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Weekly Horoscopes Jan 18-25. The Need for Change

Your anger may be getting the best of you this week as you lose patience with the airline, other public transportation companies, or you are feeling your spirit being beaten down. You will try to bite your tongue during a fit of road rage but make sure that in the end, you don’t engage and you walk away. By the middle of this week, you may be feeling more lonely as the house gets empty from kids going off to school or they are just growing up and doing their own thing. Check the expiration date on any salsa that you may be eating because it seems old. Speaking of old, arguments about debts you may still be paying for an ex will be coming up. Don’t sign on the dotted line for any sort of cosigning situation even if it is for your mother or father. This will get you further into debt but also if you are being approached about investing or going into business with someone, the energy is saying to wait until the early parts of March or June before saying yes. If you have a cat or pet make sure that they don’t get a chance to roam too freely because this time they may not come back home, or it will be almost a week or two before they are found. So make sure that you are locking your gates and patching up any holes that they may be able to get out of. This week you may be worried about someone in your family who may be dealing with an illness or the doctors are doing a lot of tests to figure out what is going on with them. They need your emotional support right now because it doesn’t feel they are having the best time at the moment. Instead of fighting about debts, make sure that you get things in writing. Also don’t overstay on your vacation that may require you to call in or this could result in you having to take a suspension. So don’t get greedy.

You’ll be going back and forth with a Sagittarius or other fire sign this week. This person may be making a lot of snide comments about your clothes or about your lifestyle so you and this person may be having a verbal sparring match. It doesn’t feel super serious, you guys are just going back and forth in a playful type manner. This actually may even spark or start up a new romantic connection if you are interested. The only thing is that this person will have to return home at the start of summer and the distance may turn out too great to get a serious thing going. This is just something to keep in mind. If you are single then you aren’t trying to commit fully to anyone until you get to know their deepest darkest secrets first. You actually may be dating or talking to more than one person and again, this fire sign will be letting you know they have an issue with this. They may be trying to pressure you to make a choice but that’s something you just won’t do. Make sure you submitted a change of address so that your forms for tax time won’t be late. This needs to get done by the 21st of this week. Camping, kayaking, or any type of outdoor activity will be moving forward this week again. If you’ve been thinking about buying a bike or getting back into running/walking, this would be the week to do it. The key here is to just have fun and it’s likely you could be hanging out with someone new by Saturday. If you are in a relationship, then you and this person could be going back and forth on responsibilities tied to the kids. Someone is smelling themselves a little too much lately and they feel they can skip out on helping out at home. You both will try to take a trip by the weekend to see if you can restore the spark back into your connection. It won’t be easy, someone is ready to run toward freedom and in the end, this may be the reason you decide to let them go.

Your paycheck or the money that you were expecting this week may be lower than usual. Something has been cut short in your life or a source of income has been cut off recently and you are trying to figure out how to gain this back. You may not be feeling physically attractive this week because you are recovering from an illness, a bowel issue, a toothache, or issues with clothes not fitting. So these things won’t have you jumping for joy in the mirror. But you have to find a way to rebuild your self-confidence and it starts with not acting like everything is okay. The more you run from this or pretend it’s not happening will just bring up more issues that you don’t have time to take on. If you are looking for a job or you’ve recently been accepted into one then you will have to wait a bit longer for the start date since there will be another delay. These delays seem to be outside of your control so the only thing you can do is come up with another plan for the time being. Or, even though it may hurt you to do so, you may need to ask for help. On the love front, you may not be feeling that supported in your endeavors or just in your career period when it comes to this earth sign or other air sign person. They seem rather detached from your right now and it may be coming across as if they are annoyed. You both are dealing with your own personal issues right now and the issue is that neither one of you wants to be honest with the other about what’s going on. So this silence or the assumptions will continue between the two of you until you finally come clean. Also, you may be feeling that your partner doesn’t find you attractive and this may strike something in you to want to change and become what you think they like. This will not be good for your self-journey in the long run. This may be a week where you see no new offers coming in and you will have to try and make do with the current situation that you are in for now. If you are single and waiting for an offer from this person, I don’t see any coming toward you for quite some time. So the advice is to find another option

