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Mini Weekly Horoscopes Aug 22-28: Reckless Decisions

Aries: 3 of Pentacles (rx*): party pooper, wedding crasher, low inventory/stock, damaged goods, replacement, poor communication, ethics committee, union (company), Capricorn, Libra, Scorpio, aching feet, lost keys, trying to lose weight

Taurus: 6 of cups: reunion, family neighborhood, nostalgia, acting in a play or reminiscing about your high school theatre days, masked men, walk in the park, tomahawk, easel, 3 children (2 girls, one boy), tape recorder, Egyptian goddesses, Plano (Texas), wishbone, horror movies, dreaming about a deceased love one

Gemini: 4 of wands: disharmony becomes harmony by Friday, Aries, birthday celebration invite, house hunting, Wednesday, hospital bill, caricatures, wisdom teeth, lisp, board work, board room, zoom call, work from home position, buying a desktop, tech certification, Leo, Taurus, Gemini Venus, animal scratching at the door

Cancer: 9 of cups: new invention, getting what you want, honeymoon, vacation to an island, glasses, thanksgiving will be at your house, comedy show, too many carbs, peanut butter, scalpel, nitpicky, Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius, abundance, opportunity abroad or in a different state, picking and choosing from options, roller skating, bed & breakfast

Leo: Queen of Swords: dreamcatcher, new crystals, Virgo, Gemini, hypoallergenic, red shoes, dusty road, windmill, callous, wheelchair, recovering from surgery, voice note from mother or air sign person, assistant, non-responsive teacher, algae, golf, badminton, 666, 1212

Virgo: 10 of pentacles (rx): lack of wealth, low return on investment, anxiety attacks, no show appointment to doctor or therapist, tomato juice, grandmother’s quilt, locked out of bank account, older dog, sewing, it’s not working, issues with a child’s grandparent, $1000, racetrack, speeding ticket

Libra: 8 of swords: reminiscing, pathological liar, breathing treatments, asthma pump, migraines, scoliosis, broken glass, not ready to move on, wait and see, goldilocks, string instruments, deflated ball or tire, thunderstorms on Thursday, flash flood, codependency, watch what you say on the internet, wait until next Tuesday to speak

Scorpio: Hermit (rx): pacing back and forth, losing track of time, struggling to finish a meal, digestion issues, repeating the same lesson, nightmares, hearing voices, itchy throat, finding your old high school yearbook, trying to reconnect with an ex, forgetting an important date or appointment, isolation, paranoia, CDC, staying home for the winter

Sagittarius: 7 of Pentacles: gardening tool, strawberries, badger, hunting, redecorating, moving money to a new bank account, totalitarian, unemployed, looking for a better job, putting your business to the side, for now, bunches of carrots, Iv in the arm, don’t say yes or no yet, give it three days or weeks, rocky mountains, where’s all my money going?, party dress, white scarf, nose piercing

Capricorn: 8 of pentacles: working nights, organizing garage, rabbits, thinking about school, paying off a debt (student loans), turkey, Rachel, Simpson, tattoo, hanging up artwork, refurbished, blueprint (house), baking, dismissive, avoiding the facts, speaking with a lawyer, insurance paperwork

Aquarius: Ace of Cups: renewal, a friend comes back into your life, diamond necklace, free speech, doorbell rings, a lot of notifications, passion project, new beginning, successful interview, studying spirituality, finding a mentor, being accepted into a class, plaque, rainbow baby, new love (water sign), breathing a sigh of relief, plastic surgery on the face

Pisces: knight of pentacles (rx): wanting to lay around all week, temporary job position ends, don’t want to be around an earth sign, losing practicality, thinking about moving again, trying to get an air sign to tell the truth (they cheated), stagnancy, divorce judge, an opportunity to teach, unreliable fire sign, new york keychain, boss flirting with you, terminating a contract early, reconciling with a soulmate once you move to a different state or new house (could up to February 2023 for this to happen).

*rx: reverse

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