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February 8, 2024: The next 7 days

The cards are indicating a stressful energy for Aries at the moment. With the Ace of Pentacles in reverse, it seems opportunities have been scarce and illusive. Job searches have not borne fruit, leaving frustration in its place. Paperwork and responsibilities feel overwhelming, weighing you down and preventing restful sleep due to imposing deadlines and demands.

Relationships also face challenges, as indicated by issues with an earth sign lover - likely a Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus. Power struggles, misunderstandings or distance have arisen there. The tables may turn when it comes to this connection and someone may reach their wits end by next Friday and walk away. The issue may come down to Valentine's Day or you may start spewing over the fact that this person forgot your birthday and you still haven't let it go.

Someone may be called a different name while being intimate or you may face this obstacle if you are dealing with someone new. If you broke up with someone around 4 weeks ago don't be surprised if they have a new lover

All this combined stress is certainly taking its toll. Burnout is a real risk with so much pressing down on you each day Aries. However, take heart - the next few cards indicate things will start to shift and lighten within the next 2-3 days.

The Six of Wands reversed indicates some difficulties for Taurus currently. It seems someone, perhaps a competitive fire sign, is attempting to undermine your confidence through calls of foolishness or assertions of less intellect. Don't internalize their words - your worth isn't defined by surface opinions.

Health concerns also present in the form of blood sugar fluctuations or knee troubles. Take extra care of your physical needs until balance returns. Additionally, family relations feel strained presently, especially with a paternal figure. Reaching common ground may take time and effort.

Relationships more generally seem imbalanced as well. The playing field doesn't feel quite level, as if more is given than received. A certain fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) specifically isn't demonstrating the affection or romance you show them. This leaves doubts in your mind - is it best to stay or walk away to avoid greater hurts down the line?

Back off from the amount of effort you're putting into this relationship for the next 3 days and see if this person notices. From the energy present in this reading, it seems that this person is fine with letting you put in all the effort. You may have poured your heart out already to let them know you will give them everything-wrong move.

This fire sign or someone around you seems to have a very capitalistic approach, it's all about the money.

The Six of Pentacles reversed warns of an unbalanced flow of money for Gemini over the next 8-12 weeks. Funds seem to slip away quickly through little oversights or unplanned expenses. An Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) tries stabilizing things again but repairs take time.

Adding to worries, health shows signs of iron deficiency or persistent chill. Simple lifestyle tweaks like a tidy kitchen space and new sources of knowledge can improve well-being however. Also be wary of loan requests from others as reserves deplete - focus on replenishing savings first before extending help again financially.

May not be a bad idea to incorporate carrot juice into your diet and eat more apples.

This pressure hinders major life changes too - ending relationships or finalizing divorces remain on hold due to a lack of finances on both ends. This ending in this connection may be withheld from completing until 2026 For now, casual flings or new connections won't cement into more. You're in a season that calls for weathering challenges with care through care of self. Happier days lie ahead once things settle Gemini.

The Tower reversed, clarified by the Hanged Man upright, brings an important message for Cancer. Disaster has been avoided by remaining calm in the face of turmoil. A fire sign or Scorpionic individual's attempts to sabotage you or test your resilience could be around the corner. But you will succeed, and you will emerge stronger.

Now is the time for patience as inner growth as wisdom are gained. Your usual defense to isolate and hide your true self doesn't work - the world seeks your gifts, so step boldly forward. For too long you've feared your light might dim others, yet you don't realize how people are inspired by you just showing your face. Had you surrendered to courage rather than fear, maybe you'd be much further in your journey.

Don't slip back into bad habits. With each small victory over protective walls, your power and care for self magnifies. A shocking confession from a Pisces within 12 days surprises yet affirms what you always knew. A brighter season is upon you Cancer, so lift your chin.

The upside down Hanged Man is a warning, Leo. For the next few days, around 3-9, expect one known as a Pisces, Sagittarius or another Lion to try stirring up chaos. They may try getting you involved in arguments or confusing situations to distract you.

But you don't have to play their game anymore. By taking a step back and keeping your cool, their attempts won't work as well. Lately it seems like you may be going through a midlife crisis. Still, walking away doesn't mean they still control you.

Thinking of this person may still happen at quieter times. But the distance helps see how their actions only brought you down. Your light deserves more than that past drama. Believe help will come just by staying peaceful as things play out without your added emotions.

You've outgrown their messiness and your calmness changes the energy. This too will pass as experience and moments reshape us. Better times are ahead once again for your positive influence to shine through strongly as always.

This upside-down Six of Swords shows some rough spots, Virgo. Watch for an air sign like a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius to try getting under your skin with words. Be smart with money too - hold off trips far away until summer or fall ends.

There may be traveling longer distances soon, either for a sad event or to confront an ex about problems. Trying to run won't fix things though - sitting down respectfully is better. Also, a big test is coming up so study hard!

