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Daily Horoscope 11/02 All Signs 🔮🪐

Apply this to your sun moon and rising

♈️ Aries : you will be more critical of yourself today. Pay special attention to your debt before Thanksgiving arrives. Good time to also address health issues instead of buying things you don’t need

♉ Taurus: Choose your battles wisely. Favorable day if you want to make a baby or to deal with kids. Engage in light hearted conversations with your friends. Your friends and loved ones will be behind your goals, so let them hear your ideas

♊️Gemini : redecorate your space or fix anything that’s broken in your house. You may get caught being overly critical which could lead to an argument with relatives, sisters or partners. Engage in activities that stimulate the brain. Puzzles, drawing, graphic design

♋ Cancer: you may be a bit pushy because people aren't moving fast enough or not doing tasks correctly. Anything that involves the use of your hands will be good and beneficial for you today. You’ll be either a hypocrite today or hypocritical of people you love which may push them away

♌ Leo: money and family issues will be your concern today. You’ll want to deep dive into the occult or spiritual studies but people around you may not listen or even care about what you’re saying. Light-hearted activities can help balance things

♍ Virgo: research is favored for you. You may decide to start a blog or deep dive into murder mysteries. Unexpected help comes to you if you find a quarter on the ground. You could get recognition at work. Careful with your emotions as you’ll have them on a rollercoaster today.

♎ Libra: you just want to be left alone. You may be sleeping too much or hardly sleeping at all. Go for a massage in the next 3 weeks to release tension in your back. Write your positive affirmations 10 times today to help your feelings of insecurity

♏ Scorpio: practical, practical, practical is the way you’ll win. Don’t chase that person that’s playing mind games, let them temper tantrum in peace. You will be expressing yourself on social media and could gain new friends or a new perspective. Finances will be up and down today

♐️ Sagittarius: you’ll be overworking trying to play catch up from the last four weeks. Don’t get discouraged if this overworking doesn’t bring rewards. Create a plan instead of just being busy. Work smarter not harder. You’ll have a realization by the end of the day on which path to take

♑ Capricorn: share your knowledge with others through writing or talking. This new thing you want to start, as long as it’s not critical or judgmental, you’ll have good feedback. Travel is on the calendar for today but you’re too lazy to drive so you’ll bring someone with you

♒️ Aquarius : don’t try to be a perfectionist or be overly critical. You’re eating habits are not good and issues using the bathroom are likely. Your intentions, although good, will be misunderstood today and you could find yourself feeling unappreciated. Don’t make any final decisions

♓️ Pisces: stop trying to be perfect and allow yourself to be happy. This is a good time to fix what’s broken in a current relationship. Don’t procrastinate today or make promises you can’t keep and learn how to cooperate with others

If you'd like to listen to the audio of today's daily horoscope, please click on the youtube link below

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