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Weekly Horoscopes May 14-20: Achievements

Taking a leap of faith into unknown territory by the end of the week. There won't be any second chances here at this time if you've been dealing with a Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, or another Aries. Stomach cramps or digestive issues will be happening between now and June. Some of you may be thinking about getting a cat or some sort of pet at this time to help keep you company if you are single. Back to the drawing board, you started plans to open a new business or apply for a certain job however, things will not be going as planned. There will be a mystery phone number that will be contacting you at all hours of the night and it may land you in some hot water if you are already in a relationship. This may be an ex from four or five months ago or someone looking for their ex but have the wrong number. Make sure that before you make any sudden decisions this week that you think it through. Over the next five months, you may be making a lot of impulsive decisions that will lead you in the wrong direction. Technology may start to give you issues starting on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. If you have Aquarius or Virgo in your moon/rising, I see an unexpected move to a new place in less than 3 weeks or 3 months.

You will be getting confirmation this week that you are on the right path. Your first house of self, appearance, and personality will be getting some much-needed attention this week. You may be meeting a Capricorn through your job or this person may be coming to be some sort of mentor for you. An air sign person that you've been unsure about for the last year will be finally removing their mask and you'll be seeing who they truly are. Some of you may be thinking about getting a family heirloom made if you lost a parent or grandparent over the last 7-11 years or 7-11 months. Money will be coming in from different sources and in different directions, and you will also be getting word about money that was owed to you for work you did but never got paid for. There may be issues surrounding the trash around your home as wild animals may be getting into it and causing a stir in the neighborhood. You may be seeking out some sort of life coach or therapist over the next few months for those of you looking to make a change in your life. Be careful of allergies for this entire month as it will be hard for you to control your sneezing. You may be tapped to be the leader on some sort of project and this will help you to discover your independence more but to also learn better people skills. Make sure to not act reckless or selfish when it comes to the foods you eat at this time. Some of you may have food allergies or some issues pertaining to foods but you may still eat it anyway but you'll be paying for it after five days.

Battling it out with your job when it comes to salary, benefits, or time off. There may be issues surrounding the health of your mother or the health of someone close to you and you may need this time to be by their side. Army, military, police careers, or meeting new people in these fields will be happening over the next 9 days. You may be feeling that you are unable to trust someone that you are with because they are starting to be more secretive about their movements and some of you will notice this person's change in clothes. They may be dressing more professionally or you will notice a particular smell on their clothes starting this weekend. Some of you should be mindful of this coworker that they are having to work closely with because it may be more there than just business. For others of you that are dating or dealing with a mars-ruled person (Aries or Scorpio), there will be arguments over petty things when it comes to parenting, money, education, or religion. Some of you need to detach the leash from around your older child's neck and let them figure it out on their own. This isn't the time to give up on something that recently has felt out of reach. Sometimes things go backward before they go forward but it doesn't mean that all is lost. Issues with thighs, teeth, and gums between the 18th and 20th. You could be seeing butterflies or caterpillars more frequently over the next two weeks and for some, this could be that you are about to go through a nesting period or you are in your cocoon phase right before it's time to hatch. Good and solid things take time to build so don't give up on yourself so easily.

A very expensive week for you if you have Virgo or Gemini placements in your sun, moon, or rising. You will be buying yourself something new or investing in your life purpose will go well. Things are starting to gradually move forward slowly when it comes to your career or what you are meant to be doing in this life. You may be writing a book, starting a blog, or doing research into starting some sort of import/export business that you will launch before September. Seeing crows will be happening between now and the end of the month and it's not a bad thing; change is coming. If you are single right now then you will be enjoying the fruits of your labor by booking a spa day or having some much-needed self-care time. If you are in a relationship, then you will be feeling a bit anxious or nervous that this person wants to break up with you but they will tell you that right now they just needed some space to focus on personal things. This will bring you a sigh of relief since things have been going well and you didn't think there was anything wrong with the connection. You will be changing your wardrobe as well between now and the fall and you will be dressing up more or dressing more conservatively. Meetin someone from a different country or religion is coming toward you soon and this person is also financially stable. However, because of what this person does for work, you may find yourself spending a lot of time alone instead of with them so you'll have to make a choice if this is the life that you want to live. You may be deep-diving into the research of other religions or cultures or some of you will be going to museums or art exhibits. Get those creative juices flowing, as you will be in the flow of creating some really beautiful works of art over the next two years. Travel coming up will be life-changing, just wait and see.

