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Next 7 days (Mar. 12): Is life slowing down or have you checked out?

In the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the reversed Fool card. This suggests that you may be holding back from expressing your feelings to another Aries or Aquarius person who has ghosted you. It is important to remember that time waits for no one, and it may be beneficial for you to address these emotions and communicate your experiences with them.

You may feel a strong pull to move to another state or country or to explore new horizons. However, there could be legal documents or a legal situation that is currently holding you back. It is advisable to address any legal matters before making any major moves or decisions. Rest assured that closer to the summer, you may have the opportunity to take a vacation out of the country, which can provide you with the exploration you desire.

It is important to be mindful of your digestion during this time. You may experience some difficulties or issues with digestion, so take care of your diet and be cautious with the quality of food you consume. Grapes from the local farmers market may pose a potential risk, so exercise caution when consuming them.

In terms of activities, you may find yourself taking a trip to a tech show. This event can offer you valuable insights and connections in the tech industry. However, be mindful of your belongings, as there is a possibility of losing your smartwatch, particularly when at the beach or walking along a busy street. Take extra precautions to ensure the safety of your belongings.

If you are undergoing fertility treatments, it is indicated that they may not be successful over the next three months or years. However, do not lose hope and continue trying. Persistence and patience may eventually lead to positive outcomes.

There may be a concern about a dog contracting worms during this period. If you have a pet dog, it is important to monitor their health and ensure they receive proper veterinary care to prevent or address any potential issues.

Furthermore, it seems that you may be required to make a presentation in front of your leadership. This opportunity can showcase your skills and expertise, so prepare yourself thoroughly and deliver your presentation with confidence. This could potentially open doors for you and lead to a management position before the year ends.

In the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the reversed Ten of Swords. This suggests that you are desperately seeking the truth to come out in a situation where you feel or have felt unfairly treated. However, it is important to note that the truth may not be revealed during this week. The resolution or clarity you seek may take more time to manifest.

It appears that some of you may have missed the opportunity to speak up about this situation during the winter months (December to February). Fear may have overcome you, preventing you from expressing your thoughts and standing up for yourself. Take this as a lesson and an opportunity for growth, understanding that it is important to address such matters when they arise.

During this week, you may find yourself contemplating leaving behind an air sign person who struggles with honesty. This individual may have difficulty being truthful or transparent in your connection. Trust your intuition and assess whether this relationship aligns with your values and needs. Consider whether staying in this connection will serve your overall well-being.

Be cautious of a water sign who may try to stir up confusion in your current connection. This individual may attempt to create discord or manipulate the situation. Stay grounded and trust your instincts to navigate any potential challenges that may arise.

When it comes to physical activities, be cautious while climbing mountains or hiking during this time. Take proper precautions and ensure your safety by following guidelines and being mindful of potential risks.

It is advised that you stop postponing your visit to the eye doctor. It seems that your sight is not improving, and seeking professional help is essential. Prioritize your health and take the necessary steps to address any concerns or issues with your vision.

To help yourself wind down during this week, consider listening to music. Music can be a powerful tool for relaxation and finding solace. Allow yourself moments of peace and tranquility through the healing power of music.

If you find that you're not up for communicating with others and prefer to isolate yourself, it's important not to judge yourself for it. Sometimes, taking time for solitude and self-reflection can be beneficial for your mental and emotional well-being. Honor your own needs and give yourself permission to recharge and find inner balance.

In the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the Three of Cups. This card signifies celebrations, joy, and social gatherings, bringing a positive and uplifting energy to your week.

If you have been going through a divorce and waiting for justice to be served, this card suggests that the legal proceedings may work in your favor. Fairness and balance may prevail, bringing closure to this chapter in your life. Trust in the process and remain patient as things unfold.

You may find yourself taking on the role of a party planner or being invited to a special event. It seems like this event will be high-profile and require a formal outfit or dress. Embrace the opportunity to socialize and enjoy the festivities. This gathering could bring new connections and delightful experiences into your life.

In terms of your career, you may be contemplating entering the field of marketing. This interest could lead you to explore opportunities and avenues within this industry. Additionally, some of you may be sought out to teach a course at a university, indicating recognition for your knowledge and expertise. Consider this as a potential avenue for professional growth and expansion.

