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Sagittarius & Taurus May 2023: You’re Ready for Something Better

Taurus ♉️ May 2023: first off, Happy birthday! Secondly, someone is treating you like a stranger. This is a person you have a lot of love for and you always find a way to forgive them. It seems they've fallen in love with someone else and they are trying or did get rid of you. Now they are coming back in to confuse and act as if nothing happened. You have a past life connection to this person which makes you feel as if they are the one for you. However, they can never be clear on what you guys are. Are you committed, friends, what? If you are gushing over a friend, look elsewhere, they don't want a relationship and this will save you a lot of tears. There's a new opportunity in another state, city, or country or it's time to move to a new house and you should consider taking it. Your life will skyrocket to new heights if you do

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Sagittarius ♐️ May 2023: you may be a bit of a nerd. You need someone that will mentally stimulate you. You want to talk about history, light rays, NASA, or anything interesting but you've been using social media as a decoy. The person you are with thinks you want a partner just like the posts or memes you share online, but no. You are a way deeper person than most people realize. This month you could meet this very Interesting person that is like you in many ways. Your eyes will light up when you meet them and you will possibly think about getting rid of your current partner. Relationships shouldn't require you to give all of yourself. You easily become like the person you're dating which is not good. This new person will be so chill and full of peace. But I also see you getting In good with a boss after you give them advice for something happening in their personal life.

Full audio below

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