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Predictions 2022

Hi everyone!. I know a lot of you like predictions and sometimes I cannot get to the computer to do a live stream so I will create a thread instead. I'm not sure if it was the glass of lemonade (too much sugar lol) at 2 a.m. this morning that sent my brain into a panic or a frenzy but I will be writing down what I dreamt. I feel a prediction comes from this scary and crazy dream of mine. In case you didn't know, Neptune is tied to the dream world and it's getting close to its final degrees in Pisces before it moves into Aries.

I pulled a chart for it this morning and it was represented by Mars (9H is tied to dreams)

Mars = guns, knives, anger, fire, police, law enforcement

Mars is at 23 degrees in this chart and its a degree of philosophy, healing or being a false healer, fatality, playful, careless, foolish

The dream was about guns. The place was in a shopping mall and it looked like the shooter was a security guard for that mall. So 9H is also long-distance travel, so it would be away from the location that I'm in. Aries is the ruler of the 9H in this chart so it could be in a city that has a major sports team. Virginia, I heard the Alamo, so that could be texas, Washington as well came up. So north of where I am.

The interesting thing is the only aspect mars makes to a planet in this chart is to Saturn which just entered the 7th house. So this may be tied to something that spilled over from the internet (Aquarius is tied to technology) Saturn is retrograding backward in Aquarius at the moment

aquarius = faith-based healers (pastors, churches) <---- this may be the target next or this shooting may have something tied to these individuals. 7H is the sign of your enemies so I would say that this has been brewing for some time. But in the dream, I was looking directly up at the guard while on the ground, but I had no idea who they were shooting at.

Also not sure what planes are ruled by but I feel someone may get stuck or have an accident on their way to cheat with someone they are not supposed to be with. You will know or they will know because the person cheating will have to call for help.

I did see a small town in Italy tied to the city of Venice. May be the victims of some sort of fire. The smoke I saw looked like the smoke in an old painting of a city during the time of the renaissance. Some of you who I've read past life readings for were alive during the time of the renaissance. It will feel as if we stepped into a time loop. I will keep this thread open so we can discuss certain things that are not going to be put on youtube.

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