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Weekly Horoscopes February 2-7

How you can apply these messages:

Love- Moon/Venus

Money- Venus

Career- Sun


General - Rising

Be prepared this week because there may be some sort of natural disaster in your area especially if you live on the east coast. But it also looks like that you have some unfinished business with an air sign person that may be 3 to 10 (or you are younger) years younger than you. Now this could be a child who is being very defiant right now and you may be speaking with the other parent to figure out how you guys can get them under control. Now this investigative work that you will be doing will be in regards to getting money back from someone who you feel stole from you. This person may be posting a lot of pictures or posting a lot of things on their social media to kind of like rub the money that they owe you in your face. Miscommunications are highly likely this week when it pertains to matters of the heart. You both can't agree on having a family, starting a family or being exclusive. By the end of the week, specifically Thursday, you may end up losing your temper in regards to a money situation with your bank or this may be in regards to your job. Make sure that you are checking your check because some of you may notice that you are a little short on your pay this week. If you keep trying to get the younger air side person to commit the energy here is saying that you are wasting your time because they don’t share the exact same feelings as you. And even though this will be a disappointment, a sister or a friend will step in to help you feel better about the situation. Don’t give anyone new access to your credit card information or don’t offer any money to someone you are romantically involved with. They actually may end up using that money for their ex or for their child. Of course if it’s for their child there’s no big issue there but it becomes a problem when they feel the need to lie or hide it. If you’re in the field of technology, psychology, or travel, a promotion or an upgrade in pay that was promised to you two months ago, will not be coming forward at this point. So you have to figure out within the next 90 days if you want to stay in this particular job or find something new.

If you’ve been waiting on documents or money to come in to you so you can move at a distance or travel, you’ll be getting the news that you are free to go. Singles, right now you are fine in the spot you're in however, by the end of the week an air sign person you used to talk to will be pressuring you into committing to them. This person has an issue with caring too much about what other people think especially if you and this person have an age difference in between you. Now you may be having some issues when it comes to your car that may involve the air conditioner or some sort of filter problem. You’ll be finding out the issue with this car by Wednesday ,Thursday or Saturday and it looks like it shouldn’t cost you no more than $50-$300 to fix. If you have to prepare some sort of presentation for your job, it looks like you’ll be quite nervous or you’ll get stuck taking too many peoples opinions into play. Either way you won’t really be proud of yourself or for the work that you did because you got caught up in how everybody else was going to feel about this presentation or about this project. If you’ve been hoping for communication from a water or air sign person you’ll be getting the communication by the fifth or the seventh of this week however this will be communication of the both of you not moving forward. Even for those of you in relationships it looks like you or your partner is about to accept a position in a far away place without letting the other person know. This is being done because someone is ready to move forward and away from this connection for a while. Unclear if it’s permanent as this is just the energy for the next seven days but things could change.

Something is telling you to not move forward with this particular relationship or with this offer of an extended contract. You will still be thinking about an air sign or Virgo that may have ghosted you within the last 10 to 17 weeks. Even though you know that you shouldn’t turn back the hands of time and try to reach out to this person, a part of you still feels empty because you don’t know why they did what they did. You will catch somebody being dishonest and this may go down via social media or you may decide to go through this person‘s phone. What's meant to be revealed will be revealed when the time is right. But the same thing goes for this contract or this job opportunity that you are thinking about taking. Right now you’re not necessarily in the clearest of mind when it pertains to making decisions, so they advice here is that you should wait for another 10 to 12 days before you give a concrete yes or no. You may be feeling pulled to change your wardrobe or do something different when it pertains to your style and if you are involved in some sort of litigation or legal proceedings then you’ll be able to find the help you need so that you can make it through. If you’ve been struggling or you’ve been in your head a lot about your finances it does look like things will start to pick up however you can’t forget that you can't always do everything alone. Sometimes it’s good to ask for help and also be open to receiving help. Also it’s not the best idea for you to be wearing sandals on the beach or to even go barefoot on the beach because you actually may end up getting cut with some sort of broken glass that could lead to getting infected. So be very careful about open toed shoes on the beach or near anything tied to water. If you have a roommate or if you are splitting bills with someone that you live with then it feels like this week this person will be coming up short however you’ll be able to cover their portion. But at this point how many times are you going to have to cover for them before you wake up and see it for what it is? If you’re going back-and-forth on telling a friend that you like them, it would be best for you not to say anything at all to keep you from getting your feelings hurt.