Families feel distant now or a child struggles after relationship troubles. Eat more cantaloupe too - it's healthy. Know this challenge won't last. Your steady nature will guide smoother waters before long. Have faith in your patient ways, dear Virgo, as calm returns soon through caring for yourself with wisdom.

The 9 of Cups shows blessings heading your way, Libra! In the next 3-6 hours, dreams may start coming to light. You may open up your own shop or connect with a helpful business partner. More clients means growing success too.

Treat yourself to fun ways like a spa day or massage - you deserve to feel fabulous. Approved for a new apartment or loan also seems possible. Traveling to exciting NYC comes as does catching a Broadway play brings wonder.

New work teams wanting your talents or projects could give that luxurious feeling. Also check smoke alarms work well. Pleasant surprises await, though no hints given! An intense sign like an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius sees your relationship potential more seriously now too.

Stay open yet cautious of fully trusting just yet. Still, happiness blooms through little ways daily that satisfy the heart. Enjoy this time of celebration

The Four of Swords shows a need to slow down, my friend. Watch you don't catch something going around like the flu if near others- make sure to rest up too. Hands may feel stiff and feet troublesome, so take it easy there. Stress headaches could pop up around four days from now if not already, so do things to relax.

Your sheets or mattress could be why skin issues arise, so give those a check too. Cabs may be required for transport if tired. Others promising calls may keep you waiting instead of respecting restful time. Sadly a dog attack results in surrendering or saying goodbye, unfortunately.

Craving sweets hints at money worries on the mind a lot lately. Remember that stillness instead of worrying heals in its own way sometimes. Taking a break replenishes for when activity calls again. Until then stay cozy, rest up and know this season of quiet strength restores for future days ahead, friend.

This upside-down Wheel signals rough waves, friend. Good luck may feel lost if decision-making with a Pisces or fellow Sag remains unclear. Promised getaways may bring sadness as they are no longer happening.

Accepting how time differs for all isn't easy now. Forcing projects shuts some down, so rest here for a bit.

A connection leaves hopes only partly fulfilled yet facing it alone also causes stress. Both having doubts yet also fearing alone feels real. Be careful hiking this weekend - some plants can cause rashes.

Artistic souls, a new character develops aid future chances. Government ties bring stresses needing patience. Looking inside shows papers or a past relationship bringing up sadness. Some of you may be hiding a tattoo of a lover’s name from people because you may feel a bit embarassed.  Don't hide talents from yourself or others - your light helps others too. Stormy moments pass, and clarity comes again soon, friend. Stay strong but also gentle with yourself. Calmer waters are nearer.

This reversed Star brings dark times, friend. A long term commitment could dissolve this weekend sadly. As a dreamer of love, future hopes dim considering what's been lost.

News on something hoped for delays till May, adding extra stress. Voice care important if career involves singing.

An airy Aquarius or Gemini seems unable to empathize, constantly urging to move forward too fast. Yet do what helps - grieve without schedules or clocks.

Wary restaurants, especially seafood, to avoid a shellfish reaction. Foot fungus maybe from shared spaces like college dorms too. Bright views fade during challenges.

Life a blur since one steady thing suddenly vanished. It's okay not feeling ready to accept the new path yet. Rest, avoid social media scenes, and nurture yourself gently. Your day breaks again - this clouds passes too in time, Capricorn. You've strength for calm waters ahead once more.

This reversed Hierophant shows a time to question what holds you back, dear Aquarius. You may rebel against traditions of your very religious family. Be prepared to push limits and try things like tattoos, piercings or intimacy previously off limits as you seek your freedom.

A callback for a healthcare or tech job could come, though proceed carefully as this new company may try hiding some things. Wait till April for clearer opportunities.

If married to a fixed sign, ending that commitment strongly calls you now. "Come hell or high water" - you'll rise above troubles plaguing since 2022. Or wait patiently as stability returns by month's end.

Staying respectful helps navigating any current roadblocks in work. Trust your abilities will see exciting challenges ahead for however long interests your spirit of adventure, Aquarius friend. Though clouds may linger, fair skies break through again soon. Keep head high!

This reversed High Priestess warns of harsh interactions ahead Pisces. A fellow water sign like a Scorpio or Cancer frustrates with repeated eye rolls over annoyance. They may even call from blocked numbers too much.

A sister or daughter faces troubles like kidney issues or hair loss, requiring support. Secrets still hide truths needed uncovered. Old close friend dates an ex, surprising during gatherings soon.

Panicking surrounds something, maybe approaching someone specific or fundraising concerns. Whatever it involves, receiving "no" answers this weekend adds to worries. Soulmate questions likely end with no too - that path still develops.

Let go of control and trust guidance into the right arms by June, perhaps with a Cancer. What adventures tomorrow brings stays unseen - remain open yet calm within, caring friend. Answers unveil at perfect moments. Steady waters lift clouds once more very soon.

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