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Mini Horoscopes Dec 5-11: Fool’s Gold

Mini horoscopes

Aries ♈️ : 8 of wands reversed: lack of commitment, improper communication, customer relations, sales, time management, lost watch, fossil, bone issues, issues with toes, slip up, delays, cosplay, change your toothbrush, zipper is open, pipeline, musician, craving danger, ‘I’m not coming home’, vain, hard to stay out of the mirror

Taurus ♉️ : High Priestess: weighing your options, attaching yourself to spirituality, a spiritual sister, dreaming about a water sign, church, hope, looking at the store, manifesting, wishes, butterfly effect, bitter candy or cookies, lost recipe, missing your grandmother or mother that has passed on, secret affair, whispering in the hallways, Star Trek, voyage, having an itch (could be an infection)

Gemini ♊️ : Judgment reverse: challenging your opinion, broken tv, lamp, rough tissue, pentatonix,  no second chances, speech impediment, bad interview, bad date, David, Vincent, listening ears, regrets, not finishing what you start, someone ghosting you, they come back in two days or two weeks, purple dress, bath robe, conjunctivitis, Sagittarius, marigolds, seeing crows, weird smell

Cancer ♋️ : 4 of cups: it’s not enough, not getting along with family, jealous, private party, lisp, talking too much, craving attention, housewarming party, maid, rock climbing, feeling left out in the cold, issues with iron, take your vitamins, someone talking trash, an offer that you don’t want, feeling bored in a connection, a water sign avoiding the question, drinking wine, stomach cramps, smile, Winston, legos, logic reason, Spellman, ace, a chapter needs to be closed

Leo ♌️ : knight of pentacles reversed: waiting on a new job offer, unsure if you want to move, earth sign (Taurus Virgo Capricorn) changing up on you, rocks on the steps, Doctor, Gibbs, spin the wheel, smoking a cigarette or cigar, Tyler, spending Christmas with you, read the agreement, build your core muscles, hip pain, stalking, a fire sign yelling at you, giving up on your passion, stuck at home in the snow, bad weather, coloring book, desktop computer, try again, no then a yes

Virgo ♍️ : Strength: care package, caring neighbor, invited out for lunch, feeling stuck, replacement, forgiveness, time will tell, turn left, it’s under your bed, spellcheck, written check, black purse, ballet class, long hair or growing your hair out, tinsel, Hawaii, lease, halo, yellow flowers, crown, gold pinky or middle finger ring, Wednesday Adams, velvet, satin dress or clothing, black out, white shoes, steak house

Libra ♎️ : Page of Cups: creative, departure, daughter, a female dog, piano, plateau, use a spoon, silver necklace,scrapbooking, another Libra, making room, clean refrigerator, expecting mail, Tuesday or Wednesday, recruiter, humidifier, leaf blower, clean out the garage, tension in your neck, whistle, play date, Lisa, dark hair, christening, number 24, 29th of this month, sink, marble counters, nocturnal,

Scorpio ♏️ : 2 of cups reversed: dentures, not sharing and not caring, indecisive, cancer, Libra, another Scorpio, spinning, golden retriever, innocence, liposuction, worried about your finances, losing your wallet, clerical error, veterans office, purple, eagles, concealed carry license, stomach virus, acting like you don’t know someone, you don’t know if you want to marry them or if they want to marry you, scripture, note taking, check your spam, a break in your relationship or someone has a weak moment and falls into temptation, feeling out of place, learning curve, bodybuilding, hitting the gym

Sagittarius ♐️ : Knight of swords reversed: slow down, why are you rushing, not calling your back, slow down, crack the case, Nancy drew, ‘I need to speak with you’, being called into a managers office, feeling stagnate, a plane to catch, swaying back and forth, bad batch of weed, Casanova, Trivia night, Super Bowl, Yellowstone, tower of terror, Disney world, playing a trick on you, you need a pencil, signing a lease, ‘I could care less!’, hanging on to someone out of codependency, you only see them as a friend, healer

Capricorn ♑️ : 4 of pentacles reversed: bad deal, splitting hairs, ear ache, tongue piercing, yellow apple, coffee break, too much sugar, Lionel Richie, spin class, swimming laps, East London, parking lot, talking late at night, spending too much money, misplacing something important , searching for a signed document, Tuesday Morning, crazy taxi, lymph nodes, a dog’s paw bruised, skeptical, loosen your grip, callous hands, 50 shades of grey, they always have to talk to you tomorrow, Patrick, ladder, wrists, Parker, Cincinnati, lesson learned, trying to move, treasure

Aquarius ♒️ : King of Wands reversed: playing shy, disappointed in a boss or they are disappointed in you, failing business, charge card, staying up late, Smith, testicles, they don’t like you back, chasing a ball, they’re not married but they don’t want a relationship, spending the night, walking through the park, chipper, chipmunk, save your money, repairing your car door or a different door, hospital bill, stacks, spades, kaleidoscope, yo-yo, ‘90s, high school teacher, ignoring a fire sign, pretending not to listen, leaving behind a Leo or Sagittarius, new workout partner, hanging up pictures, being a fan girl, spinning fan, craving cheese, creep, abundance in a new city

Pisces ♓️ : King of Swords: Smart, a smart ass, Jeffrey or letter J, talking to your crush, they responded back, don’t be nervous, trying to act cold or uninterested, elevator, cheesecake , giving birth, scholarship, warrior, military, doctor, professional license, packing up, dream date, time sensitive, NDA, tennis bracelet, stud earrings, pizza place, firefighter, police man, unexpected outcome, accusing someone of using you just to find out it’s not true, not having anymore kids, Kelly, Letter L, October, graduate, lights out, power grid shuts down, peach tea, allergic reaction, stenography, cursive, signature, too much spicy food, debt collector, catching feelings fast

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