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Daily Horoscopes November 5

Apply this to your sun moon rising for the full picture.

Aries ♈️: you may have negative feelings about a lover. Don’t feed into your negative thoughts or nightmares. You also may make a decision you’ll later regret. A contract is a bad deal deal, don’t sign it Taurus ♉️: see things from others points of view before you say ‘I’m done.’ You will be too obsessed with getting ahead but following the path of your desires will lead to trouble and financial ruin right now. Don’t focus so much on being recognized

Gemini ♊️: you want to learn something new or create something long-lasting. If you want more children this is a day where fertility will be high. Avoid gambling or investing in things you didn’t do your research on. Get a planner so you can be more organized.

Cancer ♋️: a good time to think about what you want and what you need to do to get it. During the later part of the day don’t feed into feelings of emptiness. Meditation, yoga and time alone will help. Time to do a deep clean of your space

Leo ♌️: temptation will be your downfall if you feed into it. If you’re in a relationship an ex or someone new will be wanting to be your 3rd party situation. Trying to make someone jealous because they’re not paying attention to you could be dangerous. Work on communication

Virgo ♍️: you’ll just want to be around family and friends who love you right now. You will also want to be more connected with the earth, so planting, gardening, or going vegan may be of interest to you. Address your skin issues and don’t try to be perfect

Libra ♎️: make sure your goals are practical but match the type of energy you want in your life. Beware of emotional outbursts and fix things that you know you can do better on. You’re in a period of growth so something in your life has outgrown you. Be proud of yourself for once

Scorpio ♏️: You’ll be deep diving into philosophy, spirituality or learning about different religions. You may be in the mood to spend a lot of money on things you don’t need to help escape reality. Hang on to as much money as you can, winter is here Sagittarius ♐️: you may need to rethink about this group of people you call ‘friends.’ Be prepared for canceled meetings or someone changing their mind about marriage, children, finances, or living together. Don’t be confrontational, try and find a solution; there is one

Capricorn ♑️: Energizer bunny. You’ll be everywhere trying to do everything. Avoid offensive behavior or offensive language today. Someone important to your career may hear or see this and then you’re done. The opinion of a trusted friend will bring you back to reality

Aquarius ♒️: people will be coming to you to help them solve problems. Even though you don’t want to be bothered but this time you’ll be up for helping someone in need. More discipline and structure are needed for your daily routine, things are starting to look unorganized

Pisces ♓️: embrace the change trying to come into your life. This isn’t the day to launch new ideas, grow with what you already have. You’ll be feeling like ‘the grass is greener on the other side,’ however, what’s on the other side has no success. You are good enough!

If you want to listen to the audio version of these horoscopes view the video below

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