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Daily Horoscopes November 19 + Taurus Eclipse

Aries: feelings are fading. Reread the contracts that you’ve signed over the last two months. You’ll be asking someone why they like you or why they are with you. Not a good day to start new relationships Taurus: going off on an adventure. You’ll be visiting a new city or making some sort of schedule that you’ll follow for the next three weeks. You’ll be working on getting more organized. Clean your car and closet out. Don’t accumulate more things you don’t need Gemini: feeling better today as you’ll be reuniting with distant relatives or you and a neighbor will settle your differences. A check will clear today and you could use the money to buy a new computer. Time to go grocery shopping Cancer: communication or documents that have been delayed will be pushing through today. You may not like what’s written on this note but you’ll find a way to move past it. If you were expecting to move in with someone that will have to wait for another month. Issues meeting deadlines today so set aside more time. Leo: feeling more confident about your finances as things are starting to finally move forward. You’ll be thinking about starting a garden or you may notice new plants growing in your current one. You will be bribed today by an earth sign with extra pay for overtime or finishing someone else’s work. Virgo: issues with cold feet and hands. Today is a good day to buy that winter coat; the snow is coming. You don’t feel excited or playful about this connection anymore. They may be boring you to tears. So you’ll leave and come back to them at a different time. Careful going out for tacos. Libra: new love will take some time to come in and for now it’s best to focus on yourself. You still want to move forward with a divorce or separation but you're willing to hear them out one last time. Status of paperwork tied to court will be coming in around 11a or 12 p. You’re in a rebuilding phase so no cutting corners. Scorpio: feeling happy about your home. You’ll be starting a new work project today that involves tile, iron, metal, jewelry, shoes, or woodwork. In the mood for interior design as well and you may finally pursue this as a career in the future. You may meet someone who you feel is perfect but you don’t want to risk it; you’ve been hurt too many times. Love is in the air though so give it a chance Sagittarius: stomach issues will be getting better by the end of the day. You’ll finally have the guts to pick up and call or to tell someone face to face how you feel about them. Either way, you’re just happy to get something off your chest. Tame the need to impulse buy today. You are heading in the right direction. Start making plans to go out for New Years Capricorn: you’re done talking about a situation that happened on Tuesday. Even though they want to hash things out again, you could care less. You won’t be in the mood for sports or entertainment today, you just want to chill by yourself. Someone will accuse you of trying to fight them or say nasty things to them. Don’t go looking for love on dating apps, you won’t find anything today. Aquarius: having a hard time moving on. You made the steps forward but now you find yourself wanting to go back again. You will feel frustrated about an idea you had or an invention you wanted to pursue. Take a break and try again on Monday. Get to bed early tonight, you need the rest. You will also notice a lack of progress in a job situation so by the end of the month you’ll put in your two-week notice Pisces: you may be feeling sad today because you’re not married or not a parent yet. Your self-confidence may be low as you want to change your look but you don’t have the money to. Don’t pretend everything is okay when you know it isn’t; talk to someone. You may feel that an earth sign doesn’t love you like they say they do.

To listen to the audio version of these horoscopes view the video link below 👇

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