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Next 7 days (April 1) horoscopes: Tension in the air

♈️ Aries

For the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the Eight of Swords card. This card suggests that you may be experiencing a sense of restlessness and difficulty sitting still. It seems that you may feel trapped inside your house due to a health issue or some other external constraint. Take care of yourself and seek the necessary support or medical attention if needed.

The cards also caution you to watch out for swimmers ear, as it may be a potential health concern during this period. Be mindful of taking precautions when engaging in water activities.

There is an indication that you may be hiding or avoiding an air sign individual whom you have been consciously trying to distance yourself from over the past three days or weeks. Trust your instincts and give yourself the space you need. It is important to prioritize your own well-being and boundaries.

In matters of the heart, it appears that you may be having a tough time moving on from a past lover. You may find yourself still checking their social media or frequently thinking about them throughout the week. The cards advise you to be gentle with yourself during this process of healing and letting go. It may be beneficial to limit your exposure to triggers such as their social media profiles, in order to give yourself the space needed to move forward.

Be prepared for a major storm coming your way, either literally or metaphorically. This storm could bring challenges or disruptions into your life. Stay grounded, maintain a sense of resilience, and seek support from loved ones if needed.

If you are currently dating someone who is a smoker and it bothers you, the cards acknowledge that you are trying to be unbothered by it. It is important to communicate your feelings and concerns openly and honestly with your partner. Find a balance between respecting their choices and expressing your own boundaries and needs.

Lastly, exercise caution around motorcycles or when engaging in activities involving them. There may be an increased risk or potential danger associated with them during this week.

♉️ Taurus

For the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the reversed Nine of Swords card. This card suggests that you may have to face a rejection early in the week, particularly in regards to travel plans, important documents, visas, or even an engagement if you are currently involved in a relationship. It may be disheartening, but trust that there may be a greater purpose or alternative path unfolding for you.

The cards also caution you to watch your step and be mindful of potential hazards. There is a possibility of stepping on nails or encountering a tire puncture. Take care and remain attentive to your surroundings to avoid any accidents or mishaps.

The presence of butterflies in your life may hold significance during this week. They symbolize transformation and change. Pay attention to this symbolism and be open to embracing new beginnings and personal growth. You may find yourself feeling drawn to visit a park or a natural setting, where you can connect with the beauty of nature and find solace.

Be cautious, as there is a potential for losing an important picture album or sentimental item. Take extra care in keeping your cherished possessions secure to avoid any loss or misplacement.

An air sign individual may try to push your buttons during this week. Remember to stay grounded and maintain your composure. Choose your battles wisely and try not to let their actions or words provoke an emotional reaction from you. Practice patience and respond with grace and diplomacy.

It is important to be mindful of your interactions at work, specifically with your boss. The cards suggest that there may be a situation where you could lose your temper. Stay composed and handle workplace challenges with professionalism and maturity. Maintaining a calm demeanor will help you navigate any conflicts and maintain a positive work environment.

Before leaving the house, ensure that you blow out any candles that may be lit. This is a reminder to prioritize safety and prevent potential fire hazards.

Lastly, the cards advise against engaging in spell work during this week. It may not yield the desired results or could potentially have unintended consequences. It is best to focus on other aspects of your life and allow the energies to align naturally.

♊️ Gemini

For the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the Ace of Pentacles card. This card brings positive and abundant energy, suggesting that it will be a fruitful week for you.

If you are currently single, there is a possibility of running into an old flame or starting to develop a crush on an earth sign individual. Be open to new connections and explore the potential for a rekindled romance or a new love interest.

This week is also favorable for signing important documents that you may have been contemplating since the beginning of March. Whether it's signing a new lease or working towards buying a house, the cards indicate that the timing is aligned for these ventures. Trust your instincts and move forward with confidence.

In matters related to investments or money, the cards indicate a favorable outcome for the next week. You may encounter multiple opportunities or options to choose from. It could be a good time to consider investing in an antique art piece or indulging in cultural experiences, such as attending musicals or concerts. Follow your passions and consider treating yourself to experiences that bring you joy.

While enjoying the positive financial energy, it is still important to exercise caution and put some money aside for savings or unforeseen expenses. Balancing enjoyment and responsibility will help maintain stability in the long run.

If you have been dreading a review or evaluation, the cards indicate that it will be postponed until the 12th. This delay gives you additional time to prepare and present your best self. Use this extra time wisely and ensure that you are fully prepared for the review when it does take place.

