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Tarot for the Next 72 Hours

Welcome back, welcome back. These readings are for the next 72 hours. Check your other placements. Thank you to those that chimed in during the focus group. I would love to implement that once a month to see where we are all heading. So next focus group will be for the end of this month.

For Aries, 8 of Swords reversed - an anxious situation loses its power to restrain you within 24 hours if you find the strength to face what's truly troubling you head-on.

For Libra, 2 of Swords - you're at an impasse and all choices feel risky. Trust that any decision made out of a desire to please others may backfire. Take 48 hours for deep reflection away from it all.

For Cancer, 7 of Cups reversed - swirling visions clearing to single purpose within the next 12 hours if you acknowledge an inescapable truth you've denied. No more illusions.

For Capricorn, Knight of Pentacles reversed - over commitment strains you, say no to taking more on your plate in the next 36 hours no matter who asks. Burnout looms if careful balance is not found.

For Leo, King of Wands reversed - your usual enthusiasm feels strained. Take the next 24 hours to rest and recharge fires without judgment, new passion arises when rested.

For Aquarius, Ace of Cups - opportunities for meaningful connection and understanding present within the hour if you open without defenses, embrace what's real not ideal.

For Taurus, The Chariot reversed - forward momentum halts until you look within and acknowledge inner conflicts sabotaging your progress. Face your shadow for emotional freedom in 48 hours.

For Scorpio, 6 of Pentacles reversed - watch for deception where giving is concerned in the next 12 hours, false praise or scarcity disguised. Generosity begins at home, trust actions not words.

For Pisces, Star reversed - difficulty seeing yourself clearly right now. Step back from illusion or envy of others for 12 hours to regain hope. You have so much more than you realize.

For Gemini, 2 of Wands - a choice looms within 24 hours that will shape your future, weigh impacts not empty promises. Have courage to leave false paths.

For Virgo, 8 of Pentacles - steady progress on a project underway if you avoid distractions and keep laser focus, can see rewards in 72 hours through perseverance.

For Sagittarius, Ace of Swords - truth will cut through confusion bringing much needed insight within the hour if anxieties don't obscure clarity you seek. Face fears with open eyes.

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Divine Faith
Divine Faith
01 oct 2023

Happy spooky season.

Me gusta
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