Your abundance may be tied up into too many projects right now. It’s best for you to learn how to consolidate and stick with one thing moving forward. Or you'll find yourself going through the same cycle that you’ve been going through since 2017 or 2019. Now this week you may not feel at your best when it pertains to what you look like and this may be because you may find yourself on the receiving end of people being mean, petty or nasty about your looks. You’ve likely been struggling with your self-confidence for the last few years. But with the energy coming through of the high priestess, you will rise above the energy to be petty and work more on your career. Don’t automatically assume that you can figure something out without learning the ends and outs of a particular situation. If you feel called to study or go back to school then you’re not wrong. This can be a good week to apply for loans, grants, or scholarships. Some of you will actually be thinking about going to photography school or there’s some sort of job that will require you to take photos. This could be for the company site or taking photos may just be the job you have to do. By the end of the week you will be outsmarting your haters or your detractors and you’ll be deciding to put behind the naysayers or the negativity. The beginning of the week, you’ll be having a tough time trying to see if you need to keep moving forward with a particular situation. But with the justice card here it looks like the situation will be balancing itself out. Even when it pertains to love, right now you don’t really understand what’s going on but that’s because you’re not meant to understand all the ins and outs. It does look like you will start feeling better and stop hanging on to pass grudges. If you’re dealing with someone who is superficial you will likely be deciding to cut them off during this month of February. It may not happen this week but I do feel like by the end of February if you feel this person is disingenuous or they don’t really love you you’ll be leaving them behind. But you won't necessarily decide to leave them behind for forever. Also if you’ve been thinking about moving I don’t see a move happening right now and it feels like it could take another 11 months or possibly next year before you actually move but it’s OK because things are fine.

This week your focus will be on creating a new beginning with someone new or someone that you still have love for. But the problem here is that you and this person are always arguing about who loves who more or who does what more in the connection. So you’ll be having the same arguments that you’ve been having likely for the last five months. You really do want to start over with this person but the outside opinion of others is also getting in your way. Because you and them have been going back-and-forth for quite some time and people have likely been suggesting that maybe you and them should let this go, it leaves you stuck in between a rock and a hard place. This week if you are in the field of the arts, hospitality, food industry, or communication, you’ll be trying to apply for different positions within the company. However if you struggle to talk in front of groups of people I don’t feel that this will be successful. Because a part of this job will be for you to either train or to present information to groups of people and it feels like this is something that you still struggle with. However it’s not like you can’t get over this hump, it could be a confidence thing or it’s just a matter of articulation. With the death card here towards the end of your week it actually does look like you’ll be making a decision on who to move forward with and who to let go of. Quite a few of you may be stuck in between working this out or choosing someone new that has given you a love offer but from what I’m seeing here it looks like you’ll be choosing the water sign. So if you’re dealing with an air sign it does look like you will decide to leave this person behind but you won’t necessarily tell them the reason why. Pay attention to your dreams as well because a sister may be popping up in them or a mother and this could hint at some personal issue that they’re going through right now. So if you haven’t talked to them in about five months or five weeks you need to pick up the phone and call and make sure they are okay. They would love to hear from you anyway. Also you will be closing a social media account of yours that you feel like is either too toxic or is just useless at this point. Oh, this also could be you closing an online dating profile. After someone makes a profession of their feelings for you or you realize this about this person from your past you’ll decide to cut out all distractions so you can give this a true chance.

