of gas or they are trying to get away from your parents. I see you catching a flight soon to a warm place with a beach or some of you may have to travel for work soon. A plant-based diet may help with your indigestion or acid reflux issues. Set smaller goals this week to help you make more progress as you may be taking on a lot when you don’t have to. The numbers 17, 24, or 25 will be of significance to you. Singles will meet a younger earth sign that may be as young as your sibling if they are close to 22 or 23.

You will be ghosting a situation with an Aquarius. This person has become too unpredictable or they are trying to get serious about things and you’re just wanting to weigh your options right now. Even for those of you in a relationship, you just don’t feel like being obligated or dealing with relationship responsibilities right now and you just want to have fun. You will be spending a lot of time in Vegas or California soon. Also, you will be spending a lot of time with technology this week but also make sure that it’s not slowing down your productivity. Things will feel on edge or unpredictable when it comes to communication or how you make your money. If you are in the service business you may find that people are not showing up or they are reneging on the appointments they’ve made. Make sure that you have policies in place starting this weekend so that doesn’t happen. You’ll have a sugar rush starting Thursday and make sure you don’t overdo it. If you have a gap or hole in your tooth you will be determined to fix this by winter. This new situation or direction that you are heading in doesn’t seem so stable but you’ll go stick with it until the moon moves into Aries (July 1) and then you’ll change your mind again. If you’re into photography or needing to get your picture taken then this is the week to do it. Fix any technical issues this week such as broken screen, camera, issues with websites, or storage issues. Even though Retrograde ends on the 22nd, still be prepared for doctor's appointments or appointments to fix things to get canceled. So make sure to have a backup plan.

Back to the basics. You may be falling for someone that you said you were done with. But this person is dressing up their apology really well and serving it to you on a silver platter. This may be a person that the connection started off as a third party. Or this may be someone who couldn’t stop with the infidelity while you guys were together. Passion projects will begin this week. Some of you with Gemini placements in your chart could be exploring cannabis or thinking about starting your own dispensary. Be prepared for someone to change their mind if you are deciding to commit to them. You could be getting a haircut this week or you are planning for a big chop by your birthday. This is a good week to get on a better routine if you are working on gaining or losing weight. If you are planning to get a gym membership then you may find love in this new place in the next 6 weeks. Lung issues or have problems catching your breath will be happening at night. Those of you that have left someone behind are still bitter toward this person because they chose a Gemini over you or this may be vice versa. It may be time for some new shirts or shorts because you can’t wear pants all summer. Definitely need to clean your space over the next two weeks and get rid of things you don’t need. I’m picking up a jack Russell terrier that you already have or this is a dog that passed on that you will start to think about more close to the 26th. Kickboxing or learning about karate could be a good stress reliever for those of you that deal with anger issues. Careers in the beauty industry, mass media, communications, writing, volunteer work are likely over the next 6-12 months.

Disappointing communication coming from a sibling or a younger friend of yours. This may be in reference to a relationship or just a crush you have on someone. Disappointing travel will be happening as you will leave something important at home. Severe weather could delay any plans that you made to hang out or to take a short distance trip. You may be feeling this week that not many people care about your opinion and some of you will find a letter from an ex that you never read. This will make you cry again if this person passed on unexpectedly or they just left you high and dry without an explanation. Your memory will be foggy this week so it’s best to write down the important things so that you won’t forget. Watch your calorie intake and careful about milk that’s not good for you. It’s not a good week to plan to move to a new space as you won’t get approved. If you’ve pulled someone out of the friend zone you will be regretting it by Friday or Saturday of next week. This person is either never there, hanging out with their family too much, or they have just disconnected altogether from you. Stress is leading to the issues that you’re having with your heart. Interactions on social media will not go well this week so don’t expect much traction if your job involves the public. Also if you’re trying to get into community college or some sort of trade then you will have to try again another time. Also issues with electricity. If you have younger siblings then it may now be hitting you that they are growing up and this may make you shed a few tears.

