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June Monthly Tarotscope

A change in habits or lifestyle will be taking place. What you said you wouldn't do, you'll actually be taking a chance on this one. Talk is cheap so make sure that you get it in writing or make sure that this person will keep their word. If you are single, you will have trouble finding someone who wants to be serious or even if you're in a relationship, the other person is threatening a breakup. Either they are saying this or they are showing you by how they act toward you. Before you commit yourself to someone make sure that they are even wanting to be in a connection. There will be miscommunications around feelings, wants, and needs for up to 13 or 19 days. A Scorpio or Aquarius will change their mind about some sort of living or work arrangement that you made with them earlier this year. You'll be moving on from an investment property or a stock that you've put your money in because of lying lawyers or because of lack of growth. Those of you with J, L, S initials will be getting a pet this month or before Virgo season. You may be captured on camera or you will be the one behind the lens if you are interested in the field of photography. You may feel that your family isn't what it used to be anymore as people get older and start to separate themselves from the group. Now is the time to pave your own path as you can see everyone is starting to focus more on themselves. Your finances will be good this month as long as you remember that life isn't a constant vacation. Yes, it is great for you to travel right now, but also make sure that you get back to your responsibilities before the month is up or your distractions will lead to danger. Call that family member that you can't get off your mind; shutting everybody out isn't the answer. If you're in the field of mechanics, engineering, communications, journalism, then you will decide to either change your major by the end of this month or you will decide to not go back to school, but instead, start your own business in September.

'Call me back!' When's the last time you checked your voicemail. You're likely complaining about not hearing from someone but they've already called. On the other hand, there is a water sign, Gemini or Sagittarius that is pleading for your help in a family situation that has left you burned before. You will have your moments this month where you're in total bliss and there will be others where you can't help but miss this person. If you're trying to reconnect with old college friends, roommates, or high school friends, that ship may have sailed thanks to a relationship of yours that didn't end well. You may be too prone to be all about love that you forget those who showed you love initially. Don't get frustrated that no one has a lot of time for you this month, they have lives, children, and families too. Those of you without kids or with children that are now older may be feeling the lonely bug hitting you sooner than you want to admit. Your family will ask you what's bothering you on your off days, but don't take your frustrations out on them. Careful around sharp objects if you are cooking outside or going to some sort of dinner. You may be accusing an ex or a relative of hiding your things or hiding something from you but it's just your paranoia. There are mistakes that you've made in your past that you need to own up to or love is always going to be the sinking ship. By the third week of the month, the calling you thought was yours feels more of a burden as the days grow old. A boss may ask you to pick up someone else's shift or to take over for someone who isn't there. As much as you will moan and groan about this, you'll do it anyway. But when can you get out of this place is the question? in due time, but the time isn't now. Protect your home with a new alarm system or fixing the one you already have. Just because you lost a relationship doesn't mean you lost your destiny. Daffodils, fruits, or anything at grows natural in nature will be drawing in your interest. This is the month where you will be working on your inner development and you may even sign up to be some sort of coach. If you can't trust your family, let them know that instead of faking the funk. There's no reconciliation here, what's done is done and acceptance is the first step. Also, don't be surprised if an ex ends up going back to the parent of their child to make things work, you knew this was coming.

You will be house hunting during this month. For those of you that are having a birthday, you will be surprised with a trip to a tropical island or Florida. Sudden news will be coming into those of you with cancer, Virgo, or Aquarius placements in your chart, that deal with a car or a house. You may have to move unexpectedly due to a landlord the house that you are currently in. Also, there will be someone who shows up at your house without warning and a neighbor will be alerting you of this once you get back from your travel. What worked in the past will not be able to work this month. If you've been given leeway on a bill that has been increasing since the first of the year, this will be the time where they are wanting all their money. You may try to seek help through the courts after you look back over the contract but you may not get far. Even if you have to move it will end up being a welcome change for you because you will be moving to a better neighborhood or location. Careful across train tracks this week and make sure that you aren't leaving your phone on top of the car. This month you will be putting behind an agonizing situation that has caused nothing but stress and anxiety since February or March. But now the fight is over and everyone will be going their separate ways. Aviation or technology careers can give you the financial boost that you need right now. A tv screen may get broken during a move or this may be because of a partner's child that you don't share together. While on this travel or journey, if your gut says no or to stay home it's better to listen to it. Your family isn't expanding as you planned for it to by now and some of you may need to visit a fertility specialist. Or some of you will schedule a consultation to see about freezing your eggs or getting plastic surgery on your nose. If you've been in a family business since 2000, 2001, or 2010, then the family is breaking up and likely this will be dissolved by this time next year. It may seem like a lot but this Mercury retrograde is showing you what you should have cleaned up back in 2018/2019, so now you have to deal with the leftovers. But the good thing about that is, the trash is always nearby for you to throw it away.

