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Leo ♌️: 10 of Wands: we’ve spoken about this before, you are putting more strain on your back, issues with nerves in your hands or legs, carrying the workload for someone else, you’re being a little bit of a push over for the sake of “recognition”, pulled the fire alarm, eating smaller meals, having some issues with your weight again, some sort of chocolate protein bar is what’s giving you stomach problems, time to start a new beginning on your own, cut off the leech

Aries ♈️: 9 of cups (rx): tapping your foot as you're still waiting on an answer about a visa, passport, loan or study abroad program, feeling liberated to be away from a particular person but trying not to let them see this, typographical error on an important document, month of February is significant, get a new calendar, loyalties will be tested this week

Sagittarius ♐️: King of Pentacles (rx): well, you took the leap even though you’ve been told that financially this isn’t the best time, you ignored the advice and now something isn’t going to materialize, safeguard your assets more, a partner could be draining you dry financially, bad haircut or hair loss = stress, make sure you cut up your credit card if you get a new one, you have a vice that is getting out of hand, could be hookah or just smoking in general, seeing the ugly side of an earth sign, corrupted boss, it may feel like two people are trying to take you down, don’t take this lightly.


Gemini ♊️: Knight of Swords: rushing is bad, not choosing your battles this weekend is bad, someone will call you from far away to come get them,they’re in trouble, mentally you will be laser focused, overstimulation, afraid that someone is following you A lucky interaction, someone will find your lost keys, wallet or paperwork, change your computer passwords, boss will do a surprise evaluation next week

Libra ♎️: Justice: what’s fair doesn’t always mean it will be a favorable outcome, let go and allow things to fall in place, your quest for truth could have you sticking your nose in a place it doesn’t belong, seeking legal action against an ex, in-law or former business partner, ear infection starts on Thursday, get camera ready for Friday/saturday, challenges will be overcome

Aquarius ♒️: The Fool: Another air sign throws a temper tantrum, someone wants you to drop everything to come see them, you fear if you reject them then the connection is over, follow your intuition, salmonella, issues with tomatoes, searching for a deeper meaning to life, high chance of conceiving this weekend. Technical certificate or a position within your dream company finally opens up, turn on your ringer, important phone call coming no later than than Tuesday


Taurus ♉️: Ten of Pents: you are ready for them to meet your family, finding a secret lockbox or stashed money from a passed on person, getting a necklace made with someone’s initials, cashing in on stocks, deed to a house, getting a reptile for a pet

Virgo ♍️: Page of Swords: hacked account, don’t open that email, thirsty for knowledge, logging into a burner account you made in high school, high school sweetheart wants to reconnect, worried about grandmother’s health, my ears are burning, someone is watching you in a good way-this is for your career, they are considering you for a position over someone who has ten years more experience, you can do it

Capricorn ♑️: Six of Wands: “Call Me”, back by popular demand, be summoned for a work trip, signing a new lease (wait until Dec. 6), redemption, a counteroffer, trumpet , ballroom dancing or banquet, being awarded a medal, playing with a fire sign, this same fire sign may try to play like you’re not together, hard work/determination pays off


Cancer ♋️: Ace of Cups: I smell the water, a breath of fresh air or a trip to the beach, spiritual insights coming to you in a dream, a new emotional beginning, sitting on someone’s couch-you’re going to have a much needed talk with someone, open your heart to a new possibility that will require you to decide on the spot.

Scorpio ♏️: Ten of Swords: blatant disrespect for personal space, Gemini being in their feelings about you, turning in your two weeks notice, someone starting a rumor about you, calf issues, calluses #13, reach out for help, dissolving some sort of partnership, hay fever

Pisces ♓️: Magician: what I just go this way? You want to take a risk in your career, learning new ways to manifest, learning a new language, this new partner will be bilingual, someone is going to regift you something, learning a new skill, microphone, voice lessons or vocal cord issue, frog in your throat, you like someone but afraid to say, take yourself out on a date

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