♋️ Cancer

For the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the reversed Ten of Wands card. This card suggests that you are in the process of releasing something that has been weighing you down since 2020. It may be a burden or a situation that has been causing you stress and exhaustion. The cards indicate that you are finally finding the strength to walk away from this heaviness and let go.

While there may be worries or concerns about moving, the cards do not indicate a move happening at this time. Instead, the focus for you during this period is to release any expectations or attachments to what could be or what should be. Allow yourself to go with the flow and see where life takes you. Embrace a mindset of detachment and remind yourself that it is not your responsibility to solve everyone's problems. The cards suggest adopting the attitude of "it's not my problem" in order to prioritize your own well-being and mental clarity.

This mindset of personal accountability and responsibility may be problematic for those around you who are used to you being more involved or concerned. However, it is crucial for you to prioritize your own needs and boundaries during this time. Take care of yourself first and trust that others will find their own solutions.

Be aware that a fire sign individual may come at you aggressively because they feel ignored or neglected. It is important to handle this situation with grace and assertiveness. Set clear boundaries and communicate your needs and limitations effectively.

The cards also indicate that the initial "D" or the name David may hold significance for you this week. Pay attention to any connections or encounters you have with someone or something related to this name.

If you are currently juggling two jobs, the cards suggest that you will make the decision to drop one of them before the end of the week. Trust your instincts and consider what will bring you the most fulfillment and balance in your work life.

Furthermore, if you have an ex who is not involved in your child's life, the cards indicate that you will make moves towards seeking child support. This is a significant step towards ensuring the well-being and support of your child. Trust in your own strength and take the necessary actions to provide for your child's needs.

♌️ Leo

For the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the reversed Four of Pentacles card. This card suggests that it is time to face the consequences of things you have put off and neglected. Matters that you have procrastinated on will now require your immediate attention. Take this as an opportunity to address these issues head-on and find closure.

In your relationships, it seems that you may not be in the best place with a Cancer, Scorpio, or Capricorn individual. If they choose to leave, you are ready to let them go. This could be a moment of frustration or a temper tantrum on their part because they are not getting what they desire. Stand firm in your boundaries and prioritize your own well-being. If they are not adding value to your life, it may be best to release them.

Financially, the cards caution against spending a lump sum of money all in one place. While there may be a windfall or an influx of funds, it is important to exercise restraint and consider long-term goals. Avoid impulsive spending and focus on making wise financial choices.

The cards suggest that you may develop a newfound interest in going to the gym or working out starting this week. Embrace this energy and use it as a way to channel your focus and release any pent-up stress or emotions. Physical activity will not only benefit your physical health but also contribute to your mental and emotional well-being.

If you have been a diligent saver, the cards indicate that you may enter a phase where you feel the urge to spend more freely. Be mindful of this tendency and ensure that you are not overdoing it. Strike a balance between treating yourself and maintaining your financial stability.

During this week, someone may ask for your number, and it feels more tied to business or work rather than a romantic connection. This could present an opportunity for networking or collaboration. Consider the potential benefits of connecting with this individual and assess whether it aligns with your professional goals.

Lastly, the cards indicate that you may be missing a friendship that suddenly ended. Take this as a chance for growth and reflection. Allow yourself to process any emotions that arise and seek closure within yourself. Remember that everything happens for a reason, and new opportunities for meaningful connections will come your way.

♍️ Virgo

For the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the Temperance card. This card signifies a period of balance and harmony in your life. It brings a sense of moderation and integration, encouraging you to find harmony between different aspects of your life.

The cards suggest that you may be considering going back to school or focusing on completing your degree. If you have been worried about graduating, the cards reassure you that you have the strength and determination to make it through. This is a time of educational growth and personal development, so embrace the opportunities that come your way.

Another significant aspect of this week is the potential for building a greenhouse or starting a garden. The cards indicate that engaging in gardening or working with plants can bring you a sense of peace and fulfillment. Consider exploring this avenue as a means of connecting with nature and finding solace in the process of nurturing life.

Additionally, an earth sign individual who may have lost your trust back in December will be making concerted efforts this week to regain your trust. They are showing genuine commitment and dedication to rebuilding the relationship. However, the cards suggest that you may be the one withholding the truth about someone new you are talking to. It is important to consider the impact this may have on both parties involved and assess whether honesty and open communication are essential to maintaining trust.

The cards also indicate the presence of a grandmother figure who has passed away, attempting to connect with you. This may come in the form of signs or symbols that resonate with her presence. Stay open and receptive to these messages, as they may bring comfort and guidance.