It is also suggested that there is a possibility of having a certificate program paid for. This could offer you the chance to further develop your skills and enhance your qualifications. Be open to opportunities that may arise in this regard.

If you have a water moon or rising sign, you may be considering attending cosmetology or barber school. This interest could stem from your affinity for beauty and aesthetics. Explore the possibilities, as this could be a fulfilling and creative path for you.

Be mindful of gossip that may arise from your family circle around Thursday. It is important to navigate these situations with grace and not get caught up in unnecessary drama. Focus on maintaining positive relationships and avoid engaging in harmful gossip.

On a physical level, be cautious of any allergic reactions or breaking out in hives. Pay attention to your body's signals and take necessary precautions to prevent or address any potential allergies or sensitivities.

Lastly, you may find yourself craving lemonade during this week. Indulge in this refreshing treat and enjoy the simple pleasures that bring you joy.

In the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the reversed Four of Pentacles. This card suggests that you may not be holding on to your money during this week. It seems that you will be spending freely and may even make a significant purchase or investment. However, it is important to proceed with caution when it comes to budgeting and saving money. Be mindful of your financial decisions and ensure that they align with your long-term goals and financial stability.

There is a possibility that you will have the opportunity to terminate a contract or lease early. This could bring a sense of liberation and freedom from any commitments that no longer serve you. Consider this as an opportunity to reassess your priorities and make decisions that align with your personal growth and well-being.

It seems that you may find yourself drawn to watching Dolly Parton movies or listening to her music during this week. This could serve as a source of inspiration and enjoyment for you. Allow yourself to indulge in the artistry and creativity that resonates with your soul.

In matters of the heart, you may be developing feelings for a Taurus or Capricorn individual. Pay attention to the emotions that arise and explore the potential for a deeper connection. However, it is important to approach this with an open heart and clear communication to ensure mutual understanding.

There may be a situation at your workplace where you feel overwhelmed and burdened with additional responsibilities. You may even consider resigning from your job if they continue to pile on tasks without offering fair compensation. Trust your intuition and make decisions that prioritize your well-being and professional growth.

Be mindful of a possible issue with a damaged water tank during this week. Keep an eye out for any leaks or problems that may arise in your home. Taking proactive measures to address this issue can save you from further complications down the line.

It is suggested that you may be letting go of a water sign individual this week after discovering a third party involved in the connection. This revelation may bring about mixed emotions, as you may feel regretful for finally leaving this connection behind. The cards indicate that you may still have a desire to give them another chance. Take the time to reflect on your needs and evaluate whether this relationship aligns with your values and brings you genuine happiness. Trust your intuition and make decisions that are in your best interest.

The cards do not indicate a marriage in your immediate future. Focus on self-exploration and taking a leap in a new direction. Embrace opportunities for personal growth and allow yourself to venture into uncharted territories.

In the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the Three of Wands. This card suggests that you will be reviewing a contract multiple times throughout the week. It seems that you will be engaged in back-and-forth negotiations with someone regarding the fine print of this document. Take your time and ensure that all details align with your intentions and goals. However, it is important to note that finalizing this agreement may not happen this week. It could take another three weeks before both sides reach a mutual agreement.

You may also find yourself trying to manifest a free trip or communication from someone. It seems that you have a specific person in mind, but they may already be dating someone new or entering a new relationship soon. Despite this, you still have a desire for this person, even though you are already involved with someone else. It is crucial to reflect on your feelings and the impact your actions may have on others. Consider whether pursuing this person aligns with your values and the happiness of all parties involved.

In matters related to education, you may be sending a child off to college soon. Alternatively, you could be in the process of sending off college applications or beginning to learn a new language such as French, Spanish, or Mandarin. This indicates a focus on personal growth and expanding your knowledge. Embrace these opportunities for intellectual development and self-improvement.

The cards suggest that you may be wanting three different things at the moment. This may indicate that you have several desires or goals that you are actively pursuing. It is important to prioritize and focus on what truly matters to you. Take the time to evaluate your aspirations and make choices that align with your long-term happiness and fulfillment.

