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Scorpio & Aquarius May 2023: Wait on the changes or you’ll regret it

Scorpio May 2023: the manipulation is strong this month between you and someone you are attracted to or are dealing with. It's been very one sided for a while but now tiny steps toward growth are happening. This doesn't mean you should drop your guard immediately again, give this a chance to be rebuilt or to build. If you are eyeing someone, they are eyeing you too but they know they can't come to you with lies and bull crap. So they know they need to grow up first before you guys can be together. It's worth keeping this in the back of your mind or even waiting a bit. This could work, because there's positive growth. But it won't happen soon, it'll take at least the next year or two

Aquarius May: you are willing to bite off the forbidden fruit tree when you already know how this ends. This person will likely still choose their ex over you, don't put yourself in that vulnerable position. If you are using the rituals of other cultures or deities you're not familiar with, there could be spiritual consequences for that. A lot of you are just rushing because you want movement, you need it and it's taking too long. Right now the focus should be to fixing broken relationships in your family or friendship cirlce. Rushing is just you operating out of fear you won't be successful or you won't get something. You don't have to do that. There will be consequences handed down to someone stealing your work if you've dealt with this. Your love life seems very fated. I don't think you're supposed to be in a lot of relationships. The serious relationships you have are meant to elevate you to the next level and help you become the person you're meant to be. Causal dating could be your downfall

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