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Mini Weekly Horoscopes Oct 21-27: Rest & Don't Force it

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Aries: Star: intelligence, operation, security, Aquarius, friendship, biomedical engineering, issues with going to the bathroom, urinary tract infection, stone cold, eagle eye, birds, feathers, Egyptian, plane, toxic waste, white or green envelope, Lisa, Aaron, silent treatment with an air/earth sign, skeleton

Taurus: Seven of Wands: running away, lacking boundaries, spell checker, writing a paper, waving a magic wand, harry potter marathon, violent, knives, spells being thrown at you, evil eye, 1723 (angel number), elevator, fourth floor, victim blaming, divorce attorney, fighting with a lover in public, fire sign mom or woman, walking on eggshells, brief

Gemini: Queen of Wands: direct, communication, thesis paper, orange hair, yellow bag, red door, number 12, Vincent, painting, discipline, sunflower, married man/woman, side chick, friends with benefits, having fun outside, artic shelf, bracelets, Winnie the pooh, Disturbia by Rihanna, white rug, teeth cleaning, Stonehenge, 5k race, large windows, skyscraper, rooftop

Cancer: Sun: Blessing on the way, visit from a fire sign, new beginnings, rejuvenation, spa retreat, a facial, young boy that's a neighbor, planning a summer time vacation, not holding back the truth, Leo, being single, triangles, making a change for temporary happiness, think it over first, blocking and unblocking someone, health improvements, victory, logic, and reason, don't give up just yet, give it another nine days or two weeks, the answer is right in front of your face, let go and the solution will find you

Leo: Queen of Swords: Being iced out by an air sign, cutting someone older off, administration, secretary, a woman boss, getting organized for a charity event in November, delivery papers, transfer request, Lagos, censoring yourself, holding a grudge against your mother, dealing with a cold person, Venice, Venusian, calculator, mental health, working nights, fear that someone will forget about you, didn't know they had a wife, you fear they aren't the one and you're right, someone's playing games with your emotions, recovering from an upper respiratory infection

Virgo: Justice: illegal, separation, arguments, valium, sleeping pills, feeling as if God is ignoring your prayers, struggling to meet someone new, letting go or taking a break from a business that is unfair to you, poor investments, hold on to your money, unavailable Leo or Aquarius, waiting for someone to come back into your life, looking for a better job, having a hard time finding a new place to live, someone has a second apartment, your job is considering layoffs, the new position becomes available in less than four weeks, soulmate energy isn't around you, staying for financial reasons

Libra: Temperance: hostile work environment, going back to therapy, being patient, issues with bright lights, kaleidoscope, wizard hat, slinky, obsessing over the '80s, flag line, band, higher education, master's degree, meeting with a boss, undeliverable mail, equilibrium, panic button, bank robbery, race track, slot machines, vegas, honeymoon, boating, Stacey, sin, lisp, long-distance travel, passport, granddaughter, graveyard, feeling appreciated,

Scorpio: Nine of Cups: happy times, kicking your feet up, necklace, jewelry, visible, wine, birthday party, $50, ego, going further with a Pisces, happy face, business idea, new clients, meeting a family member or your dad for the first time, getting an authority position at work, giving a connection a second chance, rainbows, finally finding your career, first time mom or dad, hospitality industry, food truck, politics, running for office, Judge

Sagittarius: Two of Pentacles: trying to find loose change, finances are up in the air, low budget, trans, transmission, meditation, new workout routine, nose job, take it a day at a time, Capricorn, rocky mountains, they don't know if they see a future, worry about your money for now, losing an asset, steering column, conjunctivitis, leap pad, forgiving too easily, issues with shoulder, waiting to be approved for something, investigative journalism, tired of the back and forth, choosing yourself, you will relocate to another city or country in 20-24 months or 2024, hospital stay, blood glucose levels, retraction statement

Capricorn: 3 of Swords: heart arrhythmia, can't find important paperwork, listen, ear ache, separation, third party situation with a boss, fax documents, issues with your eyesight, disappointment, ignoring the red flags, Houston, power grid, running away from this air sign, making an impulsive decision you will regret in three months, a health issue that normally affects 63 or 65-year-olds, fertility issues, clashing with members in a group, reassigned to a different area or team, ankle issues, a young child having issues with bullies, divorce, go out with your friends, the truth isn't so pretty, victory comes after the rain, leaving a house behind

Aquarius: Hanged Man: questioning yourself, feeling trapped in a situation, trying to get out of a contract, Viacom, synergy, Turkey (country), wait, focus on yourself for now, a new watch, dead battery, stay-at-home parent, working on a fashion line, new lover, pregnancy but you will keep it a secret, psychic gifts, a dead mother or grandmother will whisper in your ear, stethoscope, a new opportunity with an unfortunate catch, same-sex relationship, philosopher, write the book, dictionary, new lover makes you feel alive, go with the flow, moving to Florida or the west coast, dipping in and out of reality,

Pisces: Ten of Pentacles: envy, big family, family pictures, work photo, screening, climbing the ladder, investment property, what worked in the past will work again, high rise, apartment building, construction worker, watching a movie together, spending more time with your family than you do your partner, familiar connection, this isn't working, too much hurt and damage has been done to repair this, time to move on to other people, an earth sign trying to apologize, confusing thoughts, passive income, a parent could be the reason why you're single for a long time, water sign daughter

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