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Channeled Messages

These messages are based on what you need to hear right now. If you feel drawn to a particular reading then let it be yours 😃. But here’s the key:

General ➡️ Rising

Love ➡️ Moon

Money ➡️ Venus

Career ➡️ Sun

🔥 | Aries Leo Sagittarius

We’ve all been there. Going over our past transgressions, scratching our head over regrets. Their addiction becomes your addiction, because you’re feeding it. They only did what you allowed them to. It was never anything new, the only thing that changed was that today is Thursday and yesterday was Wednesday. What does entrapment feel like in love? I ask because you know this feeling all to well. The pattern is evident. What exactly are you looking to find in love. You become a slave to fixing their problems because that makes you feel like you matter and that person who called you a failure was wrong. You’re a tough critic, maybe become one. But you’re so hard on yourself and you don’t give yourself a break. To be everything for everybody must feel exhausting and unfair. You’re on this mission to change, but your old habits don’t die. You’ve been doing them for too long and the change you make only lasts a week. Why? You miss your mother. Who she is, who she was or who you wished should could be. Parents fail us sometimes, especially because there’s no manual To this. The reason you won’t succeed is because you won’t allow yourself to enjoy it when it happens. Always feel like you’re being watched or that you have to outdo the next person, aren’t you tired? Don’t you just want to rest instead of working yourself into the ground Because you gotta post a picture on social media to let people know you did this or that. You may have has to bury someone in the last nine months and now it’s time to bury yourself. Here’s a fresh start that you probably didn’t ask for but it’s here. So bury that person That feels like nothing is good enough or that person that feels that money can replace people. You made some mistakes, okay. The world doesn’t have to let you forget it and that’s fine too but God always finds a way to say ‘that’s okay we’ll get ‘em next time.’ In the next 3-8 months, something will finally click and make sense. So here’s my congratulations to you on a beautiful Union/marriage coming your way and a new job. Allow yourself to enjoy this, you’ve did enough. January 1 will literally be a start to a whole new life.

🌎 | Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

The disappointment is in your eyes. When it’s in your heart, you can hide it with just a little smile on your face but not this time. You feel gutted, left with no answers. They came back, walked around a bit then dug up an excuse about their career, mom, or child in order to let you go. But you have so many questions? You don’t feel safe enough to turn to your community or childhood friends because they wouldn’t understand. You feel foolish, yet again, but how do you stop. Sometimes you can’t look away even if It’s a train wreck. They usually leave clues or even a note to give you hints they’ll call or be back but not this time, just a shell is left. But even with that shell you want to hang on to it, listen inside for a message, a sign, anything. You’re playing it to close to the Chest with this person. You’re staying solid and holding a space for them for what exactly? For them to tell you to hang on a bit longer? No way! Home used to be where your heart was and home used to be them or the city/state/country that raised you. It’s just not the same Anymore. You don’t know where to plant your feet anymore. You’re not happy with your job, friends are few and far between, but you still try to be a good person and look where it got you, nowhere. But that’s not the point. You choose to be a good person because that’s who you are And a broken heart, a bad deal or a disappointment shouldn’t take away your core. Being cold hearted isn’t you, so don’t you go there. Don’t be ashamed of your emotions, it’s not a negative. When’s the last time you wrote, man your words are powerful. The light moves through Your hands and your thoughts at every word you think of. When’s the last time you cooked, you used to look forward to your moms cooking as a child. When’s the last time you said this is for me and you can’t have any? What’s wrong with being selfish. Selfishness seems like a mark Of death doesn’t it? Because you’re selfish, that punches your ticket to hell? No! It’s okay to be about self. Your more of a danger to yourself when your selfless. Try kick boxing, tai chi, something that will release the anger from this ending. But what’s the point of the Ending if you end up going back anyway. You can’t move forward because of your pst, you can’t do this because of the past. Shut it down! The excuses, we don’t care. The solutions, we love. Money is tight but that doesn’t mean you’re doing things wrong. Today we won’t make a Decision because your emotions are too tied up. So today, we wait. Life isn’t over, it can’t be because otherwise, why are you still hear reading this message. Obviously there’s more work to be done, so do it. If you don’t want a lonely old age then you have to learn how to Cooperate with people.

💨 | Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You don’t ever just sit back and enjoy what you see, what you eat or what you hear. It always has to be something behind the message that’s being given to you. You’re so skeptical all the time that people find it hard to enjoy you. Hell, sometimes you can barely enjoy yourself behind this gate. Right now you want to move forward on an investment where you may not have much information or the info you do have seems spotty. You want to have it all but at what cost? These spells you’re doing for abundance aren’t working. Why? What’s the intent? To have and have some more because despite your bank account balance you still struggle with your poverty mindset. And on top of that you’ve volunteered to fix your family issues; they need to seek therapy. You ask and also intend on carrying their burdens But get mad when you see their burdens are real damn issues. You know what you’re doing. It’s the need to be in control, the want to be depended on because you still care what people think. Oh you don’t? So why did you just respond or get mad when they critiqued you the other day You’re so unbothered right? Of course you’re bothered, you’re human but you still reside in ‘well how will this look to them.’ You still haven’t learned but oh, you will. You can’t hide behind taking care of a family or having a family so that maybe you’re inner demons will go Away. Your battle is not won because number one, you have to learn to be happy with what you have. Doesn’t mean you can’t have more but you can’t be patient because you have an image to protect. That will end soon then what? You’ll start over with who you are not who you became to satisfy someone else Dream, vision or standard. For once choose yourself. You’re about to go through a transition in two weeks or by December. If you’re going through this now money is low, friends are few and family is more depressing. Answer the call, wake up. Sometimes we Ask for change before we’re ready, so it may come sooner than we want. But as my grandma would say ‘God may not come when you want him to but he’s always right on time.’ Your time is now. The person who you are is bigger than your eye can see. This new career change to a teacher, Activists, influencer, public servant, voiceover Artist, entertainer, will be the answer to the prayer you had at 14. Hope you’re ready to see life in this new beginning. Your status will change, quicker than you can change your phone number but first, change has to start within

💧 | Cancer, Scorpio Pisces

This stagnation feels familiar, like you’ve been here before. You’re at a point where deja vu may or the Dream world is keeping you up at night. You’re at a point where you’ve walked this same road in a past life. The difference is between now and then that you gave up in the middle of your journey. And you left your burdens to other people. Now you wrestle with staying or going, breaking apart or breaking down. It all looks the same. Playing catch up is hard when you don’t have the money. You’re pushing the pedal to the Floor because maybe overworking yourself or exhausting options that aren’t meant for you will bring you rewards. Giving up is easy, throwing in the towel again like your past life is riveting when you don’t have to feel the pain anymore. But sometimes we have to be pushed or even Go through ridicule for us to realize that our boundaries are fucked up. We give people as much access as we feel they deserve. Keep fighting, keep standing beyond the tears. Coming up you’ll make a calculated exit from a fire sign who barely helps you raise your child or they Don’t communicate. What you’re looking for or this new direction you just recently took a month ago doesn’t have what you’re looking for. Don’t try to bury your pain with money. A new beginning you applied for won’t make it through. This isn’t a time to sulk or feel sorry you’ve Been through or seen worst over these last 15 years. This is just a bump in the road. If you’d quiet your mind and not panic, your smarts will let you know how to get through this. Your word is resilience

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