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Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer June 2023

Welcome back for another month and here are your monthly horoscopes

Aries ♈️: despite the lack of affection or atrntion you feel from your partner you don't have plans to leave. Even if you or them are sneaking around with someone else because you're unhappy at home. You made a vow and you're sticking to it

Here's your reading 👉 ARIES JUNE 2023

Taurus ♉️: singles, you'll be getting closer to a single parent this month. You're attracted to them but the passion isn't there however you will focus on the other good things they bring to the table. Coparenting situations will be getting better. If you're dealing with an air sign, Virgo or Pisces, this person may want a breakup or divorce because they feel it's better for the both of you and they aren't wrong. Happiness awaits on the other side of this connection.

Here's your reading 👉 TAURUS JUNE 2023

Gemini ♊️: transformation and change. You chose and door and walked through it but now you realize that you may have moved too fast. Your foundation was already strong but now you must wait to go back to this person or thing. This downtime will be good because it got to a point where there wasn't any growth happening. Although it may suck, this is needed. There's genuine love here but right now you mus felt them go not because you want to because you need to. If you want to get back with your ex then why are you wasting this new persons time. If you're single, the one you're looking for is a younger air sign

Here's your reading 👉 GEMINI JUNE 2023

Cancer ♋️: starting to step more into your power and be more confident. A new opportunity tied to work could be coming through but also something or someone you want in love will be heading your way. This could be a musician. Don't get attached to them though because it's possible they may not stay around. Fairness is the theme for you this month and whatever the outcomes are just know that it was the right thing for you. You will be in a forgiving mood as well so if you've been mad at people from the past don't be surprised if you find yourself working things out. Things are going good right now, don't sabotage it

Here's your reading 👉 CANCER JUNE 2023

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