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Mini Horoscopes July 20-26. The Truth Doesn't Require a Good Memory

Extended Horoscopes for this week are available here

Aries ♈️ 10 of cups rx* ---> losing faith, difficult communication, family quarrels, know-it-all attitude, claustrophobic, stuck elevator, looking out the window, waiting for a text back

Taurus ♉️ : The World ---> good ideas, boat trip, plane ticket, a lot of feelings for a fixed sign, global warming, movie date, bicycle ride, Pisces

Gemini ♊️ : King of Wands---> Loyalty, games, relationship, fire sign male, new project, builder, congestion, Eric, W, oversleeping

Cancer ♋️ : Ace of Swords rx*---> memory loss, lack of truth, no response, stood up, carefree, value your time, failing a test, ear ache, stomach aches, not interested, no new beginning

Leo ♌️ : Eight of Wands---> Fast messages, flying, Sagittarius, car crash, Expensive purse or clothes, restless, too much caffeine, good news, one-night stand

Virgo ♍️ : Tower rx*---> sigh of relief, arrogance, (c)harles, (w)after, lack of truth, unemployment, gingivitis, weak foot, ankle, or knee, canceled wedding/engagement, rescheduled party

Libra ♎️ : Seven of Cups---> Busy bee, online schedule, Scorpio, Medusa, Greek mythology, confusion, a child with bad behavior, tongue ring, to party or to stay home, love options

Scorpio ♏️ : 4 of Cups---> bored, unhappy at home, why are you here? lack of an offer from a water sign or vice versa, pastries, unappreciated, begging mother, pouting, bird poop

Sagittarius ♐️ : 9 of cups rx*---> am i really happy? getting a yes on your third option, Greece, doctor's appointment, ears ringing, teeth cleaning, voided ticket

Capricorn ♑️ : 3 of swords rx*---> lack of clarity on a third party situation, no separation, lung issues, sibling in a faraway place, nosy neighbors, clashing personalities with a libra or Pisces, afraid to love again

Aquarius ♒️ : Chariot---> strong, survivor, mountains, colorado, plantains, Nike, fitness, loving yourself again, acne, looking for love, a trip with water sign person, horse

Pisces ♓️ : Death rx*---> You're not done, credit issues, lack of confidence, defense organization (military), 4, 8, 111, 12, eggplant, fibromyalgia, comic book character, licorice,

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