This week you may feel like life is unfair or life is being unkind to you. And this will be in the arena of your love situation. If you are dealing with an Aquarius, Scorpio, cancer, or Aries then this person may start to act strange towards the middle of the week. By the end of the week you may find out that this person has been up to no good behind your back and they’ve been planning a whole new life with someone else at a distance. And because of that you will confront this person. And they will deny it, but at the end of the day you have the evidence. So with all this being said it does look like this week you will be leaving behind someone that hasn’t been so kind or who has lacked showing respect towards you over these last two, four or seven years. This person isn’t going to change their mind at this point after you catch them or you realize that this person won't treat you better even if you decide to forgive them. So this week you’ll be going through a transformation and although you won’t like it at the end of the day you have to know that you will get through this. It looks like you’ll finally be choosing yourself not because you want to but at this point you have no other choice. Because of this ending you may take off and head toward your ex again or you may decide to go stay with a family member for the time being, especially if you and this person live together. But if you were having hope that a situation with your ex was going to bring you guys closer you’ll be getting confirmation by the end of the week that that’s not happening. It’s time for you to accept that maybe you and this person are better apart than you are together and although you’ve likely spent a lot of years together at this point something has to change because they aren’t. Be very careful of speeding if you are traveling this week on a short distance trip or even if it’s a long-distance trip and you are driving your car make sure that you are mindful of speed traps or signs. If you’ve been tied up in a court situation when it pertains to an ex that may also include a protective order you may feel disappointed because they will either throw it out or they will say there’s not enough evidence and you’ll have to try again another day. No the universe isn't conspiring against you it’s just now you have to find your way in another direction. And although it will feel unfair at the end of the day you’ll be coming out of this situation stronger than you were before. So give it to about July or November and you realize how this message will fit by that time

If you are pregnant then you could be giving birth this week or if you’re not wanting to get pregnant then you may be disappointed or irritated to find out that you are about seven weeks pregnant as of Friday. Now there will be a new beginning or new communication that will be coming into you about a golden opportunity that may require you to do project management, assistance, or something tied to graphic design. If you’ve been feeling pulled to change your wardrobe or to change something about your hair it will be a good time to do it but save it until after Thursday of this week. You may be deciding to go a more darker red or you could be going for a more darker blonde. You won’t have time to argue this week with someone who just wants to constantly talk about what you’re doing wrong or constantly talk about how you’re not giving them much attention. You have bigger and better things to worry about so you will be ignoring this fire sign person that you feel is trying to push your buttons. The only issue with this person is that they just want more of your attention and if you and this person have kids together there may be a little bit of jealousy here in terms of the affection you show towards your children as opposed to them. You may be very much aware that you’re dealing with somebody who can be quite selfish. Also it looks like you need to clean out your closet or just clean up your space because there is too much clutter. If you have children that are much older its time to throw away all those old baby clothes. If you recently interviewed for a new position or you submitted some paperwork to have a promotion or a pay increase then it will be approved on the ninth. So the beginning of your next week will start off with good news. Some libra's are having to make a decision between a fire sign and a water sign. It looks like you have a lot of emotion and a lot of feelings for this water sign however they have quite a few personal demons that they have to battle before they can even be ready for any sort of relationship. This fire sign, also from your past, is trying to get you to pay attention to them and accept their offer of love but you’re stuck at a crossroads. And it looks like you will be choosing no one and decide to move forward with yourself but by the time July hits you’ll start to have regrets over not choosing the fire signs offer. In the end it feels you’ll be deciding to move forward with this fire with air in their chart. Money will be coming in or some sort of new idea that you will start by the end of the week will be lucrative in less than three years

you’ll be opening an investigation this week in regards to some money that came up missing around 2 to 9 days ago. And it’s not like this is a small amount this literally may be up to $900 that you feel like was taken from you. This week you may also be learning that someone who said that they weren’t on a dating website actually may haver been active on there since January 7, 2022. So now you are questioning if you can even trust this person but at the end of the day you will likely let it slide since you and this person aren’t necessarily exclusive. But for you if this person lies to you one more time you will decide to leave them behind. A Virgo may be trying to entice you back into their life when it pertains to some sort of money situation. It looks like this person needs help with a money situation or this person is just trying to make up excuses to be around you some more. You will notice by the end of the week the games that this person is up to and you will decide to let them know that you are not interested. By the end of the week you also will be realizing that you are not necessarily in the right career or on the right track. It feels like no matter what you do or no matter how many hours you work you are still getting the short end of the stick especially if you are in the field of cooking, education, healthcare, fitness, or investigations. So you will be reaching out to an air sign man to try to figure out what positions they have open or you will be applying for up to four different jobs by the end of the week or in the next two weeks. It does feel like a younger air sign person or younger fire person has broken your heart and you’re having a hard time letting go of that so this week instead of you trying to get super involved with love again you’ll be deciding to choose yourself and choose your career. Even though there is a soulmate energy around you you just don’t see yourself moving forward with this person at this particular time however this person does make you happy. I think you’re battling with the fact that life at this point isn’t looking like what you envisioned it to be however that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still great things happening around you. And if you are unable to see the great things happening around you that could keep you in a cycle of constantly trying to get more or constantly trying to get better instead of appreciating the things you already have. Overall this is a good week to show your talents however you have to make sure that your talents are being received in this place that you’re currently working in. It doesn’t look like they are but a sigh of relief will come through in the next 3 to 11 days and you will have a new position or you’ll be working at a different company. The salary or the pay will also be much better as well so that’s good for you.