On a positive note, this week brings a focus on yourself. It is an opportunity to prioritize self-care and self-reflection. Take this time to nurture your own needs and desires. Engage in activities that bring you joy and rejuvenation.

There is also a possibility that you may go fishing soon with an old friend or embark on a camping trip. These activities can offer you a sense of relaxation, connection with nature, and quality time with someone you have a close bond with. Embrace these opportunities for rejuvenation and creating lasting memories.

In the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the Sun card. This card brings a breath of fresh air and signifies that you will begin to feel better about your current situation. It brings a sense of optimism, joy, and vitality into your life. Embrace this positive energy and allow it to uplift your spirits.

It appears that a Leo individual has their eyes on you during this week. This Leo may be showing interest in you or may play a significant role in your life. Pay attention to the dynamics between you and this Leo as it may hold potential for a meaningful connection or collaboration.

There is a possibility that you may consider getting a new haircut during this week. This could be a physical change that allows you to express yourself or signifies a fresh start in your life.

The cards suggest that pregnancy is likely this week, and it's indicated to be a boy. However, there is also a possibility of twin boys. If you have been desiring or trying to conceive, this may be an exciting time for you. Embrace the joy and anticipation that comes with this news.

There is a mention of a trip to Venezuela or the possibility of taking a mission trip to the West Indies. This suggests that travel may be on the horizon for you. Whether it is for leisure or a service-oriented journey, this trip can bring new experiences, cultural exchange, and personal growth.

The name Ivan or the initial "I" may hold significance for you this week. Pay attention to any encounters or connections associated with this name or initial, as they may offer valuable insights or opportunities.

Additionally, the cards suggest that you may consider buying a bike for mountain biking. Engaging in outdoor activities and embracing nature can bring you a sense of adventure, physical activity, and enjoyment. Consider exploring this new hobby and the benefits it can bring to your overall well-being.

An important piece of mail will be coming to you this week. Be attentive and check your mailbox regularly. This mail may carry significant information or bring unexpected news that could impact your life.

Lastly, the cards advise you to be cautious and watch out for jaundice. Take care of your health and be aware of any symptoms or signs that may require medical attention. Prioritize self-care and seek professional advice if needed.

In the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the Seven of Swords. This card brings attention to a potential stalker situation. It suggests that either you are heavily observing someone, or someone is closely watching you. The feeling of being followed may go beyond mere coincidence or casual interest. It seems that this person may be playing with your emotions, teasing you, or engaging in behaviors like calling and hanging up. These actions can create a sense of paranoia and unease within you.

If you are currently involved with a water sign or an Aquarius, there may be a communication barrier between you and this individual. It seems that you both are speaking two different languages at the moment, which can lead to misunderstandings and frustrations. Be cautious not to insult or belittle each other in the process. However, it's important to note that you might be taking out your frustrations on this person due to a situation that has nothing to do with them. Take a step back and evaluate whether your reactions are fair and justified.

The cards indicate that you may receive an invitation to attend church from a relative this week, especially if you haven't been in a while. Consider this as an opportunity for spiritual connection and introspection. It may provide solace and guidance during this challenging time.

Be mindful of rushing too much throughout the week. It's possible that in your haste, you may leave behind important things or overlook details. Slow down and try to maintain a sense of presence and awareness in your actions.

If you are considering obtaining a restraining order against someone, the cards indicate that the judge will remain impartial in their decision. Seek legal advice and consider all necessary actions to ensure your safety and well-being.

In relationships, this week may bring challenges and difficulties. The strain of the stalker situation and potential miscommunication can impact your connections with others. It is crucial to maintain open and honest communication, addressing any issues that arise with kindness and understanding.

In the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the Ten of Wands. This card suggests that you may be feeling overwhelmed and burdened, struggling to figure out how to bring an end to certain things or situations in your life. It may be challenging to deny or let go of someone or something, even though deep down, you know it is necessary.

The cards indicate that you may have recently experienced a loss, which could be contributing to feelings of grief during this time. Allow yourself to process your emotions and seek support from loved ones if needed. Healing takes time, so be patient with yourself as you navigate through this process.

