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Daily Horoscopes November 15

Aries: You’ll be visiting an old friend today for advice. You also may be trying to recover from a hangover from this past week. This is the day that you will be applying for new jobs, making decisions about your money, or deciding to just be friends with benefits with another fire sign

Taurus: Money coming into you today from a friend or lover so you need to check your bank account. If you are employed by a small or family business careful of bounced checks this week. You may be clumsy and lose your keys today, someone will find them for you. A day of spending

Gemini: You’re still confused over a message you got this past weekend. Someone may be trying to come back into your life but you’re wondering why now. You’ll be spending too much time on your phone today or a partner is doing this. Don’t make any concrete decisions about a business or the law. Also, a mother is being nosey

Cancer: You’re in melt-down mode. There’s not enough money in the bank and you now are starting to freak out. You are letting your addictions and material possessions control you. You may feel jealous or obsessive toward a lover in your life. Don’t cling on to things that are unhealthy.

Leo: You’re not moving. You’re waiting for a better offer to come to you because what was presented last Thursday isn’t going to cut it. You’ll be bicycling or doing some sort of activity that involves your limbs to help you loosen up. A road trip coming by the weekend.

Virgo: Patiently waiting still on a response back from an attorney, a job, or someone you’re interested in romantically. Reorganize your closet today to help bring in new energy as well as wash clothes. New love will come next year, so put more energy into your career.

Libra: Juggling too many things at once or your mind is bogged down with a lot of ideas. You will lose focus a lot while your mind is somewhere else. Easy to misfile paperwork or transpose numbers today so pay closer attention. This earth sign just wants to have fun

Scorpio: Feeling trapped, let down, or confused on how to deal with this financial situation of yours. You’re trying to act like everything is okay but deep down you want help, especially mentally. You may feel you’re being forced to stay in a toxic connection for the money. You need rest.

Sagittarius: Manifesting a move to a different community where you feel like you’ll belong. Sending off resumes, transcripts, or other documents today to institutions that you want to be a part of in the future. Some of you are sending divorce papers to another fire sign. The communication you’re looking for from someone isn’t coming today, find something else to do

Capricorn: You just want to play around or play the field. The people you grew up with or something tied to your old childhood is coming toward you today. You’ll be excited to pick up your favorite hobby again. Do things that will bring your inner child excitement, stop being so serious all the time

Aquarius: Feeling better today. You’ll be feeling more sure that you are on the right path by the end of the day. You will be invited to join some sort of group or organization by email or written letter. A boss or coworker will show appreciation toward you. Talks about getting your family back together will be happening today

Pisces: Still struggling to find employment or a more stable job. You feel underpaid and overworked and you don’t want to show up today. Don’t make any hasty decisions. So you’ll be thinking about how to make more money. You won’t have much luck. Try again on Friday

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