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Daily Horoscopes November 16

Aries: Ace of Swords: Seeking the truth even if it hurts. Hair issues will be heavy on your mind today. You won’t really be down for a lot of conversations as you’re trying to hear what you need to hear so that you can move on. Initial J or M may be of significance in your life today

Taurus: Queen of Swords: You will be setting boundaries just for them to quickly fall. It’s hard for you to stick to your guns with this air or water sign because they may be good at manipulating you back in today. Issues with a boss accepting your time off request. A mother needs a shoulder to cry on

Gemini: three of pentacles: You’ll be applying for the job of your dreams before the day is over. Touch up on your resume and you may be in the mood for painting a portrait or your house. You will be in the mood for breakfast food the majority of the day. Carry coins in your wallet for good luck

Cancer: Lovers: You want to put energy into the right thing and what you’re passionate about. You’ll be doing something different with your hair and finally making an appointment for the dentist or doctor. You’ll be feeling more positive about your work situation. You want to try something new in love, but lust comes with a price

Leo: Death: You’ll be ending a long-term partnership today with a water sign. Either you guys are moving to your own separate places and working on rebuilding a connection there or you’ll move on completely. Errors will come up in your bank account. You may hear news about a distant relative passing

Virgo: Four of swords: You want to be left to your bed and your electronic devices. Your doorbell may be ringing a lot but you won’t’ answer; you don’t want visitors. You want to be left alone after deciding today to finally let go of a house, car, or love situation. A cough or some sort of cold will start to come in later in the evening.

Libra: Devil: Battling the urge to go back to the past again or to fall back into old patterns while you use the past as an excuse. An abrasive coworker could be approaching you about a situation today. You will also think about asking for a transfer or you’ll start looking for a new job around 6 pm. You want to leave this chaotic home or work company behind.

Scorpio: Strength: During your time of need today you’ll have a fire sign person to lean on. You’ll be cutting out beef and pork and going for a more vegan diet. A good day to get into Taco Tuesday. You will also be looking online for pets either for your kids or for yourself.

Sagittarius: Page of Pentacles: A small new beginning will be offered to you today. It’s an internship or an entry-level position. Some of you may be deciding to put in your application to be an esthetician. Don’t go for more than a cup of coffee today. An earth sign will be hounding you for more money. You will find some good deals at the thrift store

Capricorn: Temperance: Putting yourself out there more. You want to better educate yourself on issues going on in society or in your community. A Sagittarius, Virgo or Gemini will be badgering you for your number or for you to talk to them. You’ll be able to get an extension for anything tied to education, electricity, or transportation; just pick up the phone and call.

Aquarius: Eight of Wands: You won’t feel that people are listening to you today so you may start to raise your voice a little bit. News coming in fast from afar about an appeal, taxes, escrow, or insurance policies. Unexpected gains from investments are likely.

Pisces: Six of Pentacles: The money you’ve been looking for will arrive. You will be getting approved for an advance/loan for up to $600 or $1200. Now if you still need to apply for this then today is a good day for it. You’ll make up with a friend that you fell out with last Tuesday or up to six months ago. An earth sign will be giving you an ‘I’m sorry gift or sending you a text message

View the video below for the audio version of today's horoscopes

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