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Changes in the next 7 days

Apply this to your moon sign first since that's the planet that moves the fastest and then look at your rising sign next then your sun sign

Aries: incoming news about tires, a car, a visitor from your childhood. But you’ll also still be waiting to hear a response back from a fire sign that you revealed your feelings to. Planning for a small trip to go back to your home town or to go somewhere with a younger sibling

Taurus: stuck in the snow or having self-doubt about a long-distance trip. News pertaining to your mother or the mother of your person. An offer on your first home choice won’t be accepted but try a different location 7 days after you get the first news. You won’t be moving on from this person (cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn) even though they’re not talking to you

Gemini: unburdening yourself. A chest x-ray is done to figure out what’s happening with your lungs. Putting down the cannabis or cigarettes for a while. Allow people to help you. A karmic cycle is closing with someone you sleep with. They are optimistic about moving forward now

Cancer: fearful, sleepless nights. Bellyaches or being impulsive about a decision that sets you back almost 3 years. Think first and then act. Adventure time. Changing your mind about walking away from a water or earth sign. A teaching position and gaining your confidence back. A stressful situation ends suddenly

Leo: uncovering a lie from cancer, Libra, Aries, or Capricorn. You won’t reveal this person's secret just yet, you’ll save it for a rainy day or as leverage. Icing someone out who won’t claim that you guys are dating. A slander campaign from an ex is coming. You’ll be firing legal counsel that you acquired for some sort of case because you realize they’ve done nothing for you

Virgo: you’re not happy with this separation after all. You will use your family or mutual friends to try and get back into this person's life or to spy on them. Still won’t progress. You’ll cancel a doctor's appointment or surgery as you realize you don’t need it or you are feeling better. Insomnia or dark thoughts about your past. Likely you’ll be dreaming about your past life. Putting a new project on hold, looks unfinished anyway so it’s a good decision.

Libra: traveling more. Coming back home and traveling again on Friday. You may buckle and decide to get a vaccine after a company lets you go for not having it. Transportation issues will get better. A job that requires you to travel a lot (for you or your person). Health issues get better after joining a gym. Positive pregnancy test or you’re giving birth. A family member will be depending on you for money because of a sudden illness

Scorpio: finding a second job. Worried about money that was supposed to come on Thursday. Game changer. You will drop an earth or fire sign person you just met. All you care about is your finances getting better. Catching up on sleep this weekend. Kicking a bad spending habit. Opening a new bank account or closing one and just using cash from now on.

Sagittarius: injustice. Being blamed by a group of people or older sibling for something you didn’t do. Wanting to separate from a libra, Gemini, Virgo, or other Sagittarius. False police report or complaint but you’re protected. They won’t be believing this person's lies. Having the courage to finally change jobs. Selling artwork or NFT’s and being successful. Uncovering a hidden talent and starting a social media account for this. Keep your identity hidden for a while. Use a caricature for your profile pic.

Capricorn: swift progress. News coming in fast about the military. Air sign comes in and makes you smile. Meeting them at the grocery store or the gas station. Having faith again after an air or water sign comes in to help you alleviate some of your problems. Comedy show, a comedy podcast, or being offered a part on a comedy sketch show. Voice over job. Headshots and photography. Moving to a better spot in your career

Aquarius: go backward to finish something you started. Meeting a mentor or someone who will help you control your anger, impulses or learn how to speak up for yourself. Profiting off an unfortunate situation. Meaning an unfortunate ending but you turn into a fortunate new beginning. Being recommended to a new team or company. Finally accepting that you’ve already found the one after the universe makes it even more obvious. Finding out there was no betrayal, you overreacted

Pisces: stable new job offering coming in. It’s in the current city or state you’re already in. Learning a new hobby or skill. Buying a gold necklace or getting the current one fixed. Being gifted money at the grocery store by a stranger. Becoming a K-pop fan. Expanding a business and getting it registered. Letting go of a fire sign and meeting another Pisces, Taurus, or Virgo

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