You being convinced to work on things with a fire sign that you met back in 2014 or you've been dating them for the last 4-5 weeks or months. It's hard for you to say no to this charming person and their babyface. You may have a child with this person as well. Things will start to get better on the home front if you've been dealing with wash machine issues, pest problems, puppy dog training, or roof issues. You will be in the entrepreneurial spirit this month and a business that you forgot about will be reawakening you around the 4th, 5th, 12th, or 18th. If you already have a business or you are in the field of entertainment, transportation, real estate, physics, sports, or fitness, then you will be getting in more clients by the end of the first week. You'll be able to sell water to a fish so don't back down from your asking price but also ask for what you're worth. If a fire sign boss has been giving you issues, then you and this person will have a come to Jesus meeting that will instill your trust back into one another. This person is hostile or they act like an ass toward you because at one point feelings were there and you turned them down. Now they are likely in a relationship or not interested anymore so it's out of sight out of mind. You also will find yourself being the leader or role model for younger people around you. If you are going for an interview this month, wear the colors red, blue, yellow, or orange. It will help your eyes pop but also it will show the management that you are serious about hitting the ground running. If you have Leo or Aries placements as your Mercury or Moon sign then you will be getting new teeth or doing something different with your skincare routine. I see marriage happening this month for those of you with this fire sign person even though it's been a rough ride between the two of you. Construction workers or blueprints are being drawn up for something you want to build. This could be a house, an addition to the house you already live in, or you'll be building a website for your new hobby. The world needs to hear your voice, so stop hiding behind the curtains. You have to break out of your shell if you want more success or recognition. Own who you are and never apologize for it. People accept you when you accept you. A happy month for you.

You won't have a lot of time for friends or family this month because of the increase in your work schedule. Kids or partners may be trying to call you home early but you'll be unable to because you will have a lot of deadlines to meet. A store or shop that you frequent often will be closing its doors around the time of the full moon in Sagittarius. If you are married but separated you and this person will speak about counseling for the month of August. Some of you may have to get wood for the fireplace because there's a cold front coming through. If you were informed of a promotion or the talk of promotion came across your desk then a boss could be telling you to work a little harder instead. You will feel robbed at first but then you'll understand because your new to this position or the current person hasn't retired yet. You also could be going back to your roots this month and visiting a grandmother in your home town or you may be digging up your backyard to start a garden. Nostalgia will be knocking at your door because someone will want to reminiscence on the past whenever you guys were kids. If you were left some sort of property you will be making plans to fix this up by April of 2022 or some of you will be investing in real-estate/air b-n-b. To feel like a kid again may be one of your dreams because you didn't have any worries and it's nice to escape reality from time to time. But careful about daydreaming too much that you miss important things being told to you. If you are dealing with a Virgo, Scorpio, Aries, and you are then there will be a vow renewal coming up in the next 8-19months. The business of partying planning will be calling some Leo's names who are a life path 4, 8, or 3. Work will increase for you but make sure you are also taking time out to spend with your family or friends.

Things will start to pick up speed around the 8th or 18th of this month when you embark on a trip or adventure that could change something in your day-to-day life. The love bug may be biting you quicker than you expect if you are active on dating sites or social media while Venus is transiting in cancer. Fertility of new ideas or new projects will start to flow toward the end of the second or third week of this month. There’s a rainbow after the storm. Some of you will be more comfortable coming out to your family or friends at this time. Good luck may come in threes and if you’ve been looking for a new car or a new home then you will find the one you’re looking for around the 12th, 17th, or 21st. If you need to market yourself or if you want to apply for a marketing position, despite the retrograde, this opportunity just may slip through the cracks. Add more ginger to your diet and the use of tea tree oil can help if you have some sort of wound. There will be surprise communication coming In from the past and it’s an ex congratulating you on some new endeavor. Debts or financial obligations will clear themselves up with help from legal counsel or a partner's finances. If you are with someone this would be the month to solidify your relationship by moving in together or combining your finances. You may be attracted to the scent of apples. Watch out for patchy skin or sunburns if you are spending time at the beach or going to a tanning bed; don’t overdo it.

