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Channeled Messages

Air : ♊️ ♎️ ♒️

You’re full of ideas that you want to turn into abundance. Right now you just want to focus on yourself and building your career/wealth. An older gentleman is about to disappoint you in terms of commitment. An appendicitis issue is coming up, go to the doctor. Stop hanging on to the worn out clothes in your closet, time to get some new ones. Travel to close places for the next seven days, far away travel may not be suitable. Change your major and wait to get a new car until September. A family reunion is coming up soon

Earth : ♉️ ♍️ ♑️

The spying continues. One of you is trying to see if the other is in a new relationship. Their pictures on social media aren’t authentic, they’re having a tough time just like you. An opportunity to write for a magazine or publish is coming in 3-7 weeks. Good cop, bad cop; slow down your car. A secret invitation to a rooftop party or some sort of event when the moon moves into Gemini or Aries. If you reconciled with someone, you’ll be back to fighting again this weekend. A boss needs you to come in early or on your day off. They will pay you for your time, so go ahead and go. Apply for the tech position you see close to May 11. Your cycle is off and you should go see your obgyn. You won’t be renewing your lease

Water : ♋️ ♏️ ♓️

The wedding is off. Someone isn’t comfortable moving forward until your problems are fixed. You may face disappointment if you are trying to apply for a loan or a scholarship. You have to wait two more months. A situation feels unrequited due to jealousy. They’re always trying to compete with you instead of working together. Don’t always take relationship advice from your friends or siblings, that’s a breeding ground for staying single. Only you know if you should stay or go. If you’re newly single, you won’t be meeting anyone new for a while. You need time to regroup and heal. Best to save your money these next four weeks or months as well. Reviewing documents so you can sign a contract will be coming up before spring is over. If you’re broken up, you’re not ready to move on yet so you will reconcile in the winter. For now, get a hobby and focus on yourself. A second source of income will be coming through at the end of June. $2000 or $20,000 increase is yours

Fire : ♈️ ♌️ ♐️

The toxic love cycle continues. One of you is love bombing the other to the point they can’t breathe or be themselves. One option provides stability and the other provides fun, who do you want to choose? Weakness in knees, ankle or aches in your feet for 10 days. Your boss will be emailing you or calling you into the office, you’re not in trouble. They want to ask you about a coworker. You’ll be getting a new tattoo soon of a skull, knife, butterfly or a cartoon character. Do not accept any drinks from an older person, grey/brown hair Loves the color red or they wear a gold chain. There may be tension in the family about inheritances or a house in escrow, you will be the winner. Lump sum of money coming from an uncle/aunt on a Tuesday. Moving states again this year. You will get the promotion. Singles, new love coming in from your job but different department. They are a Leo, Capricorn, Virgo or Gemini. You may not feel this other fire sign is the right one for you

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