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Daily Horoscopes November 25

Aries: A long way from home. You may not be feeling very comfortable in your new surroundings as you head out on a journey. Someone may forget to call you back or even pick you up so make sure you remind them beforehand. You may lose an important file or you could drop something important in between the seats in the car. Good luck trying to study or get work done with all the noise around you. Save it for Friday.

Taurus: A neighbor will be inviting you over to their house or they’ll be interested in seeing what you are doing next weekend. Some of you if this isn't romantic you’ll be asked by this neighbor or a younger sibling to help them move some boxes. You’re still waiting on a call about car repairs. Some of you may get mail about jury duty. You’ve changed since your last relationship, you’re not packing up and moving for anyone or moving in with anyone unless you’re married.

Gemini: Get some sleep or at least get to bed by 4 pm today. You may be scheduling surgery for your knee, back, tonsils or conjunctivitis (pink eye). You’ll feel at peace today while you are with your family and you may even treat yourself to a movie. Spend time outside instead of confining yourself to your room especially if you work from home.

Cancer: A new opportunity coming in that will require you to use your hands, voice or you’ll be feeling more positive about pursuing something old. You will be meeting a new fire sign today while picking up something last minute at the grocery store. They’ll ask for your number before you can shout ‘im taken.’ these days you’re feeling a little daring so you’ll talk to this person and see what they’re about. A good day for those of you trying to make a baby. Do your makeup, hair or wear clothes you haven’t in a while; you’ll notice the difference.

Leo: You don’t know where your money went and you’ll be thinking about it all day. You also may get held up in traffic for almost two hours so leave 70 minutes before you are expected to arrive. Also careful on treating your clothes like they are a baby bib. You also may be worried about your job, an investment or what you’re going to do for work. Today is a day of rest and some of you unexpectedly may end up mourning the loss of an old family friend.

Virgo: You are focusing on learning your mistakes from the past so that you don't repeat them again. You will be canceling a long-distance trip you have set up for the 4th, 5th, 9th, or 18th. You also will be throwing in the towel on waiting for this ex to call you back. You may already be aware that they have a family so you don’t want to bother them any more about what you guys are; you can stop leaving the light on for this person now. If you were planning to see your grandmother today, unfortunately, she may not be able to come because of quarantine or she doesn’t want to make the drive.

Libra: Feeling positive about where you are at with a water sign. You guys will be having heart-to-heart conversations on feelings and what you can do better so that the past won’t repeat itself. You’ll be in the mood for baking things and you’ll also be having a better relationship with your mother. Money may feel a bit tight today, but keep positive and the money you’re looking for will come in by next Tuesday. You still have some savings so you can focus on other things for now.

Scorpio: Dropping your shields today and you could be meeting new people. A grandmother or sister will want to see you so make time to go and visit them. You were convinced that you wanted to cut an air sign person off but today this person will be rather sweet to you. They’ll be going out of their way to make you comfortable and this will give you a sense of hope that maybe they have changed. Don’t let up on your boundaries or don’t all of a sudden call things good if they are supposed to be dealing with consequences for a mistake.

Sagittarius: You will feel rather cold today when it comes to your feet or hands. It may be warm in your house or car but these body parts won’t be. It could be an iron deficiency so it’s best to give your doctor a call; If you’re on blood thinners then definitely call your doctor to see if you can do something different. You fear coming face to face with a water sign today. You don’t want an argument even though you’re holding on to a secret of theirs that you know about. This person may have been having an emotional affair and you saw it in the pictures. So you’ll save the argument or conversation for another day.

Capricorn: Finding balance today with your family. You’ll be in the mood for board games or even computer games. You may even find a way to fix a broken phone without taking it to get repaired; at least you’ll save money. It’s all about teamwork today. You will be getting handed a project that needs to be finished if you are in design, architect, construction, or retail. You also may be surprised to see a raise or some sort of bonus will be heading your way.

Aquarius: Travel is highlighted starting from today into the next 8 days. You feel excited for this news coming in that is about inheritances, investments, the stock market, or an internship that you applied for. You’ll be communicating a lot with a Sagittarius or Scorpio person and you may even be talking about your future together. A boss will let you go home early because they are in a good mood so take advantage of this.

Pisces: Save your money and don’t spend it. Especially with this new money coming in, pay the bills you need to pay and save the rest. You don't have time to impress your family but today you also may sit in the corner if there is a family gathering. You don't want a lot of questions. If you don't know how someone feels then ask them; no more guessing. If you choose to work things out with a Capricorn, Gemini, or cancer then this will be a fresh start to a more stable love. Also, finances will start to pick up again in the next two weeks but first, something has to go. It may be your career in health, forensics, communication, or the hospitality industry.

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