It’s the ending of a long journey. If you’ve been suppressing your emotions or feelings toward someone you will decide to walk toward them and speak your truth. You are experiencing a transformative death or some of you will be grieving the loss of someone you haven’t been connected to for a long time. What you thought was emotionally fulfilling at one point will now start to feel like a burden. A partner or a friend may not be excited about this new journey you’re going on. But at your core, you just feel you have to do something for yourself. So there will be distance between you and this person starting the third work or within 8 weeks from now. You’re gaining knowledge and getting to know yourself better on an internal level so you may feel out of place, out of balance or some of you may feel in shock because of the changes you are facing. Make sure that you aren’t depriving your body of proper nutrients but also make sure that you drink your eight glasses of water like you’re supposed to. For others of you that are dealing with a Pisces or Leo moon then you and this person will be taking a spiritual journey together over the next 8 months. This will be a make-it-or-break-it-time for both of you and by the end of this period you will either go your separate ways or you will continue forward together. There’s no more in between or on and off. If you are single then this isn’t the time for love as you aren’t ready to have it in your life. You’re not yet ready or willing to compromise certain things about yourself to make it work. I wouldn’t be surprised if you come out of this transit in a different career or a completely different location. You’re turning your back to a lot of things but on the other side, you are feeling gutsy enough to follow your dreams and do what others said you wouldn’t.

You’re escaping in your mind for the first ten days of the month. You may even feel on edge as if someone is watching you or that something is coming but you’re not sure what. Ringing in your ears is common throughout the month and this may be an indication of someone talking about you behind your back or listening in on your conversations. You may be somewhat of a conspiracy theorist this month as you constantly search the web to feed your curiosity. You may even try to get your friends or family members in on this but don’t be surprised if they start to roll their eyes. You could sell some of your old items and some of you will be interested in collectibles around the 21st or 29th. Or between these two dates, there will be something significant changing in your life. It could be in education, religion, travel, or even marriage. You could spend some time on the weekends watching ‘The Mummy’ movies or you could deep dive into the discovery channel. Make sure that you aren’t rolling through stop signs or there will be an officer waiting to give you a ticket. If you are between the ages of 21-31 you could be thinking about getting braces for the second time. Changes in your career will be happening this month and it will be a good thing. Recognition is coming for life paths 3, 4, or 11’s and new opportunities are coming for those who are dealing with a Gemini, Cancer or you have Capricorn in your placements. There will be a sum of money that will come in on the 24th that will help you pay off a debt from school or anything that you’ve been past due on for the last 10 weeks. Go to the ocean or enjoy letting your mind run wild with all the fun things in nature. You also may meet someone from a foreign country between now and October that you may enter a relationship with.

Just be more patient. Right now your plan may not shape up to be what you’d like because it was a rushed job. Take a step back and re-think it or ask someone for advice. There will be trips for work coming up for those of you in finance, insurance, hospital care. Make sure that you are putting away all your breakable things if you are having your nieces/nephews over. Physical therapy or more physical exercise is needed or you will start to get more into a routine starting the first or second week. Careful with your finances and investing into anything that doesn’t have a good track record or you haven’t looked at the market size for the future. The best thing you can do is just focus on what you’re already doing at the moment. No need to change upon something that’s been working for this long. Could be a good idea to change the decor in your bedroom or put more effort into decorating your space. It will help you feel better and it will help to elevate your energy. An earth sign is still unsure about offering you a new beginning or moving things to the next level. You will still decide to wait on this person because you love them, even if the relationship is long distance. You will meet someone who inspires you through your job this month or in July. This person may work in construction or you will notice something about their hands. Drink out of styrofoam cups. You also may be thinking about taking a trip to California real soon. If you’re waiting for a check to come in the mail or an important package it may be delivered to the wrong address or it gets stuck behind at the facility. So make sure that you double-check even if they say they don’t have it. Brown, yellow, burgundy, and grey will be colors that will draw your attention the most or you can wear these colors to make a Good Impression on meeting someone new. Try to cook more at home instead of eating processed foods so much.

