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Daily Horoscope Nov 3. All Signs

Make sure to apply this to your sun, moon and rising signs

Aries: Your ego will be through the roof as you command everyone to listen to you. You may catch people in their lies or you’re just being too skeptical. Good day to reorganize things so you will have issues sitting still

Taurus: Problems with coworkers and enemies, it’s important to be patient with this. You’ll be able to resolve a conflict today with your creativity. Structure and discipline are needed to help curb down your doubt and uncertainty.

Gemini: You’ll be looking for perfection but you’ll also want alone time when it comes to love. If you fight through this then it can be a good day creatively and romantically. You’ll have extra money to spend on luxury items. Not a good day to investigate

Cancer: You’ll be indulging in comforts and buying new decorations for your home. A peaceful conversation with your mother or women in general; allow the conversation to flow without assuming they want something from you. A good day to find harmony in old family disputes. Don’t speak before you think.

Leo: Feeling doubtful about a new job or studies. Little things from the past and present will irritate you but if you address it then it will benefit you in the long run. Avoid impulse buys and get more organized on your debts.

Virgo: In the mood to nurture and indulge in self-care. The second part of the day, you’ll pay more attention to your finances. Trying to be too perfect will hurt those around you. Let it go and let it flow. You may get asked out to dinner but music brings relaxation.

Libra: Your thoughts will be all over the place. Take the day off if you can as headaches or tiredness are likely. You’ll also be prone to nitpicking at your appearance or specifically your skin. Good thing is that today you’ll see through the masks of others.

Scorpio: You’ll have mixed feelings about a connection. Meditation and spending time alone will help to clear your mind. You may come face to face with the law today so don’t give in to your irritation or feeling of frustration.

Sagittarius: Find ways to help others and it will bring you happiness. Be more flexible at work and this could lead to a bonus in the future. A change of plans with friends or a lover may seem like an inconvenience but be open-minded.

Capricorn: You’ll be making travel plans today for work. All you want to do is work as a team or figure out a solution together but your partner or team members aren’t cooperating. Speaking of partners, today you will feel overburdened by being in a relationship with them.

Aquarius: Calm after the storm. You will be more analytical and practical today as you are now ready for changes to come into your life. A good time to make changes to your diet and don’t get so caught up in trying to do the right thing.

Pisces: You’ll be overthinking every move you want to make. This is a good time to look for the answers within yourself instead of seeking validation from lovers. Avoid decision making and prepare to be misunderstood by people

If you want to hear the audio of these messages then you can listen below

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