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Daily Horoscope Nov 4

Apply to sun moon rising

Aries ♈️: you won’t be considerate of other peoples feelings and may say something mean to someone you love or wish to be with. Today will be blah so don’t let others happiness upset you

Taurus ♉️ the truth about someone you’ve been dating will come out. You’ll be quite competitive today so you will be forcing many things. Unhealthy drinking and eating habits are likely

Gemini ♊️ you’ll be unrealistic today so you’ll invest in something that will cost you too much money. Spend time with those you love without attaching a dollar sign to this. Children will be more appreciative

Cancer ♋️ an optimistic and happy day. Listen to your inner voice on how to find happiness or the right path to take. Don’t become too preachy today, let others have a turn to talk

Leo ♌️ time to reach out to that sibling or family member you’ve been at odds with. A good day to settle old family or friend disputes. Single Leo’s will explore dating apps. Avoid travel today

Virgo ♍️ you’re confused and your confusion will confuse others. Don’t project today if you feel misunderstood. Communicate clearly how they are making you feel. Get your finances in order

Libra ♎️ Reflect on the goals you’ve been writing down. Pick two and focus your energy on them for the next 3 months. You may have an emotional outburst because people are expecting too much out of you

Scorpio ♏️ a good time for reading, relaxation and mediation. You will be planning a long journey for the future and this could be to a seminar or spiritual retreat. You want to be left alone

Sagittarius ♐️ planning a party or gathering today will help take your mind off a failing love connection. You’re right and their wrong attitude isn’t going to help you here. Take a breath and address this another day.

Capricorn ♑️ you’ll have a burst of energy to knock things off your to-do list. You feel unstoppable and like you can achieve the impossible today. Beware of being possessive and jealous lovers.

Aquarius ♒️ you’ll be quite the motivator today and could think about becoming a coach, motivational speaker or activist. You will meet a mentor who will help you with your career Long term.

Pisces ♓️ embrace the change. Someone may let you know they just want to be friends or they want to take a break. Embrace their truth because it will bring you peace and clarity. You’re on the right path

To hear the audio version watch the video below

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