Still looking for a stable source of income or you are waiting for your money troubles to dwindle away. You may not feel like your positive self this week as you think back on how you are always the last one invited to dinner or someone else ends up taking credit for your work. So a part of you may feel bitter or even want to get revenge on the people that have wronged you. You may not be feeling a Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, or Aquarius anymore after you’ve given them multiple chances over however many years. You had been stuck for some time trying to figure out how you were going to let this go but now you will fight fire with silence. No more talks, no more explaining yourself and how you feel wronged, you will just become a mute to them. You figure this situation is no longer rewarding and this person has no plans of making things different. But your silence may be one of not being done, but being done for now. With it being mercury and Venus retrograde, the answer isn’t definite right now. But you will fall back and work on putting your finances back together as you’ve spent too much time catering to other people’s needs. May be time for a new toothbrush or a new hairbrush. Speaking of hair, you could be going for a different look and you will be happy with people’s feedback. This is a good week to learn from your mistakes and pay attention to the repeating lessons. Why did it not work or what’s not working? This can apply to careers as well. You taking pay cuts or going for jobs that don’t pay you the salary that you want will soon be put behind you. You could be going into a time period of, ‘whatever it takes,’ and you will be okay with this. Work will start to pick up between Tuesday-Thursday or this is when you will finally hear back from a company in regards to a job or promotion. Now that your focus is shifting, this may wake up something in the other person and changes will start to happen in four to six months if you decide to continue forward. The choice is yours and also if you have been thinking about moving, you will move but it doesn't feel it will be this year or at least in the next 8 months. This new moon in Leo or when the moon enters Virgo by the end of the week, you will notice the shift. The cards are saying to keep pushing forward without any expectations, just focus on you and only you. What is meant to be has already been decided by the universe.

Avoiding the tower this week by accepting the truth. Or you will find out the truth but you will avoid reacting since you realize there’s no point. The transformation that should have been done back in Scorpio season will now be moving toward Aries season. So if you are waiting for things to change or waiting for a different outcome then you may have to wait until March. But for now, you will try to keep the peace in this situation and not rock the boat with your superiors. You may not be feeling super excited about life at the moment because you are focusing on paying down debts so that you can make a big purchase in the next 12-19 months. You also may be missing cash flow that has just recently stopped, so you could be looking for a second job or trying to pick up more shifts. Don’t tire yourself out right now as it won’t be good for a possible upcoming pancreas issue. If you are having issues urinating, it is time for you to go to the doctor and stop waiting for this to get better. If you were making plans to have sex with someone new this week, that will be canceled at the last minute as you just don’t feel comfortable enough yet with this person. Some of you may even be accused by another fire sign person of lying or doing something you’re not supposed to however, this person feels entitled to know what’s going on in your life even though you guys aren’t together. Time to separate yourself fully from this person or this could turn ugly fast. By Friday you will feel happier and will breathe a sigh of relief as you no longer allow yourself to be manipulated by this person or by management. You will stand your ground and because of that, a company that you applied to a while ago will be offering you a new position with the pay you want. So this week you will start the process of leaving something or someone behind and heading toward something better, or heading toward peace.

You are obsessing over something or someone that has come to a completion. But you want to know why and you may even be constantly checking this persons’ social media or just asking about them to see if they are feeling any way about this ending. With the devil upright, you can’t get drawn back in even though he may be dangling your favorite thing in front of you. But that is the devil's best attribute, he knows what pulls you in and what's hard for you to resist, but you have to deny the temptation. Ask yourself has this situation been your self-undoing? Now on the other end, this person may be the one that is obsessed, finding it hard to let you go or leave you be so that you can find happiness elsewhere. You try to ignore it and even try to fight it on a daily but it’s hard to resist what the heart wants. But sometimes what the heart wants is dangerous to our soul, so the universe breaks things up so it doesn’t hurt us further. During this time you also may be aggressively trying to obtain more money to keep someone by your side or if you are in the field of sales you are trying to prove to your boss that you deserve the promotion. Sex may be what’s driving this connection forward instead of how can the both of you genuinely build. And what’s start as sex will end the same way. With the Capricorn energy here, the transformation is not happening because you are afraid of change, afraid to be accepted elsewhere. You’ve been tied to something too long that a part of you isn’t confident that you can do better. ‘Love Lockdown,’ by Kanye West is playing in my head; you’re not trying to lose this battle. You’re willing to fight for this person back even if it means they are with someone else. This is not healthy and you are playing a dangerous game that will end up burning you like the fire in the devil’s den. Those of you meeting someone new have the same problem on your hand. It’s the situation of lust, even if it breaks you, you don’t care, you’re willing to step into that arena. This week you may be prone to making bad decisions because it feels good. Create the love you are looking for within yourself and try not to fix someone or push them into loving you. The good thing here is that it will be a creative week for you and you could use the pain or hurt you’ve experienced to create beautiful pieces of art or use it to help you move up in your company. Travel is highlighted or a job that will require you to travel for a living could be coming through in the next 8 days from today.