Walking away from an emotional connection that doesn't make you happy anymore. If you've committed yourself to something over the last eight months you will either take a break or just scrap the whole thing and never return again. Some of you are distancing yourself from others because you feel they don't truly care about your happiness; it's become more about them. Coffee may be keeping you up later than it should and some of you may be thinking about taking a trip to the ocean. If you have Libra, Cancer, or Pisces placements in your chart then you may be experiencing dehydration or issues with going to the bathroom over the next eight weeks. Someone will be turning their back on you before the week is over without having a proper conversation with you. You will try to reach out to them via phone or even email but they won't pick up. This is the dynamic that this connection has been at since the beginning and some of you are feeling that this may be a bit more toxic than you realized. This week it's about your spiritual development instead of how much money is going to line up your pockets. You may find things ending or being taken away from you because it's time to let this idea go that in order for you to be someone you have to make all this money and that's not true. Some of you have taken a wrong turn somewhere all in the name of love and now your life may be going backward and you're trying to play catch-up. You may find yourself having to walk away from some sort of contract or some sort of debt that may have been incurred by someone else but your name ended up on the paperwork. Stop letting people use your credit. You're not sure if you made the right decision on something but now that you're in it, this situation could last for 8 months or 8 years until you completely walk away.

What a talented person you are and you don't even realize it. However, a lie that you've told could be coming back to bite you by the end of the week, especially if you told this to someone that you are romantically involved with. This week the focus should be on getting your voice out there. If you are dealing with the public or children then you will have good success with that over the next 4 weeks or 4 months. Documents dealing with children, law, beauty, technology, friends, or humanity will be delivered to you by Thursday. Watch your words and your temper this week as an ex or a younger air sign will be purposefully trying to get under your skin to see what your reaction will be. Don't prove this person right because this person is adamant that you don't know how to control your anger. And this person may be a boss or a coworker. Air sign children who have a talent in singing or music could be what you are putting most of your attention on. On the other hand, an air sign child may deliver you some news about your ex by Sunday or Monday. If you are looking for a yes when it pertains to launching new ideas or products then this is the confirmation that you are looking for. Don't be afraid to take on tasks that a boss will be handed down to you within the next 24-48 hours for some and others, within the next 4-14 days. It's funny when you ask for something that's really meant for you and then you don't know how to accept it because it came too quickly. Toughen up buttercup, this is your time to make things happen. Meeting someone new is likely if you are interested in partners that are younger than you. You could end up meeting three younger people, 1 air sign, and two earth signs over a six-month period.

The devil is in the details. You may be obsessing over manifestations you recently wrote down two weeks ago or you may be trying to assert your dominance in a relationship. Healing from addictions or dealing with recovering addicts is coming up for some of you over the next 5-9 days. Make sure to control your urges and impulses this week because there is a Capricorn, Aquarius, Scorpio, or Gemini that will be pushing your buttons to the max. Anything that they can do to set you off and prove to the world that you are this bad person is what they will do. Some of you are letting this person or situation have too much control over you to the point where you're struggling to sleep and you may even be losing weight. Has it become more about lust or attraction instead of genuine connection? For some of you, that answer would be yes and for others of you, you've fallen in love with the person that put you back together and your respect for them is going out the window as more time goes by. On the other end, you'll have more ambition to get shit done this week than you've had in the last 15 months so use this time wisely. Your passion shouldn't become an addiction, it should be something that anchors you and balances you out not drown you in the sea. Work will become a battlefield with everyone fighting for new spots, promotions, or higher salaries over the next 6 weeks and 6 months. Stay in your lane and don't try to fit in with the others, you will still come out victorious if you stay true to who you are. No more running away as that's become too easy to do since you've been 19 or 20 and this time around, the angels are asking you to fight through this rough period that you're going through. Life doesn't have to be complicated, we make it complicated. Endings coming with a Scorpio, Sagittarius, or Capricorn.

The sun will be shining down on you this week. If you've been struggling with a skin condition or hair loss then this week you will be finding a remedy for that. Time to take your vitamins as some of you have been forgetting about that. Fertility will be high if you are wanting to have a boy. Happy changes are coming into your life for those of you with Leo in your sun, moon, or rising and these changes will be about relationships. If you already have a son with someone and this child is between 1-9, then you and their parent may decide to take this commitment to the next level by August. Incorporate fresh flowers in your kitchen or on your desk at work. The field of beauty or careers in the beauty field will be could opportunities for extra money or to start a whole new career over the next 19 months for those of you that are interested. If you are feeling lucky with an itch on your left palm then you can try your luck at the casino or doing some sort of online game where you can have good returns. If in your natal chart the sun is transiting your 5th house then you can have successful gambles with investments. If you dealt with a Taurus or Cancer in the past you may be reminiscing on how things used to be with you guys, but now it's as if you barely talk to one another. You will close an account this week and it may be because you have to not because you want to or you will be having issues closing an account due to a third party interfering. An ex may be taking money from you or dragging you down because you moved on and this person has a cancer moon or a Taurus mercury. But in the end, you will end up being the winner especially if you end up getting married to this new person, the ex will realize that it really is over.

