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Short Horoscopes June 23-29. Let's Wrap This Up

You can view the extended version here

Aries ♈️: damaged reputation, uncaring, difficult sibling, toad, exposed, pain medicine, losing feelings

Taurus ♉️: defense, boundaries, organized, lethargic, capitalism, restraint, manager, someone owes you money

Gemini ♊️: I’m no fool, lap dog 🐶, blackout, let me tell you what happened, concert, enemy

Cancer ♋️: pregnant by fire sign, whistle, new opportunity, beginning, race, rigid, invention, business trip

Leo ♌️: feeling at home, redecorating, high school reunion, tomboy, recipes, fishing, surprise wedding, party

Virgo ♍️: a group of people, hobby, sports, call center, customer based work, drawing, competition, studio apartment, new fire sign

Libra ♎️: budgeting, consolidating, fish , under investigation, false claims, victor after accusations, teaching, military, news about a friend

Scorpio ♏️: caring, traveling, movies, box of chocolate, womanizer, traffic jam, folk music, movie or tv script

Sagittarius ♐️: good news, baby boy, Leo, camping, gardening, gym membership, good news, proud parent

Capricorn ♑️: loss of family, breakup with earth sign, family business, isolation, cough medicine, 7-year relationship, staying for the kids

Aquarius ♒️: fear, overthinking, skepticism, drama at work, unreasonable manager, loss of income, undeliverable check, Tony, Sam, Wendy

Pisces ♓️: lack of growth, arguments, expensive taste, lover in prison, real estate exam, we’re on two different paths, air sign coming in

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