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Weekly Horoscopes Jan 11-17

Aries: you are feeling empowered after a bit of a bumpy week or weekend. Relationship issues that may have started last Wednesday or Thursday will now start to settle down more. The moon has moved out of your fiery sign and into Taurus so now the focus may shift back to starting a business, organizing a closet, deep cleaning your house, or sorting files for a boss. You will want to be outside the house the majority of the week and you may get a call from your sister or this may be vice versa. They want to hang out more or try to find a way to have a better friendship. You will be easily liked this week so you won’t have any issues swaying enemies or the opposition to your side. But be careful because you may sway too much and forget to take accountability for the part you had to play. You may be having issues with your hair, whether it’s thinning or it may be falling out. If you are using a purple or silver bottle of hair product then this is the issue. I’m hearing Tresemmé. Some of you will be going to the beach this week because I’m picking up sandals or sand in between your toes. If you work at a hospital, a lot of doctors or health care workers will be calling in. Almost feels like there is a strike coming soon in the next 12 days or 12 weeks. If you are single you will just be casually dating instead of settling down between now and the summer. If you are married or coupled with an earth sign you are ready to be free from this person’s controlling ways and you don’t trust them. The thing for you to do this week is to trust your gut instinct when it comes to someone being a hypocrite and doing something behind your back. You’ll just know that something is off. If you’re dating the issue is this person is still married to someone from another country. Don’t press your luck this week when it comes to the government or loan applications. Vincent, Zachary, ocean, bedside table, Xanax, collaboration, GAP, black cat, tiny fish tank, apple, ginger tea, Moldavite, fake ID, mountain climber, green thumb, rose petals, new phone, 717, 909

Taurus: feeling much better if you just got over some sort of illness. You will be trying to exert your dominance too much over people at work so be careful. This may end up being a week of rest for most of you even though that wasn’t your plan. Someone who is another earth sign is trying to be crafty and come back into your life. First, it will start with car problems, then food problems, then a problem with their child. They know who to call because you have always been there for them. Now, this could also be a friend. Your bad diet is catching up to you by Thursday of this week as you will have a hard time controlling your digestive system; hanging close to the bathroom. An aunt you haven’t heard from in a while will be calling you to see you if you want to come to visit them. So another travel will be added to your calendar however I don’t see you making this trip until Labor Day. If you are single, you are enjoying your alone time more than you thought. You may be thinking about podcasting or starting something new based on what you’ve been learning for these past 3,5 or 9 years. You also will find yourself taking a trip down the astrology lane this week and getting more into these studies. Someone will also be very nit-picky over your appearance and it feels like it’s a boss. When’s the last time you had a haircut? Well, it’s long overdue. Time to start taking better care of yourself and acting as you care about your appearance. Mechanics, factory work, delivery driver, chest x-rays, tomahawks, change your hair, hoarding, C, J, L, M, award, swimming pool, velvet, card collection, lactose intolerant, 818, 808 are all things that could be showing up in your life in some form this week

Gemini: rushing back in toward the past to try and fix things up. This could be with a fire sign or this person is coming toward you. Water polo or the sport of polo will be fascinating to you as you may scroll across highlights on social media. You will be more inclined to make impulsive decisions this week as you try to play catch up with something. Travel is highlighted by Tuesday or Wednesday. Or this is the day that you will be headed back toward something. You have an active mind that requires a more relaxed job and some of you may be struggling to stay in a job for a long period because you just want constant change. So travel, driving jobs, or even jobs dealing with the economy may be best suited for you. This fire or water sign person will be wooing you or offering you a piece of their abundance this week as a peace offering. Or some of you, this person will be giving you a glimpse into what they are feeling. An unexpected pregnancy is very likely if you are with this person or if you have a lot of water in your chart. By the end of the week you will be exploring talents you didn’t realize you had and some of you will be called upon by a boss for an unexpected journey with them. Now their wife or child will be coming along with them so don’t start getting your mind in the gutter. This time around you may seriously consider marriage with someone but it’s not definite yet. the moon will enter your sign this week so you may end up changing your mind or they might. Don’t hang on to any future expectations in love, just go with the flow. Short trip, glasses, blue jeans, old navy sale, cardigan, wardrobe, interview x2, lost check, scale, losing 3 pounds, dog leash, OC, Purple top, comedy show, electric fence, Sagittarius, thigh, thyroids, burn on left arm, hot stove are signifiers for the week

