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Mini Weekly Horoscopes Aug 15-21: Processing

Note: Channeled Messages for the elements will be posted in 24 hours

Aries: Six of Wands: Victory, Capital (funding), arthritis, callus (feet), whispers, egg yolk, bland food, blame game, neighbors fighting, Josh, Greg, Letter V, O, R, cheat sheet, non-alcoholic beer

Taurus: Ace of Cups: Renewal, wedding, windsor, forgiveness, ladder, st. vincent, wednesday, lake, boat ride, clarity, apology, test results, optometrist, celery, 11, 44, 909

Gemini: Emperor: respect, big boss comes to visit, business documents, father’s leg, shield, trust issues with fire sign, sunday, giving them the benefit of the doubt, polygraph test, robe, reviewing a contract

Cancer: Hanged Man (rx*): finally letting go, unbothered, dog walker, fenced backyard, spine issues, yoga, swimming, tantric sex, high rise, insomnia, car note, starting over, thief, the final betrayal

Leo: Five of Cups (rx): no reconciliation, dehydration, issues with shoes, dogmatic, fibroids, broken tail light, money running low, no communication with a water sign, playing the victim, pool hall, judgment

Virgo: Strength: capturing a picture, photography, model, health issues improving with father, buying a dog, karmic lover, red or blue hair, Henry VIII time period, daisy, flying a kite, being paid back money from an ex, gold necklace

Libra: Temperance: Rest, resume, applying for new position, going back to your therapist, milk of magnesia, collar bone, bbq, traveling 30 minutes-3 hours away, whiskey, seeing a grandparent in your dream, crows, masquerade party, 444, 333, child labor laws

Scorpio: Queen of Wands (rx): anxiety, hot flashes, losing control of your temper, mom pisses you off, dropbox, read the contract, musical instrument, letting go of a fire sign, passport, someone tries to embarrass you in public, sister betrayal, telescope, English teacher

Sagittarius: Hierophant: Justice, Filing legal documents, in review, helping out your family, funeral, distant relative, life insurance, taking five days off, library card, volunteering at kids school, teaching position, meeting with boss about performance, bad communication with parent

Capricorn: Ten of Swords (rx): sweating profusely, singing, libra, zebra, not starting over yet, on the fence on if you should stay or go, wisdom teeth, throat issues, 401k, feeling mentally tortured by an air sign, painful tattoo, new love with someone married, you’re close to burn out, take a break, rose,

Aquarius: Eight of Pentacles (rx): feeling lazy, struggling to find a new job, wrist issues, damaged eardrum, writing a check, issues with compatibility, ignoring a Leo or Virgo, scripted tv series, auditioning, interviewing for a temp position, bank teller, not being practical, hating your job

Pisces: Three of Swords (rx): constant disappointment with a gemini, libra, virgo, lower leg pain, irregular heartbeat, call from abroad, best friend not answering your class, Winslow, vision impaired, holding on to heartbreak, breathing issues (asthma pump), song lyrics in a text message, failing an exam (try again in 12 days), feeling they aren’t the one for you, struggling to let go of a karmic relationship

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