an earth sign person will be trying to convince you to walk away from a water sign person. This earth sign person may be someone who’s been trying to get your attention for months or they may even be someone who has been telling you the shenanigans that your water sign person has been up to behind your back. But you’re not necessarily ready to leave the water sign behind because you feel like this person needs you right now especially if they just went through a death in their family. This week, it doesn’t look like you’ll be getting in enough water so you may be struggling with kidney stones or kidney issues. Now this is a situation that feels like it’s been accumulating overtime or over the last two years so it may be time for you to go and check it out with your doctor instead of just sitting there. Money will be coming in to you in the form of a check however it looks like this check is missing the memo line or there is not a signature so you may have to send this back or track down the person who wrote you this check. You’ll be able to have this resolved or get this resolved within the week so don’t worry. You also may think about picking up a second job or some of you will get serious about turning a hobby into a career. It feels like you may end up achieving this however it won’t happen until 2024 but as long as you stay on this path and don’t give up then you will reach success. Also by the end of the week you’ll be changing your mind about moving out or moving to your own place. If you are living with someone then you’ll be looking at this situation with different eyes and you’ll be trying to figure out a way to be more patient or be more of a team player. So again this person who keeps trying to convince you to leave someone behind you will be letting them know that you will decide to stay with the current situation. But that doesn’t mean that this person won't still try to continue to convince you or sway you because they really want to be with you but it feels like you’re not that interested. Also this is a good week for you to file your taxes as some of you actually may end up getting almost $3000 more back than what you have been in the past. So shoot to file your taxes on Tuesday or Thursday. Scratch that don’t do Tuesday because today the moon is void all day and it’s really not a good idea to start anything new or do anything new in regards to like financials or taxes and stuff so just wait until Thursday or this weekend. Things that are happening in your life right now seem to be a repeat of what happened in your past life or the vow that you made in your past life to fulfill in this current life. So make sure that you are paying attention to any sort of patterns that are going on right now because that is a sign that you need to make some changes so that things can start moving forward in a more consistent manner. In the end although you get irritated when it pertains to the earth sign wanting to want to work things out it looks like that in 3 to 5 years from now that’ll be the person you are with.

You’re back trying to figure out if you really love this job or you’d rather let it go and move onto something else. You haven’t had a pay raise in Lord knows how long and positions that you apply for when it pertains to promotion it seems they always fall through at the last minute. You may be losing money this week as you’ll be buying something or buying things just because you are emotional. So be careful about getting roped into emotional marketing especially if you are on Facebook or Instagram. Now another earth sign that you may be dealing with, you may not be feeling all that great about the future of this connection. This person has been stuck in the same spot for years and it just seems like the future is so bleak at this point. Also you may be having issues with your teeth or there is a cavity that needs to be taken care of immediately before it gets worse. You have to be patient and not rush into acting on your emotions, because some of you this week will be feeling like quitting your job because of a nosy boss or an irritating air sign coworker. But the advice here is to keep your head down and don’t create a problem that’s not there. But the same thing goes in your connections. If you’re trying to create an issue or create a problem just to start up drama it's not going to go in your favor this time because they may end up walking away. Unexpected news could be coming toward you about a mother figure, a fire or earth sign person in your life. This person is either struggling with health issues or there is some type of unexpected debt that will be coming their way and they’ll be calling you about this. If you haven’t been on the straight and narrow when it comes to love and you’ve been snooping through dating websites, this week you’ll be found out about. Even though you will be getting caught red-handed, you'll struggle to apologize. Honestly this person will be more understanding than what you think so if you go ahead and acknowledge what you did I feel like they’ll still take you back. Of course this energy can be vice versa but either way there will be an apology in a situation where somebody has made a mistake. It looks like someone is just getting into temptation because they feel ignored in this connection. If you’re dealing with a water sign, there is a fire sign person behind them that does not like you whatsoever and they are trying their damnness to ruin this connection. They could be a very feminine depressing or desperate acting energy. It feels like you know exactly who this person is. The advice is to ignore it and not to react. I see a huge new beginning or a huge opportunity coming your way in June that will be worth about $60,000. This could be you buying a house or there will be some sort of lump sum payment coming through from some sort of accident or insurance situation from the past.