Overall, the energy of this week is centered around balance and harmony. Embrace the opportunities for growth and education that come your way. Consider engaging in gardening or working with plants to find solace and fulfillment. Assess the dynamics of a relationship with an earth sign individual, as they work to regain your trust. Be mindful of the importance of honesty and open communication. Stay open to spiritual connections with a departed grandmother figure. Lastly, be prepared for a potential competition or challenge that will work out in your favor.

♎️ Libra

For the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the Empress card. This card signifies abundance, creativity, and nurturing energy. It brings forth a sense of feeling at home with yourself and embracing your inner beauty and femininity.

The cards suggest that something related to strawberries will hold significance for you this week. Pay attention to any encounters or experiences involving this fruit, as it may carry a symbolic message or serve as a reminder of abundance and sweetness in your life.

You will also feel a strong sense of being at home with yourself during this week. Consider exploring a new style or redecorating your home to further enhance this feeling of comfort and self-expression. This could be a wonderful opportunity to create a space that reflects your true essence and brings you joy.

In matters of the heart, if you have been married before and have been hesitant to give it another try, the cards indicate that you are now ready and open to the possibility of giving love and marriage another chance. Trust yourself and your instincts as you navigate this realm of relationships.

If you have experienced tension or distance in your relationship with a sister or mother figure, the cards bring positive news. This week will provide an opportunity for you to repair and strengthen the connection between you and her. Embrace open communication, understanding, and forgiveness as you work towards healing and rebuilding your relationship.

Furthermore, someone in your family will be getting married soon, and you will have the honor of being a part of the wedding. This celebration of love and union will bring joy and happiness to your family, and you will play an important role in the festivities.

In terms of travel or vacation, the cards suggest the possibility of visiting Florida or Panama City Beach. Alternatively, you may be planning or manifesting a trip to a tropical destination in the next three months. Allow yourself to daydream and set intentions towards this getaway, as it can bring excitement and anticipation into your life.

As you embark on new projects this week, it is important to be mindful of the Mercury retrograde starting. This retrograde period may bring some delays or miscommunications, so exercise caution and double-check details to avoid potential pitfalls. However, do not let this discourage you from pursuing your creative endeavors and embracing the abundant energy that the Empress card brings.

♏️ Scorpio

For the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the Knight of Pentacles in reverse. This card suggests that there may be some uncertainty and instability in your job or the future of your position within the company.

Earlier, you may have been feeling fine and content with your current situation. However, the cards indicate that you may receive some unexpected news this week that could create a sense of limbo regarding the future of your job. It seems that your company may be experiencing some concerns or panic related to hiring or budgetary issues.

While it doesn't appear that you will be directly affected by these changes, the cards suggest that people close to you, such as colleagues or friends within the company, may be moving on to other opportunities. This could create a sense of change and upheaval in your work environment.

Furthermore, the cards indicate that the stability of your current job may be questionable. The company seems to be indecisive about providing you with a raise, leading to uncertainty about your financial situation. In light of these circumstances, the cards are suggesting that it may be time for you to explore other job options and consider alternative paths.

Given your concerns about finances, the cards advise against getting involved in the rollercoaster ride of emotions that an earth sign individual may bring into your life. It may be beneficial for you to distance yourself or even consider cutting them off completely. This will allow you to focus on your own stability and financial well-being.

♐️ Sagittarius

For the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the Chariot card. This card signifies a sense of determination, willpower, and taking charge of your own destiny. It suggests that you are not interested in waiting for time to heal your wounds but rather, you are motivated to take action and regain control of your life.

The cards indicate that a water sign individual may have betrayed your trust by engaging in conversations with an ex or a friend whom you specifically expressed discomfort with. Furthermore, it seems that this person has also been sharing your private information without your consent. This revelation may leave you feeling hurt and questioning who you can truly trust. In such circumstances, the cards advise you to rely on yourself and your own judgment. Take this opportunity to assess your boundaries and determine who deserves your trust moving forward.

In the realm of connections and relationships, the cards suggest that you will be taking a solo trip this week to visit a cousin or a best friend whom you haven't seen in a while. This journey will provide you with an opportunity to reconnect and strengthen bonds with loved ones who have been absent from your life. Cherish this time of connection and rejuvenation.

Additionally, some of you may be contemplating a move. However, the cards indicate that the place you are considering is not within your current city. It seems to be approximately 70 miles, or 40 minutes away from where you currently reside. This potential move brings a sense of adventure and new beginnings. Take some time to explore and research this new location to see if it aligns with your desires and goals.

