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Mini Weekly Horoscopes. Will the Fight be Worth it? July 28-August 2

Extended version is available here

Aries: Queen of Swords (rx*): impatience, forgiveness, an earth sign, Gemini, Leo, losing an important document, speech therapist, stomach issues

Taurus: three of cups (rx): an argument is blown out of proportion, willow tree, sadness, custody battle, military operation, spilling red wine on a white rug, promise ring not an engagement, Pisces

Gemini: seven of cups: social media, too much tv, confusing health diagnosis, swimming, ladder, skull & bones, hunting, mourning the end of a relationship, white envelope, 444

Cancer: nine of pentacles (rx): obsessed, unreliable, canceled vacation, new relationship, clutter, poor decisions, not finishing what you start, too many people in your home, beach

Leo: four of pentacles (rx): letting go, frivolous spending, Capricorn, discontinued or breached contract, dipping into your savings, fertile soil, sunflowers, an animal with a wounded leg

Virgo: page of cups (rx): creative blockages, twins, cake, whistleblower, not reconciling with the past, Scorpio venus, broken instrument, movie ticket, fertility issues, water sign lacks accountability

Libra: Fool: spontaneous trip, right place right time, fool’s gold, purple, orange, yellow, Aquarius, new technology leads to new business, interior designer, programmer, starting over, follow the rainbow

Scorpio: four of swords: surgery, rest, broken tooth, pins & needles (nerve damage), warehouse, butterfly, rest before a transformation, hospital, staying home four (4) days, watchful libra, cancer, Aries, Capricorn

Sagittarius: Emperor: birthing or parenting classes, red glasses, going fishing, authority figures, potions making, grandfather, school teacher, Aries, business venture

Capricorn: 3 of swords: separation with an air sign, reading books, cut on the left hand, broken agreement, new clothes, three red flags, reconciliation with a Libra or Pisces is a no, short distance trip has problems, issues with a car

Aquarius: knight of cups (rx): leaving something behind, they’re not proposing, struggles meeting someone new, art project, selling valuables, 13, 12, 9, losing your keys, delay signing a document, challenging conversation with a water or air sign

Pisces: King of Cups: high ranking officer, CEO, one of your soulmates, Scorpio, cancer, guarding your emotions, balanced mindset, pitching an idea, shark tank, becoming a healer, moving to a faraway country or state

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