Cancer: this week you may feel like giving up. It feels that nothing is being resolved or coming in. Your self-esteem may be low as you feel that you are having to battle things on your own. It’s hard for you to let go of a codependent situation right now because you may need this person. You also may not feel love from people around and this could be family or friends. There may be car issues this week if you are trying to travel to go see a lover or if you are traveling a long distance. The news that you have been waiting for looks like it’s delayed. But you will still try to create your new beginning today or by Wednesday or Sunday. You may even be thinking about relocating to somewhere about four hours from where you are now. If you are riding public transportation then there will be delays due to worker shortage, so plan. Your biggest issue this week is that you are doubtful that things will get better or that you can find a way out of a situation. If you recently left someone behind, the energy feels like you will go back. Only because once you broke away it felt like everything fell apart, so you take that as a sign that maybe you made the wrong decision. The best thing for you this week is communication. Don’t fear change or moving on either regardless if you feel you can’t do something without them. With four major arcana in the chariot, moon, magician, and strength card, things outside of your control may happen but it’s how you react. You always have control over your emotions. Now if you are dealing with a Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio sun moon rising then you and this person will start to patch things up. This may be because you have to rely on this person for something or vice versa. Being on the right path doesn’t always mean everything will run smoothly, sometimes it may even feel like you can’t catch a break. If you want something this week then you need to fight for it. If this person is worth it, then fight for it. If they’re not, fight for freedom. Wherever the universe leads you to, know that it’s the right place for you to go. If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re supposed to be a well-known author or writer and some of you will have a documentary written about you in 10 years. Sales, computers, freelancing, Botox, laboratory, Eden, Smith, C, R, Z are signifiers for your week, money on Thursday, and Full Moon on January 17 will be signifiers for you this week. Since the full moon is in cancer, whatever house the full moon will transit in your chart will be your focus this week.

Leo: going back home or you could be visiting your home far away. Lake Michigan, Lake Tahoe, places you could visit or you could be heading up north from where you currently are. Now it may not be a trip that you want to take because of some sort of illness in the family but while you are there you will reconnect with some people. A new Scorpio could be trying to enter your life as a friend or they will want to start over as friends, but will you let them in? Things will be comfortable for you this week as you get more settled in and work on things that you already have. You could use this time off or use this time to be with your family more. But if you’ve been called out of work or work has been missing then you will be getting the call you’ve been looking for around the 12th or 13th. You may be worried about losing hours or you may be worried that you could be called off again after being reinstated. If you are struggling to pay some sort of bill, money will be coming in from things from the past. If you fell out with a childhood friend or a person you have kids with, you will try to talk to them one last time this week but it doesn’t feel this person will answer. They seem to be avoiding your calls or texts or you are doing the same. Be careful of spills on the floor at work because you may end up hurting yourself. Issues with knees, back, and teeth are likely this week. Lay off the tortilla chips or tacos as that may be what’s getting in your teeth. By the end of the week or before the moon moves into Gemini which would be late Wednesday, you will have a chance to talk with someone you just recently broke up with. The love is there however someone may still struggle to commit fully. So this may end up being a closure after all. Farmer, Scorpio, Virgo, Pisces, handshake, new deal, music contract, underground party, Virgo, braces, oops, closure, final hug, Brian McKnight-One Last Cry, ex has already moved on, Japan, 11, 15 of June, November 19, Cold heart, 111, an elevator broken, old money are signifiers this week

Virgo: you’ll be working on your physical fitness or appearance this week. You could be changing your hair color to a more amber, brown, or red tone and it will compliment your skin nicely. This week you could be dealing with the after-effects of a situation with a Leo or you and this person has karma that has yet to be resolved. Forgiveness will be offered though, understanding and a solution will finally come after many months or weeks of being at each other’s throats. However, this won’t be a coming back together. More so of you accepting the fact that it’s time to move forward. So you won’t be accepting this person's advances or their wooing toward you even though they will try. Come to think of it because they will try to woo you could be why you decide to go ahead and start the talk. You will still want to remain friends with this person in the end but for the most part, you don’t feel this person is the type of partner that you want; no hard feelings. So in the next five days or five weeks, you will be leaving them behind. If you are a healer or in the business of healing (like health) you will be making your move this week to put this behind you. It didn’t turn out the way you expected and you may have dealt with abuse, projection, slander, or a lack of appreciation, so you’ll be ready for your next chapter. The decision isn’t final yet but you are determined to make a new beginning for yourself and that also includes heading toward a new love. This will be the last time you get your hopes up on someone coming back or allowing someone to ghost you. Leo, Scorpio, Gemini, Pisces, turtle, vanilla, pineapple, music theory, 777, angels, respirator, columns, two lovers, traffic are signifiers in your week.