You might be feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you need to. The weight of responsibilities and obligations may be weighing heavily on you. Remember to prioritize self-care and find ways to manage your time effectively. Although it may feel overwhelming, know that you are almost there. Just a few more weeks, and things will start to lighten up.

There may be concerns about your career during this period, as a performance review is on the horizon. Take this opportunity to reflect on your accomplishments and areas for growth. Prepare yourself to receive feedback constructively and use it as a stepping stone for personal and professional development.

The cards suggest that the name Donna or the letter "D" may hold significance for you during this week. Pay attention to any encounters or connections associated with this name or initial, as they may offer valuable insights or opportunities.

Additionally, the philosopher Sigmund Freud may have some relevance or meaning for you during this time. It could be beneficial to explore his teachings or delve into psychological introspection for personal growth and understanding.

Be cautious not to neglect your sleep, as the cards warn against not getting enough rest. Avoid embarking on long drives or trips when you are sleep-deprived, as it can be dangerous. Prioritize your well-being and ensure you are getting adequate rest.

The cards indicate that you may be acting cold or distant, even though you genuinely care about a Cancer, Gemini, Libra, or another Scorpio person. It's important to recognize the impact your behavior may have on your relationships. While it's understandable to experience emotional turmoil, try not to let it consume you to the point of sulking. Find healthy ways to express your emotions and communicate your needs effectively.

In the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the reversed High Priestess card. This suggests a sense of latency or stagnation in your life. It may feel like certain aspects of your life are not progressing as quickly as you would like them to.

The cards indicate that you may be worried about a potential birth defect with a child. This concern may be causing you stress and anxiety. It is essential to address these worries and seek professional guidance or support to alleviate your concerns.

There is a possibility of a trial by jury or being involved in a legal matter during this time. It is important to approach these situations with caution and seek legal advice if necessary. Be mindful of your behavior, as the cards suggest a possibility of losing your cool in front of a woman boss or manager. Maintain professionalism and try to handle any frustrations or conflicts calmly and constructively.

You may find yourself craving a lot of chocolate during this week. Indulging in this treat can provide temporary comfort, but be mindful of maintaining a balanced and healthy approach to your diet.

The cards indicate a fascination or interest in books about the supernatural or the paranormal. It may be a good time to indulge in reading material that captivates your imagination and expands your knowledge in these areas.

Emotionally, you may be very sensitive during this week, and it won't take much to trigger you or make you angry. It is important to practice self-awareness and self-care, allowing yourself space to process and manage your emotions effectively.

There may be issues with a mother-in-law who is too nosy or constantly interjecting in your life. Establishing healthy boundaries and open communication may help navigate this situation. Additionally, there may be concerns regarding a sister's kidney or someone you know who is in need of a transplant. Offer support and be there for them during this challenging time.

Pay attention to the significance of the name Diego, Fran, or the country of France during this week. These may hold some relevance or provide insights into certain situations or connections that arise.

You may be in the process of trying to obtain your college transcript or dealing with related administrative tasks. Be patient and persistent in pursuing this information, as it may take some time to acquire.

The cards suggest that the person you are involved with is not your soulmate, and deep down, you may have already known this since someone mentioned it to you about four years or months ago. It appears to be an unrequited love situation. Take time to reflect on what you truly desire and whether it aligns with the current relationship. Consider your emotional well-being and make decisions that are in your best interest.

In the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the reversed Six of Pentacles. This suggests a potential cycle of back and forth dynamics with another Earth sign, which may feel familiar to you. However, it's important to remember the lessons from the past and consider how this played out previously.

The cards indicate that one of you is trying to do damage control because of something that was done, while the other person may have the desire to share this with others. It's crucial to approach this situation with honesty and accountability. Take responsibility for any actions and work towards finding resolutions that are fair and balanced.

There is a possibility that personal issues may spill over into your career, potentially leading to demotion or negative consequences. It's important to maintain a clear boundary between your personal and professional life. Focus on finding ways to separate and manage these different aspects effectively.