off to the races. Things will start to progress forward this week when it comes to your career. If you are interested in going to the military then you will be getting a call back from the army or the navy by the end of the week. There will be a big signing bonus attached to this if you decide to go. In a career in general you will see an uptick in finances or will be getting good feedback from the work that you are doing. Which could lead to talks about a raise or getting put on the company board for good work. Watch your tongue this week as you may easily offend people with your bluntness. There’s nothing wrong with being blunt but sometimes you have to give a little sugar and then a little shit. A plane ride or some sort of travel will come up unexpectedly this weekend or you could be making plans to see someone who is also an air sign. The dishonesty you felt from someone about two weeks back will be finally coming to light and this person will try to apologize for what they did as they try to right their wrongs but you won’t be interested in hearing them out. Things are starting to look up for you and you don’t want to ruin what you have going on. Pull your energy away from this person as they just want to keep you sucked in by bringing up things that don’t even matter anymore. Before you cut an air sign off after meeting them for the first time, give them another chance first. The first time may be awkward but this still needs some room to grow. This also applies to friendships as well. If you need to take leave off from work to cater to your husband, wife, sister, daughter, or yourself then the company may not approve you for all the days. It feels you will get about 3 days but less than 7. Learn to trust people who are trying to take some of the stress off your shoulders. How can they do it if you are always trying to take over?

You may feel like the light has left you. Memories of the past and mistakes you made may be coming back up in your dreams or you may be having issues sleeping at night because of your choices. The last person you felt like understood you is no longer available. Either they have left this earth or the both of you have agreed to go your separate ways. The lessons that you are supposed to learn seem to keep getting skipped over. You get easily trapped in your head and then you don’t decide so then the choice gets made for you and you don’t like the outcome. That may be what you are dealing with right now, a choice has been made for you. Going back to school or wanting to learn a new skill to help elevate your career will be heavy on your mind this week. You may be dealing with a younger earth sign who could be helping you out with this career transition or this is someone that you may be interested in romantically. Eh, it feels like this will pass. It seems difficult for you to put yourself out there romantically these days as you are riddled with self-doubt. The key is to not isolate yourself from the world, that will only make things worst for you. During these times, it may feel more comfortable to see the dark instead of turning toward the light. The light may hold your fear that things could actually turn out good or for the best but right now it feels that your darkness is winning. And to combat that you think you should head further into the dark. But you may get down there and be unable to turn back. You are going through an ending but also a transformation that will end up taking six months in total. You will be able to put whatever this is or whatever injustice you’ve felt you were handed behind you. Work will start to pick up again in the next 4 days and travel is highlighted but this could be something you need to help get your mind off things. Don’t escape in your own mind especially if you have air placements in your chart, it’s a dangerous place in there. Find something positive to look forward to, starting with what the future may bring. I know you may not want to accept this, but yeah, it’s over.

be careful of a fall or an injury to your knee or elbow this week. This could happen because you aren’t paying attention and could hit the corner of a cabinet, desk, or chair. You are feeling a bit down as you have decided to give up on something you feel you’ve been working on the last two years. It’s becoming harder as the days go by to make this situation work or it just seems like this situation is not getting any better. You may be coming down with the flu or some sort of illness on Thursday so be prepared. It feels this is from exhaustion becuase you struggle to take a break. Hair treatments may be necessary as you may find yourself thinning more than usual. If you haven’t been taking your vitamins, now would be a good time to get back on that routine. Someone may be trying to teach you a lesson in character development while at the same time trying to play the victim. This doesn't even make any sense and this may be one of the reasons why you are just done with this situation. Their lack of accountability or self-awareness is likely what drove you away. When it comes to your career, you’re feeling tired, unappreciated, low on ideas or energy, and maybe even on the verge of quitting your job. But now is not the right time to throw in the towel, even though you may be seriously considering a relocation. Lay off drinking coffee right before bed, it may be attributed to your dreams, causing issues with joints or tingling in your legs. Things will start to get better in your career and you may end up having to report someone to hr for harassing emails or stealing files that may end up getting you into trouble if you don’t make this known. You won’t be letting this person go even though you’d like to, they are not the narcissist you are trying to make them out to be. Things are just difficult right now.

