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Weekly Horoscopes May 31-June 6. The Fight Isn't Worth It

The extended version is available here

Aries: 3 of wands: Messages, waiting on confirmation, short distance travel to family, letting go, wanting something bigger

Taurus 9 of cups (rx)*: lack of foundation, inconvenience, student loans, lost and found, bitter ending, gas leak

Gemini 7 of swords (rx)*: character, dishonesty, missing money, separation agreement, successful sale, new phone number

Cancer King of Pentacles: money-making opportunities, guest house, pool, stable finances, earth sign lover, bribery

Leo Sun: progress, blockages released, beach day, hawk, new dog, a baby boy, hiding their sexuality

Virgo Six of Cups: Scorpio, back together again?, friends reunite, high school reunion, momentum, nostalgia, eggplant, vegan

Libra King of Wands: judgment, relationship, Leo, Sagittarius, Loyalty, Meeting with Boss, New friends, cocker spaniel

Scorpio 8 of cups: intimate, walking away, temporary, feeling low emotionally, second-guessing your decision, going alone, soul searching

Sagittarius 5 of pentacles (rx)*: envy, poverty mindset, overspending, giving up, feeling powerless, broken friendships, leg injury, broken glass

Capricorn 5 of swords (rx)*: thievery, carelessness, impatience, stomach issues, clocking out, rain, feelings are changing, bully, not walking away yet

Aquarius 3 of cups: soulmate, party invite, ending a connection with your child’s parent, recognition at work, holding a trophy, falling in love

Pisces 10 of wands (rx)*: lack of responsibility, they’re boring, not moving, losing weight, signature, walking away from a job, luxury item

* = reversed

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