you will be blocking a Sagittarius, Scorpio, cancer, Taurus, or Capricorn by the end of the week. You’ll be doing this because you realize that this situation isn’t going to work out and it’s just making you even more bitter or sad to continue to wait around for possibly nothing. Things used to be good at one point between you and this person but outside influences became too big of a factor in the situation. If you are in the military you may be getting some sort of order soon that will require you to move countries or states in the next five months. If you were trying to call somebody to apologize or to see what they are up to you will realize that this person‘s number has changed or the number has gotten disconnected. Also, if you were sending out any sort of correspondence in the mail you have the wrong address so this will be returned to sender. If you are in the field of the arts or specifically dealing with music it looks like that things are not going as good as they have been in the past and the energy is urging you to find a different direction before it’s too late. Short distance travel is highlighted by the end of this week and also some of you that are single will actually end up meeting another fire sign. This person is completely new to your energy so don’t be expecting that call back from the person from your past. You also could be going on some sort of interview this week on the fifth or just before the seventh. It actually looks like you may end up saying the wrong answers or something on your resume can’t be verified so this position may not come to pass. However you will still be able to find employment it just may not be this week, you may have to wait until Pisces season. If you’re in a job that deals with communication, technology, teaching, or sales, you really do not like this particular place so by the end of the week you’ll be making up a plan of how much longer you expect to be here. From what I’m getting here it looks like you’ll still be here at least until October. You should try to have a little bit of fun this week because you’re so uptight. It’s like watching paint dry and you need to find a way to let loose, to bring some life or bring some energy back in to you. It’s not a good week to sign up for any sort of online courses or to dig deeper into your education as I don’t feel you’ll see this through.

Someone is being real unpredictable with you this week. This person will be sending you an invitation to a gathering or this is someone who is giving you a peace offering. You don’t know how to feel about this particular person as they change with the wind. This could be another Pisces, Aquarius, Virgo, or Gemini. It feels like every day or every week is something different with this particular person however the money is good. You and this person may create a lot of stability together whenever you guys are in a relationship and that makes you feel nice, it makes you feel warm but it’s the unpredictability that you struggle to deal with. One minute it feels like they’re in and then the next minute they are out. However this week it does look like that this person is trying to somewhat commit to you and this could be where this offering is coming from. But with the hangman here the advice is to not necessarily accept them back into your life fully. They still need to prove themselves and prove that they will make a decision and stick with it instead of causing you to constantly be confused. Honestly it feels like you and this person are pretty much together but it’s not solidified by titles. So even though a part of you wants to walk away this week you’ll be deciding to take a step back let this person prove to you that they are serious and then you’ll move forward from there. But it actually looks like this person is strongly thinking about offering you marriage and if you guys do decide to get married it does look like it will be a pretty good marriage. You just have to get there first. So it’s up to you if you decide to take this person at their offer or not but the hierophant came upright as well as the star and the strength card. So all of the components are there to create a stable and strong relationship you guys just have to find a way through all these mishaps that have transpired in the past. Singles it does look like that you will be meeting this person I am referring to but it won’t be until after May or August of this year but they are coming within the next 12 months. You could end up getting commissioned for a particular project by the end of the week that actually could pay out around $3000 to $6000. Others of you in the workforce it does look like there will be some sort of interview or you’ll be getting an invite via email to apply for a position that your boss thinks you’re qualified for. You may not feel up to the task to take on these new responsibilities but in the end if you decide to go for it you’ll be looking at a $10,000 more increase in salary. So this will be a really good week for you and although you may be in your most vulnerable state when it comes to someone it does look like there is a lot of potential for this actually to work out this time but again the final decision is up to you.

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