You will be working a lot this week and may not have much time to spend with your family, friends, or children. Some of you may feel the pressure by a partner to have another child but you just aren’t willing to make this sacrifice right now. If you are working from home this week then you may have some issues with the wifi and it actually looks like your neighbors are using your wireless connection somehow. Make sure your password isn't super easy or something that anyone can figure out. It actually may be time to update or change passwords over these next four weeks. You also may be worried about your mother or grandmother if their health hasn’t been too great this last week. Crab legs or any type of seafood may be on your grocery list if you are deciding to become a pescatarian. Might not be a bad idea since you need to lay off the steaks, burgers, or beer. Again if you are wanting to have more kids, it does feel that you are done. You may be uninvited from a particular function or event because of issues with the venue or if you were taking a plus one then you will be calling this person and letting them know you will be deciding not to take them. Now some of you will make up an excuse so that you won’t hurt this person’s feelings. Gossip or a younger sibling could be coming to you complaining about bullying at school. So you may make some phone calls or try to find a different way to be there for them. Engagement or even marriage feels that it’s been put on hold or it’s been taken off the table altogether and you may just now accept this. So this week you may not be in the mood much for dressing up or going anywhere. You may sit at home with your tub of ice cream and Netflix and cry it out. Well, you won’t cry for long because there will be something new that will come to you in 3 days or 3 weeks from now that involves beauty, mass media, pr, communications, sales, a new car, or even extra money to decorate.

Love is in the air. Well, it doesn’t have to be actual love it could be the love of a new career or just a fresh start. You will be feeling positive with all the choices surrounding you this week. You may have an abundance of love interests that maybe you don’t know about. With the 6th house being highlighted it also could be you will be really loving what you do for work this week and will be interested in applying for new positions in the company or trying to figure out how to get a management position. Also, it does feel that you have already met the one for you, you guys just have to stop fighting about petty stuff or stop trying to one-up the other person. It’s not healthy in the long run. But you have a lot of love for them and the feeling is mutual. So you won't’ be going off to search for a new beginning with someone else because a new beginning will be coming within this connection in the next 7 days or starting on Sunday. This person does feel close to you rather that be in your job or they have heavy Leo placements in their chart. So there will be a talk and there will be the removing of the ego this week as one of you will wake up and realize it’s not worth losing this connection. So two brand new beginnings may start for you this week. One in love and the other tied to your work and you will be happy with them both. If you are submitting your resume or application for hospital work, modeling, management, or the food industry, then you will have a favorable outcome.

Your fears are overtaking you again especially when it pertains to speaking how you feel to someone. The words just seem too difficult to come out so you will be pacing back and forth on how to tell this person your truth. But you may not really know what your truth is? Is this person lying or is it just the fear of them lying that’s keeping you up at night? You will try to draw, paint or sculpt to take your mind off this off-and-on situation but you’ll still come back to the same spot you’re in now; still, mentally confused. When it pertains to your career or even children you may feel right now that you don’t have a lot of support and that hurts you the most. Especially when you feel that you are always there for everyone else but when it’s your turn, for some reason people start to have issues or make excuses on why they can’t be there. I don't see any betrayal here this week even though you will make up in your mind that is what’s happening. You may also be walking away from something or someone because you feel like something is missing. Walk away truly because it's in your best interest to do so, not necessarily to prove a point to someone. If you are trying to take some sort of test, make sure you’re not studying at night on your bed as you will fall asleep within 20 minutes of reading the material. Money will be tight this week so make sure that you’re not spending it on unnecessary things such as games, toys, clothes, or even takeout multiple times a week. You will get through this rough patch of yours. Don’t let your fears of something that’s not even there cloud your judgment to where you make a decision you may later on regret. Someone isn’t offering you love right now and because of this, you will go seek it in someone else, even if it hurts the current person. The choice is up to you at the end of the day. What worked in the past is not working now, so you have to find new ways to deal with stress or create a new beginning for yourself if you feel this is a dead-end job. Intuitively you know if it’s worth staying or not and your intuition may be screaming that it’s time for you to stop struggling here financially, mentally, emotionally, or physically.

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