Libra: a false start when it comes to a love situation. Especially if you’ve decided to reconnect with a water sign. The love isn’t there, you know it’s not or at least it’s not reciprocated. What is supposed to be a new beginning for you will leave you not so excited about heading in this new direction by the end of the week. Now, this could also be tied to artistic pursuits or just anything creative. Careful about burning water on the stove and you may be deep-diving into Egyptian culture. Some of you want to start a new beginning with someone who isn’t completely single or you’re not the only option however, they will keep this from you for now. This is a love that could never really get off the ground. You feel like this person is your ten of cups but it always turns into a five of pentacles. However, you want to push through because you figure you already made your choice and you don’t want to give up. It’s not about giving up but more so giving yourself more respect that if it’s not reciprocated then how could this possibly last. You may have an engagement or wedding on your mind with this person but either it’s been called off for circumstances outside of your control or someone still wants to think about if this is the right decision to make. Right now it may be coming across as the wrong decision because of money issues and this may have someone wanting to run away. This other person is running the show so it seems that the final decision is up to them. There’s still something left in the tank so in the end, you both may end up making it through but you have a long way to go. If you are not together with this person they will end up choosing the other option so don’t get attached to the outcome. Pisces, Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, Gemini, baby’s first breath, reunion, Nickelodeon, Taj Mahal, gusto, dying flowers, leg injury, cold pockets, family members house, online schooling are signifiers for you this week

Scorpio: worried about money and that’s all you can think about. Love or the idea of love will have to wait. Funds are depleted and everything seems low. If you have an earth sign boss you and this person won’t be getting along as they will have you doing 50 million assignments and not wanting to pay you for this. You may get asked to stay late or a team project may end up falling on your shoulders. Also, your appearance may be slipping as it doesn’t seem that you’ve been taking that good of care of your health. Speaking of health there may be issues tied to vertigo or your lungs this week so it may be in your best interest to wear a mask. You may have to turn to a water sign person for help but this time around they may be only able to give you emotional support. It’s a rough time for a lot of people. However money will end up coming in by Tuesday or Thursday but the money will be used for debts, not enough for spending money. There is still an ongoing case tied to child support or divorce that is still tied up and won’t be resolved until mid to late spring. You just want to be done with this situation already. On the other end, some of you will be having sleepless nights as you start to have regrets about letting go of a libra, Pisces, or Taurus that was there for you. You will start to see this person in a different light and will want to offer them a new beginning. Or they may be doing this for you. Making money from old jobs or relying on old streams of income will work out in your favor this week. Your best days are Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, Have Faith, T, C, G, rum, 5K marathon, hustler, navy, $1100-$1200, spinach & artichoke, police, Huntsville, missing another Scorpio or Taurus, lack of security drops commitment, popularity fading, missing bill

Sagittarius: it’s getting redundant with this person or with this thing. You don’t and you won’t feel bad about letting someone go by the end of this week. You could be letting go of some sort of addiction and that could be drinking, smoking, or even something tied to the occult. Not a good idea to have sex with anyone new this week. There also will be news about issues tied to one’s prostate or an autoimmune disease. Don’t skip your appointment with the doctor if you have one. There will be issues with running water and you won’t notice until you get ready to take a bath or get in the shower. You will be ghosting someone or they will be doing this to you, you just need time to think away from this smothering person. You wonder if you are on the right path after you walk away from something. But the energy here is saying that it’s just temporary. Those of you on the dating scene will not be feeling very hopeful about your options, most of them just want sex and are not trying to have a real connection. When it comes to your career you feel that you work better on your own instead of with people but you don’t have enough capital to start it up. So you will start to look for another job by the end of the week that gives you more flexibility. A dog may get out of the fence since there’s a hole that hasn’t been patched up properly. This week it’s about figuring out what’s truly going to make you happy and not just temporarily. Make sure you get documents reviewed before Friday. Thomas ‘Tom’, whistleblower, Carbone, jet, 411, 414, alley cat, music video, in review, taco Tuesday, 711, 1919, ginger, tonic, bad breath, moon in Leo, Aries, tinder date are signifiers this week