During this week, the cards call upon you to build your strength and stamina. Focus on self-care and self-improvement, both physically and mentally. Set better boundaries in your relationships, ensuring that you protect your own well-being and prioritize your needs. This will provide you with a solid foundation as you navigate through various aspects of your life.

♑️ Capricorn

For the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the King of Cups. This card signifies balance, emotional maturity, and compassion. It suggests that you are on the path to finding a better place with a friend who has been distancing themselves from you.

It seems that this friend has been going through a challenging time as they have a sick brother or parent. During this week, you will receive news or information regarding their situation. This knowledge will allow you to understand their recent behavior and create a space for healing and reconnection between the two of you.

The cards also indicate that there may be some distance or lack of communication with a soulmate in your life. While you may desire more interaction with this person, the cards suggest that you will reconnect with them by the weekend. However, it is important to note that this soulmate may have a tendency to run away or avoid commitment. Understand that their presence in your life may be seasonal rather than lifelong. Allow them the freedom to figure out their own path, even if it means they may run away again.

In terms of career and opportunities, the cards indicate the possibility of a sudden job offer from a company that had previously withdrawn their offer. This company realizes they made a mistake with the other candidate and are now extending the offer back to you. This opportunity comes with good benefits, so it may be worth considering. If you are in the process of starting a business, the cards affirm that it is a good idea. However, it is important to take your time and not rush into any decision-making. Build your business carefully and methodically, ensuring that you have a solid foundation for success.

♒️ Aquarius

For the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the Five of Cups. This card signifies disappointment, loss, and emotional upheaval. It seems that you are a hopeless romantic, and this particular situation has left you feeling perplexed and uncertain.

The cards suggest that this situation involves someone who could be a Scorpio, Leo, Virgo, or Gemini. It has been a rollercoaster ride, with ups and downs, and you may have become skilled at not caring in other situations. However, with this person, it feels different. You may face disappointment from them this week, as they are unsure about continuing forward and may not even be clear about their own feelings for you. This unpredictability leaves you feeling stumped, especially since things seemed to be going well in the past.

It is important to note that for some of you, this situation may not be related to romantic love, but rather in terms of creativity or children. There may be challenges or blockages in these areas, such as difficulties with IVF or adoption. Additionally, you may find yourself experiencing a sense of sadness without knowing the exact cause. Life may not be shaping up the way you expected, and it can be challenging for you to handle feelings of rejection or defeat at this time.

However, the cards indicate that second chances are nearby, but you need to stop focusing on your disappointment and look around. Take a moment to pause, reflect, and reassess the situation. It may require you to shift your perspective or try a different approach. By letting go of any pouting or dwelling on the past, you can open yourself up to new opportunities and possibilities.

♓️ Pisces

For the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the Queen of Wands. This card signifies a sense of liveliness, passion, and daring. It seems that you are feeling frisky or like a daredevil this week, ready to embrace new experiences and challenges.

The cards suggest that you are slowly reclaiming your power after a recent conflict with a fire sign individual. This disagreement may have left you feeling insecure and doubting your own worth. However, you are now on a path of regaining confidence and finding your inner strength. Prepare for a glow-up in some way, as you step into your own power and embrace your unique qualities.

During this week, you will also find yourself being very attentive and focused on handling your business and being at the top of your game. This energy is not just fleeting; it has the potential to last for a significant period of time, even up to 18 months, if you take care of it. Use this time to establish a solid foundation, set goals, and work diligently towards achieving them.

The cards also indicate that secrets will likely find their way to you this week, but they won't be your own. People around you will feel compelled to share their deepest, darkest secrets with you. It may be that you carry an air of trustworthy and compassionate energy that attracts others to confide in you. Be prepared to hold space for others and provide support as they open up to you.

In matters of romance, you will find yourself drawing the attention of potential partners. You have a magnetic quality that captivates others. However, the cards also suggest that you may be drawn to romantic partners who have a certain allure or mystery about them. Be mindful of the choices you make and ensure that you are aligning with individuals who truly value and respect you.

Learning a new instrument may also be on the horizon for you. This could be a wonderful way for you to express your emotions and tap into your creative side. Embrace this opportunity to explore a new form of artistic expression.

Lastly, the cards advise you to spend some time alone this week. It is a good thing for you to retreat and recharge, especially in a peaceful and calming environment like the beach, if it is accessible to you. Use this time to reflect, connect with your intuition, and nurture your inner world.

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