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Mini Horoscopes July 1-7. You Have to Sacrifice Something

Extended version is available here

Aries: 7 of pentacles: investments, clash of personalities, wait before you make a decision, unexpected financial bill, craving sugar, uncertainty, festival

Taurus: Sun (rx): blockages, waiting, thinking about a deceased loved one, Nascar, luxury vehicles, diabetes, day on the lake, moving on from a job or relationship

Gemini: Knight of cups: business trip, proposal, party, party planning, smiling, boat ride, angular, leaving and coming back, fairytales, vincent, successful home business

Cancer: eight of pentacles: more work, stability, getting to know each other, building an app, crafting with your hands, reviewing documents, an argument with fire sign child, obsession

Leo: four of wands: happiness, redecorating, marriage, viagra, staying home, gardening, beach day, florida, new project, stay at home job

Virgo: King of Wands (rx): lack of love and loyalty, a double life, troubled business, help from a fire sign, canceled concert, botched plastic surgery, ex is prank calling you, copycat

Libra: Devil (rx): Avoiding the issue, friend tempting you, old triggers, doing the right thing, keeping the peace, I don’t want to argue, letting go of material things

Scorpio: 5 of cups (rx): wondering what if, emotional abuse, target, broken glass, stubbed toe, still hurt after breakup, irresponsible parent of your child, no fun

Sagittarius: Moon: fear, nightmares, dark entity, water sign text in the middle of the night, writer, creative, reptiles, number 9, virgo

Capricorn: Death (rx): stuck, credit, lack of intimacy, bowel issues, not letting go, scorpio, taurus, old house

Aquarius: King of Swords: masculine energy, games, chess player, glasses, doctor, cough medicine, medical school, focused on your career, libra, cold partner

Pisces: High Priestess: influencer, going viral, celebrity DM/message, entertainment business, new contract, loan, new appliances, charity, spirituality.

*(rx) = reverse

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