Back on the right track when it comes to your finances. Things will be coming in two's over the next 4 weeks. There will be two new opportunities that will be reaching your doorstep by Tuesday or Thursday. Other's of you will have two new people who are interested in you trying to woo you over to their side by July. You are sitting at the head of the table this week and you have the power to negotiate contracts or to ask for more if you are working within a company. An earth sign may be trying to butter you up with nice gifts and this may even be a boss. Don't be surprised if over the next few weeks, a boss is starting to ask more from you or they will be putting you on a new team. This doesn't have to be anything romantic but it can be that this boss seems great potential in you. So yes it's irritating however, they picked you out of all the other options they had so try to be a little more grateful not hateful. If you are a coffee drinker then change it up this week and either add more creamer or less. Things will be in a comfortable place for you this week and some of you may get lucky and buy a new car off impulse. Be prepared for the whispers and the rolling of the eyes from coworkers this week as you will start to step more into a starting or leadership role. Some of you may be thinking about applying for law school or working in the field of criminal and justice and you will have success there. Don't get scammed out of your money either trying to start a business over the internet because it won't be a good idea to that this week so save your money.

You already know the answer which you seek. It's been difficult to ignore this gut instinct or gut feeling that you've had over the last two months or two weeks. Changes have come in that have made you uncomfortable and some of you have been feeling unsure about this sudden change in management. Someone is cold or hard to read so you don't know if this person likes you or hates you. A Cancer or fire sign woman will be helping you through this period with their positive words and affirmations toward you. There will still be new opportunities coming through in this field that you are an expert in but it may require you to move or it may require you to be more open about moving to a different team or group. If you dealt with a fire sign and things were left unsaid, you are still waiting for this person to answer your texts or to pick up the phone and call you. You may listen to this person's voicemail over and over again so that you can feel some sort of closeness to them since you aren't speaking. Creative writing or this would be the week that you should publish the website or book that you've been working on since October 2020. Missing paperwork or missing items will turn up or be returned to you over the next three weeks. Some of you may feel some type of way because you may get left behind for some sort of trip when no one informed you that they were even leaving. This could be a best friend or a coworker. You won't try to hold it against them but now you are wondering if you guys are even friends at all. You will find new opportunities through your community and some of you will be buying a gym membership this week. Also for those Capricorns with fire in your chart, you will be building a house instead of buying one that's already been built or you are about to transition to a career in real estate.

You hate when these things happen. An ending is coming when it pertains to your career. This may be because the company is shutting down, merging, or just moving to a completely different state. The worst part will be over because all that you needed to know will be out there on the table and you will be able to move on to brighter things. Some of you may have told someone that you barely know confidential information and they may be using it against you when it comes to your superiors. Issues with feet, lungs, thighs, or chest pains will likely make you take some time off work so that you can heal. You may have made the choice to stay and see something through but now you can't ignore the signs that have been there for weeks. You had a good run at this, there's no doubt about that, but you can' keep sitting through these types of betrayals. Some of you have been completely pushed out of the way to make room for someone else even though you laid the groundwork for something. So by the end of the week, the decision that you will make will be one of rest, recovery, and relaxation because your mental health deserves it. Watch out for miscalculations when it comes to giving you back your change at checkout or some of you should watch your paychecks because they may be short; it's a computer error. If you were planning to move to a new city or place then you may have to hold off because of issues with plumbing or electrical however, you will still be moving in before summer so just be a bit more patient. If you gave an ex a chance over someone new, you realize that was a mistake. Luckily, the new person is still interested in giving this a chance as long as you don't scare them off. It may be time to move to a new city because I feel that's where you'll see true abundance flow to you once you get away from your family. Divorces will be finalized this week or someone will opt for a permanent separation. Paperwork for disability or any sort of assistance with the government will go through in your favor.

Detaching from the world. You're not interested in engaging in conversation with people at this time because you're feeling a bit over it. If you're dealing with a Virgo or older earth sign then this person is still delaying moving forward to a deeper commitment with you. Reading, writing, or wanting to start your own library can be a great balancing act for you if you pursue it consistently. You may be feeling out of place or misunderstood when it comes to some sort of group that you are in where there may be a big age gap between everyone. Your past is trying to reach out to you through social media or could be through mutual friends but you aren't picking up that phone call. You gave them the chance to talk it out before and they didn't want to resolve anything. You may be getting agitated at your elders this week because you feel they aren't truly supporting you in some sort of new venture that you are pursuing. Good gains from property, education, or sports are likely over the next nine months. You will be spending more time with an uncle between now and October and some of you will also be gaining money through this uncle. If you are dealing with someone younger then this issue is that you are older. They don't want to step into that lane because they wonder how can you guys even relate. This week you will still be on the search to find a partner that wants to be seriously committed to you instead of spending all this time talking you into a fantasy world. Even though some of you may not happen in your connections, the practical side of you is telling you to stay because there's stability here and this person steps in when you need help. For some, your life purpose involves being a teacher, researcher, investigator, salesman, or marketing director. Your wealth will start multiplying starting this week, especially if it's been delayed since September or October of 2020. So when this new opportunity comes in this week, take the deal.

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