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Faith’s Astro Report 🚀🌙 + Numerology

•Venus enters ♏️

Week of (Dec 3-9, 2023)

The Last Quarter Moon occurs on Tue Dec 5 at 12:49 AM EST. This phase encourages reviewing & sorting rather than pushing something new. It's a time to reconsider some things & our next steps. #MoonPhases

Venus enters emotional Scorpio, a place where it is detriment, on Dec 4, seeking self-absorbed experiences in relationships & pleasures. Fears of vulnerability may heighten. Projects that engage us are appealing. #Astrology #VenusTransits

However, the Venus-Saturn trine on Dec 5 motivates mature, responsible love. We can get past this. We're enjoying responsibilities through practical support & loyalty. This influence adds realism to our relationships.

The Moon will be void from 8:51 AM -11:35 AM EST on Dec 6. Of course, this isn’t the time to start new projects. Just go with the flow #VoidMoon

Mars & Jupiter form a disharmonious quincunx on Dec 3, stirring up feelings of melancholy, bored, and discontent. We may feel our instincts & rhythm are off. It's a time to reassess where we should be directing our energy.

Daily trends this week include intense passions from Venus-Pluto square (Dec 3), socializing under Venus-Jupiter opposition (Dec 9), & insights from Mercury-Jupiter trine (Dec 7).

See ya next week!


Week of Dec. 3-9 🚀🧵:


KARMIC BALANCE as cause & effect become clear. The practical no. 4 challenges us to WORK through obstacles to progress on this difficult road. Focus on your IDENTITY & BREAKTHROUGHS this week.

Denial of reality continues to deny regardless of evidence under this week's 13/4 energies. But revelations also change perspectives. Remain open &flexible through this process of unfolding truth.

4 emphasizes facing obstacles head on. Don't push too fast but slowly remove limitations through determined yet steady effort.

See ya next week!

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