You may be entering into a verbal agreement with someone when it comes to finances. Some of you this could be you getting a roommate. If you’re dealing with a cancer or you have cancer placements then there will be some sort of ceremony that you’ll have this month regarding a relationship. Or this could be the month where you meet someone’s family or friends. I’m sensing a baby so you could be planning for one or what you’re working on may be like a baby to you. Incorporate more vegetables into your diet because your iron, calcium, and other levels are lacking. You may feel overwhelmed or even overshadowed by the pressure that is being put on you at work. But this is all in your mind right now. Connect more with the people around you, even if there is an age difference. This will help to elevate you to the next level in your career and there may even be a nice bonus attached to this if you can play nice with others. Stay close to this water sign around you who is a friend because they will bless you or give you something of value soon. New opportunities in restaurants, a family business, freelancing work, will be coming in every other week. Make sure that you get a budget for your household because you’ll be moving soon and you’ll need the funds. If you have to put your signature on paperwork during this month then have someone else look it over first before you commit to it. You could meet a Taurus this month who will end up becoming your best friend. But also a friend will be asking you to be in their wedding or you could be attending a bachelor/bachelorette party the weekend of 18th. It’s a balanced month for you so you can let the guard down a little bit, everything is fine.

Feeling victorious when it comes to your career. You could be getting the call back that you’ve been waiting on since the beginning of May. There will be a rise in popularity as well and you may start to secretly have fans. Even though you will be oblivious to this, it will still feel nice that someone admires you and the hard work that you do. There will be a success on the health front as well if you’ve been battling with lung or heart issues. Be careful of a jealous sister or brunette who will be standing behind you making faces. Some of you may already struggle with eye issues so make sure that you don’t leave your glasses at home if you plan on being out late at night. If you’re feeling pulled to get a pet then you can go ahead with this as long as you check to make sure that the agency or breeder has the proper documentation. You could be holding a trophy or a manager will be sending you their praises for the good job that you are doing. Some of you may think about making extra money with bartending or being a waitress at a high-end restaurant. Work will start to pick up as well as people will be drawn to your charisma or the fact that you are good at solving problems. You may be getting a projector or getting something that glows for your room decor. Not all about love this month as you’ll be settling into this new popularity that you may not care about your partner or potential partner. But be careful of that because if this person matters to you, then you’ll make sure they don’t feel ostracized. Time to throw away that old makeup and those old clothes as well as you’ll need a new wardrobe soon, especially if you are working on losing weight. If you need support right now a Leo friend will be there to help you or you may find romantic interest in a Leo or other fire sign close to the 15th or 24th.

You're not feeling confident in your position this week. If you have a Leo Mars or are dealing with a Fire sign sun then you will feel a constant battle in trying to get their attention or for them to spend time with you. During this month you may be feeling pulled to become a teacher on something you’ve always had a love for. However, your mom may not care too much for this plan or this new path you want to walk toward. There could be fights after sex or fights revolving around sex/intimacy. A plan that you and to get someone’s attention is not working out in your favor this month and some of you will be petty and think about flaunting someone new in the other person's face. Don’t get behind the wheel if you’re emotional. There will be someone challenging your opinion or you may feel that people are just coming at you being angry about nothing. Don’t fight fire with fire at this point because both of you guys will get burned. There may be confusion around legal issues or open court cases that you could be hearing about on the 7th, 14th, 21st, or 28th of this month. It’s time to do something different with your hair because you need to show something different to the world. Go for something drastic if you feel pulled to do so. There may be arguments around child support payments or there may be arguments between you and a sibling. Long car rides are likely this month and if you get motion sick easily then make sure you bring a bag or don’t sit in the front seat. Use this month to do something adventurous. Rather that be hiking, fishing, biking or even going to an amusement park. There may be something that gets posted about you online that makes you feel embarrassed. This could be coming from an ex or someone from your childhood who posts a picture of you when you were much younger. You may be cleaning up your social media if you posted a lot of embarrassing content from 2018-earlier this year. Use your intuition this month and if your gut says don’t move forward then just don’t, it will cause you more grief than happiness if you go against your instincts. Others of you will fire placements will be moving away from something or someone you had a lot of love for but in the same breath, you will feel confused because why aren’t they fighting for you to stay. Watch out for burns on your hands or your arms if you are close to a stove. On the good end, it’s a good month for any sort of competition.

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