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Channeled Messages: Intuition and Clarity

Aries Leo Sagittarius: You've found the person you've been looking for but you may lose them because you are used to being used. It's hard for you to believe they just want to love you. Let go of the past and that includes still trying to be friends with your exes.

Cancer Scorpio Pisces: There are three women or three people who are secretly jealous of you and are trying to sabotage your life in the spiritual world. This may be friends/family of your ex or current partner or this is someone who follows you online. You will be taken care of soon by a new person that will love the ground you walk on but they too have a lot of secret admirers. Also, there are people who are laying claim to you in the spiritual world so that it slows down your love life; cleanse your space

Gemini Libra Aquarius: Having a baby with the wrong person. This person didn't have the intention of committing like you wanted them to, they just wanted to find a way to keep you stuck to them. This person wants you to be miserable with them because they don't know who they are yet. You no longer want to deal with this person's emotional baggage that has weighed you down and you are done. Why can't they just let you go?

Taurus Virgo Capricorn: I know you feel that. That snake that's slithering around your feet. You have someone spying on you and running to tell this other person about it so it will cause drama. You may not feel that you can trust anyone in your family right now and you're likely right. They don't have your best interest at heart. They likely want to make it harder for you to cut them off. Don't let family, friends or lovers manipulate you into staying where you're not wanted. On the other end, you'll be starting a new job soon.

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