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Daily Horoscopes November 29

Aries: You could get some much-needed housework or homework completed during the first part of the day. Work may be a bit too demanding as you have to look over extra contracts or someone else’s performance will reflect upon you so you may be overlooking their shoulder a lot. Getting emotionally wound up because someone is moving too slow or not understanding you won’t help. You may think about adopting a pet or volunteering at an animal shelter.

Taurus: Watch your mouth today when you are speaking with a friend about their issues. You may overstep and over suggest something that could end this long-term friendship. You will be coming in contact with someone’s child you used to date or they may hit you up to hang out. You need to separate yourself from the crowd and focus on your individuality and your skills. Things you try now will require you to try them more than once. Don’t give up if it fails the first time.

Gemini: Today you’ll be looking into doing something different with your living space. Some of you want to have an office in your home or your little section so you’ll be doing a lot of online browsing looking for ideas. You’ll be quite lazy today so don’t expect to get important tasks taken care of as you still recover from the weekend. A mother or female friend will want to use your living space for a party they want to host.

Cancer: Today you’ll be thinking about your finances. You may be seeking out a financial advisor or you are making some sort of chart to organize your bills. You’ll likely get favors from family and friends today if you ask when it comes to moving, finding a job, or just needing some extra cash. Avoid harsh or aggressive words today even if your heart is in the right place it won’t be accepted. Avoid lending money or making impulsive purchases.

Leo: You need to bring more structure and discipline to your finances. The idea of ‘whatever’ or ‘no big deal’ won’t be in your favor today. You want to spend, spend and spend some more hoping that will get other people’s attention or help to boost your mood; it won’t. It is a good time for donating to causes you are passionate about. You may be too stuck in your opinions and trying to get everyone else to follow along with it. Be more sensitive to other people’s feelings. A good time to accumulate wealth, not to constantly spend your money.

Virgo: Emotionally you are not feeling it today. You have to find a way to ground yourself instead of looking at old pictures or text conversations from this person. Stick to your plans and promises. If you say you’re going to do something, stick to that. If you can’t do something, then be honest about it. You may be overly critical today since your emotions are all over the place. Be careful to not project

Libra: Balance your work and home life better. You are trying to be overly productive as if it’s your last days. Slow down for a bit today and take what you have learned and already accomplished. You could write, draw or paint your manifestations or at least go for something different. It may be better to be seen and not heard today. You may feel forced to give your opinion on a sensitive subject so plead the fifth instead.

Scorpio: Approach and deal with your goals in a practical way. You are trying to take over the world in six months or less and this won’t happen. Sometimes limits aren’t a bad thing. You have to stay within the boundaries set in your career or an emotional connection. On the other hand, your finances are in fluctuation mode right. You’re spending too much time scrolling through your social media feed that you are running late for work, not finishing projects on time, and also stop buying stuff off those social media ads.

Sagittarius: You could be involved or involving yourself in market research for a new product or you are trying to launch your own thing. Listen to those around you who give sound advice, not from a place of emotion. You may go to a boss or coworker for help today when it comes to your car or if you are struggling to meet your deadlines. Emotionally you want the spotlight to be on you because you feel that’s the boost you need to keep going. But what if right now you are overlooked? Will you give up?

Capricorn: You are moving out of a turbulent day or week. So today may seem a bit foggy and reek of uncertainty. You will be making travel plans starting today for this upcoming weekend or the Christmas break. You’ll work best in teams or with a partner instead of confining yourself to a corner. You can’t always do it on your own. By the end of the day, you will be feeling more positive about the path you are going toward. You could find your spiritual guru or mentor today.

Aquarius: You will have to be flexible and open-minded today about the fact that a plan may not work out. You may get pulled in a different direction but this new direction will involve peace and safety. You could deal with misunderstandings from a Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, or Sagittarius by the end of the day. If you feel too easily irritated then just don’t talk at all, it will be your saving grace in the long run. You will be too eager to overly speak your mind which will have consequences. If you need to address a relationship issue or work problem, wait a couple of days then talk about it.

Pisces: You just want to be of service and help others and you don’t understand why people don’t get this. Because of this rejection from others, you’ll decide to head out to forge your path instead of being a part of a group. You may be wanting to become a nurse or someone in the health and wellness field. If you’re in a relationship you’ll be starting a creative venture with your partner and doing this or even getting their suggestion on something you want to create will be the key to wealth and power. Of course, you can still do this by asking your mother, aunt, or cousin their opinion and it will do just as good.

Check out the audio version of these horoscopes below

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