For those involved in the acting industry, the cards suggest that you may face another round of rejections or disappointments this week. Remember to persevere and keep working on your craft. Success may come with time and persistence.

If you happen to see a caterpillar during this week, it is considered a positive sign, indicating that good luck is on its way, particularly closer to the month of June. Embrace this as a hopeful symbol and remain open to the possibilities that lie ahead.

The cards advise caution regarding loans or financial obligations. It's important to avoid defaulting on a loan. If you find yourself in a difficult financial situation, consider asking for an extension or seeking alternative solutions. Communication is key in managing your financial responsibilities effectively.

During this week, you may encounter an Air sign individual. Initially, this person may come across as mean or defensive towards you. However, it is likely a defense mechanism because they have feelings for you. Keep an open mind and allow the relationship to develop naturally. According to the cards, you may find yourself in a relationship with this individual by October.

In the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the reversed Three of Pentacles. This suggests a lack of effort or potential challenges in a project you are working on at work. It's important to be aware of this and make sure you give your best effort to overcome any obstacles that may arise.

The cards indicate that you may find yourself having a lot of late nights this week. This could be due to trying to catch up on assignments or staying up late to apply for jobs. It's crucial to prioritize your tasks and manage your time effectively to avoid feeling overwhelmed or burnt out.

Some of you may be looking into your pension, 401k, or stock options during this week. It's advised not to invest more than $300.00 in stocks or cryptocurrencies at this time. The cards suggest that a dip or downturn may be coming in about five days, so it's best to exercise caution in your financial decisions.

If you are coming to the end of your contract at work, the cards indicate that the decision to extend or renew may not be in your favor. Be prepared for the possibility of seeking new opportunities or exploring different career paths. Trust that the right doors will open for you in due time.

This week, you may encounter some challenges in obtaining what you want, whether it's related to a car purchase, communication, or interactions with younger siblings. Remember that setbacks are temporary, and it's important to keep moving forward with determination and resilience. You are close to reaching the finish line, so don't let these obstacles discourage you.

On a lighter note, the cards suggest that getting a new fish or going go-kart racing could bring some fun and enjoyment into your week. Embrace these activities as a way to relax and have a good time.

Additionally, there may be indications that you could be interviewing to become a flight attendant. This opportunity may present itself during this week. Approach the interview with confidence and showcase your skills and qualities that make you a strong candidate.

In the next seven days, the energy surrounding you is represented by the Page of Cups, which is the same card you pulled. This card signifies a focus on your emotional self and the potential interest in another water sign. It seems that this week you will start to see this person in a new light, especially if you haven't paid much attention to them in the past.

However, the cards indicate that you may feel nervous or uncertain about pursuing this connection. There could be a tendency to doubt yourself and think that you're not good enough. It's important to recognize that these feelings may be psyching you out and preventing you from taking action.

On a positive note, the week ahead is favorable for creativity and music. If you are involved in artistic endeavors or have a passion for music, this is a great time to channel your emotions into your creative pursuits. The cards also suggest that you may have the opportunity to go see a play in New York soon, which could be a delightful and inspiring experience.

If you are auditioning for something this week, the cards indicate that it should go well. Trust in your abilities and showcase your talents with confidence. There may be an offer or opportunity coming your way in the next 10 days that could bring you closer to someone or deepen a connection.

However, the cards also reveal that you may struggle with expressing your feelings or thoughts to this person. Fear of rejection may cause you to internalize these emotions and refrain from taking action. It's important to challenge these habits that may have developed from childhood experiences. Remember that rejection is a natural part of life and taking risks is necessary for growth.

If you are currently in a relationship, the cards suggest that you may have the desire to express something to your partner but may hesitate out of fear. It's important to work on breaking these patterns and communicating openly with your partner. Vulnerability can lead to deeper connections and understanding.

For those with careers in the public eye, the cards indicate that you may be taking on smaller roles over the next several years. The world has become quite loud, and it may be necessary to find your place in a more understated manner. Embrace the opportunities that come your way and find fulfillment in the roles you take on, regardless of their size.

Lastly, be mindful of potential issues with a sprained ankle or feet during this time. Take extra care and precautions to ensure your physical well-being.

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