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Channeled Messages


General-Rising sign

Money- Venus sign

Love- Moon or Venus sign

Career- Sun Sign

(Cancer Scorpio Pisces)

The feeling of defeat seems to follow you in each activity you do or each love connection you try to start or restart. The point is to pause and ask is there a purpose in this direction. To drive down a dark alley just to see what’s down there isn’t the purpose, it’s a waste of time. Paths may be blocked from your vision or from you moving forward with them because God knows there’s nothing down there for you. The objection is to get to know you a little better. You are temporarily walking away and focusing on money, which is your biggest worry right now. You also may be dealing with dehydration or issues with your kidneys because you’re not drinking enough water. Money may still be coming in and going out as you struggle to save for the next two months. March will be a better time for accumulating money. The path you’re on isn’t necessarily wrong which could explain why nothing else has opened up for you because you’re urged to run away to avoid uncomfortable feelings has to stop. You have a passion for this thing and the path is clear, keep pushing, keep trying and you’ll see the new beginnings. Things aren’t as bad as what you’ve made up in your mind

(Aries Leo Sagittarius)

Work will start to pick up soon, can’t say how soon, but remain positive in your movements and things will get better. There will be people who want to pay for subscriptions to a service you offer or someone wants to book something with you up to 5 months in advance. Financially things are looking promising but this may require you to get out of your own way and accept the partnership or work within this group of people. You can’t be so prideful or combative when there are people around you who want to help you. You may feel tied to learning a new skill with your hands. I’m picking up a charter bus or something tied to travel that will be coming up for you, 8 times in the next 15 weeks or months. You could find a breath of fresh air by doing something with your look. Love isn’t a priority for you right now as you work to rebuild what you may have contributed to tearing down financially over the last 8 months. Keep things to yourself between now and august because I’m getting whispering. So people will be too eager to steal your ideas or may even try to steal your person away from you by gossiping.

(Aquarius Gemini Libra)

You could feel like you’re fighting for your life right now or at least fighting to be heard by someone you used to have a lot of passion for. Now the fight could also refer to you feeling skipped over for an opportunity you’ve been waiting to come toward you. So now you feel trapped like all your efforts were futile and this may be having you feel stuck as if there’s nowhere else to go. Speaking of places to go, you may feel unhappy in a living situation as you and this person struggle to communicate without it turning into an argument. Ask yourself why you’re even fighting? Is the argument based on facts or are you just pissed off right now? Both things can be true. During this Mercury retrograde, you may feel the need to fight to prove your point that you are someone, that you are special or important, but ask yourself why do you even need to argue your case. If they don’t see it in front of them then they just don’t see it. But sometimes we have to acknowledge that our problems aren’t the only ones that are important. Take a breath, take a step back and focus on something else. Right now even though you feel disappointed, it’s not the time to let go of this. Before you move on learn the pattern that you’ve gotten yourself stuck in for the past 5 years so that it doesn’t repeat itself again in the future. There’s still some life or love left in this person or situation.

(Taurus Virgo Capricorn)

If this is what it’s like then you don’t want it. You don’t trust yourself much anymore after you’ve just recently been cut off or someone has come to give you new information about your situation. A trip will be coming up for you in the near future to clear your head but you also need to get out of the house more. Even if it’s to just sit on the balcony or on the steps, step outside the energy of the introvert. You may find yourself really defensive these days toward anyone that you feel is trying to take from you. You don’t have the energy to start over again like you’ve had to do the last 3 times. So you are being very careful and particular about people you associate yourself with. You haven’t put the past behind you as you think, but right now you’re just moving on for the sake of moving on. Possibly still holding the door open that maybe this person will change and come back better. But your energy says you don’t want to let them back in because they betrayed you. Make sure you aren’t trying to find the past in what’s new. Money is good or will start coming in more, you just have to hold this space. In the end, you will decide to not go back to school or move to a place far away from you. If you were hoping to receive your transfer papers then this will have to wait until September or at least six months from now. Don’t let your ego get you into trouble or it may have you doing something you’ll later regret especially when it comes to gossip or an impulsive move to a new place or to buy a car.

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