Capricorn: running away from your problems hoping that will fix things up. Issues with a carburetor are what’s wrong with the vehicle. You want to be completely introverted this week and just want people to leave you alone. You still may be sad about the way things ended with cancer, libra, another Capricorn, or Aries. Sometimes you feel maybe they just need some time but then there are those moments you think about what they said to you and how it was disrespectful. It’s been feeling like a back and forth game between the two of you. You block them, they block you and then you speak, and then you don’t speak again for months. Arguments, fights, and bickering back and forth will come up a lot during this week. A lot of this is miscommunication. You also may feel that someone isn’t handling their responsibilities as they should and you will be telling this to this person's face. You won’t be super happy with your mother this week as you feel she doesn’t have your back as you have hers. You may find yourself falling out or detaching from a lot of people during this time. Most of these people to you are fake friends or enemies that try to get close to you because they feel you’ll be successful. You and this person you are fighting with will be patching things up or renewing your love in February so the fights are pointless if you’re going back anyway. You won’t have much luck trying to gain money from the internet. You have outgrown something and it could be a house, family, this lover, or your job. It’s up to you to decide if you’re ready to cut it off or not. In the end, you will get what you want, which is peace. Libra, Virgo, Taurus, Valium, needles, diabetes, cat, February 15, mortgage broker, scientist, low carb diet, too much sugar, renewed vowels, fall wedding, luxury purse, call center, data entry, stock portfolio, dirty cop/judge, podcast equipment are signifiers this week

Aquarius: you're battling your inner demons and they may be winning. Your negativity could be taking over as things have been taken from you recently and you don’t understand why. A big part of you wants to get revenge on this person who spoke ill of you behind your back and it’s a coworker who you thought was a friend. I’m picking up the name Daniel or initial F. You will be obsessing over your looks this week, constantly looking in every mirror you come across. You may start to nitpick about your nose and it may get to the point where you want to get surgery on it. It’s not a good time for breast augmentation either as I’m picking up a leakage of fluid that develops over five years. You may be thinking of turning to spell work to pull in money right now. What once was love has turned into a trap and you’re feeling lonelier as the days go by. You may be obsessed over someone or someone is obsessed over you and it all turns back to sex. Someone is using this as a weapon to keep someone tied down or interested. There may be tension with a principal if you are a teacher or there is an issue with a grandparent of yours. It seems you and this person never really got along and it’s getting worse. You may feel pushed to the side or ostracized by family right now when you feel you need them the most. People may be telling you to get over it as you learn to live with the end of a connection. But the devil is overtaking you, so you’re headed back. You’re going back to your person who also is battling their inner demons. But you don’t want to give up because they need someone. But even the energy here is saying that if you haven’t gone back, what is meant to be will so stop obsessing on if it will work out or if you’ll reconcile in the future. The best advice right now is to let this go and the both of you need to worry about your inner issues instead of a connection. This is one of the few people that you feel understands you, but the connection just isn’t working right now but it doesn’t mean it can't. I see it coming back together completely in March, until then, fight those demons and don’t let them win. Black magic, ex, obsession, written letter, C, G, S, M, A, Aries, Capricorn, Cancer, therapy, perfect family, new car, lazy work, nightmares about snakes, Jones, Ian, Isabelle, past life lover, Tower moment, Happy Valentine’s Day, Cerebellum, too thin, Psychic connection, Hades and Persephone are signifiers this week

Pisces: feeling good this week. Your vibration and energy levels will be rising. A manifestation will be coming to pass when it comes to international travel, long-distance relationships, or an actual passport. You may feel extremely lucky so you could play the lottery or bet on something and you could win. Incoming connection from a younger fire sign who you could meet through a friend on Wednesday or Friday. This new direction you’re going in brings you happiness and an optimistic outlook about the future. Photography classes or photography equipment is likely. You’ll want to take a lot of pictures for yourself so you may even decide to apply to a modeling agency if you are 5’7 and over. You will be getting the call you’ve been waiting to receive on Tuesday this week. But Tuesday will be a good day to go after what you want. A successful business idea will be launched this week and yes I know it’s Mercury retrograde but this is something you’ve been wanting to do. If you already have a business or side hustle it will pick up starting Tuesday. You are constantly elevating to higher levels in the universe and you also are working on how you respond to things. Proposals or any sort of loan applications will be approved for up to $1500 or $15,000. This new person you come in contact with or this could be someone that you just recently connected with, you will be falling in love with them. Travel is highlighted as well by Saturday or Sunday or this is when news will be coming in. Take your foot off the pedal this week and learn to not try so hard. Everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. It’s a good week to pump out more social media content, you have a strong personality and people will be intrigued. Cough Medicine, L, Z, B, August 19, Flowers, Hibachi date, clinical, A+ Test, Covid outbreak Iowa, Idaho, Destiny, Loan Approved, Case Closed, Joe, singing, acting, playwright, vogue, modeling, construction worker, date night, making a baby, positive pregnancy test

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