Celebration and happy times this week. Good news coming if you are trying to apply for a mortgage or if you are trying to publish some sort of book. If you have cancer or Pisces placements then you could be getting engaged or there will be a successful short distance trip with a lover. Museums, art collections, or antiques will bring you joy this week. You will have to mingle with people from different backgrounds this week so put on a smiling face. There will be some sort of award coming by the end of next week and you will be honored with a small group of people for your effort in a project. Some of you could make the dean's list or get employee of the week or month. There’s a lot of good things to look forward to this summer. If you are planning to launch something on social media this week then you can experience a quick turn of events when it comes to recognition. You may be wine tasting or if you have your bartender's license you will be finding a new gig. New friends will be coming into your energy this week so try to give them a chance even though it’s hard for you to let your guard down. These two or three people aren’t that bad but still get to know them first. Hershey’s chocolate will help with the cramps if Mother Nature is bothering you. A friend, lover, or parent will be getting their leave papers soon to return home from the military in August or November. It’s a light-hearted week so you may not get a lot of work done because you’ll be too busy enjoying yourself. If you’re in school then a counselor will let you know that you will be able to graduate early. Lasagna, spaghetti, or anything with tomatoes will be on your craving list. Careful of coffee that will be too hot so you don’t burn your wrist.

Moving forward with a new love interest or you are starting over after forgiving someone for a mistake they’ve made. You have deep feelings for this person or at least you’re starting to because you aren’t harping over their mistakes. You’re quite lenient with this person but make sure they aren’t taking advantage of that. You will be fertile in creativity and may be thinking of selling your art, making art, or doing something with candles. The idea can be good if you actually stick with it. Get outside and smell the fresh air instead of staying glued to the couch. Your immune system may need a boost so you may try juicing or you need to start back taking your vitamins again. I’m getting the initials T, Z, K, or R that are having an impact on your energy right now. It’s a good idea to keep a dream journal because it will give you the road map to what direction you should be going in. Change the colors in your home to a mauve, cream, or gold color. Lighten up the colors in your life instead of making everything so dark. Some of you may need to fight through a depressive episode this week when a memory of a water sign ex starts to Creep in. If you’re feeling lonely then go visit a friend or hang out with your family members. Don’t be careless on the road if you are traveling or watch out for ducks or deer that may be crossing and you’re not paying attention. You may be receiving a care package or some sort of check in the mail when it comes to a bill or something that you overpaid for in the past. Some Aquarius may be going to see a fertility specialist for in-vitro fertilization. Your eyes need to be checked and you have to get this done before you renew or get your driver's license. Have food catered for an event instead of worrying about cooking it, especially if you are throwing someone a baby shower or bridal party. Also, you need new carpet if you had a leak about 3 months back.

The back and forth continues between you and a fire sign sun or fire sign moon. This week you may struggle to pass a test or you may be dealing with someone who is testing you emotionally. You may say ‘I don’t care,’ a lot this week to hide how you’re really feeling. Teaching, lecturing, writing may be something that you will choose to do for your career. Applying for jobs or getting callbacks for interviews are likely over the next seven days. There will be some sort of attention coming to you this week with the public, dealing with law, relationships, or business partners. You may get overwhelmed by this because it comes to you unexpectedly. If you have a Leo Venus or Leo placements then you may have a run-in with a celebrity who is trying to be your lover. People will want to pick or nag at you for no reason this week so try not to take it personally. I’m getting a rip in your pants or some sort of rip in an outfit if you are going out with friends or to a nice restaurant. Also, make sure that you are looking before you sit down, or else you’ll have a stain on your butt. Competitions are likely this week and you will be in the advantage position with this but don’t automatically assume that you’ll win because you may not try as hard. If you are trying to work things out with someone, or won’t be going anywhere because they’re being defensive or they are too busy rubbing a new partner in your face. Try not to isolate yourself either. If you’re making plans for the Fourth of July, don’t, this person will cancel on you 3 days before. You’ll finally be getting something that you’ve wanted this week but when it’s all said and done you’ll be thinking about letting it go because you won’t want it anymore. This may pertain to a lover after one of you guys took this as a relationship while the other person took it as a hookup. Mars has moved into Leo, so don’t back down from a good fight as long as it’s reasonable. Also right now in your career, you may not feel supported but that could be because people don’t feel they can relate to you so they leave you alone. Your calling is likely to teach or to be some sort of activist, but you won’t accept this for another seven months or seven years.

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