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Pisces & Capricorn May 2023 : The decisions we make

Pisces May 2023: for you this month, your focus turns more toward your career. You may feel as if you've hit a brick wall and things have become stagnant. You won't have much interest or even time for love as you try to figure out what's going on with your job. There's an ex or someone you're dealing with who realizes they've waited too late to reveal to you their true feelings. This person isn't going anywhere. They will love you for life and will be here when you decide you want to settle down or things with your new person won't work out. For now, don't make a decision yet. Focus more on making this dream of yours come true

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Capricorn May 2023: dealing with elders or a parent this month. You may have to deal with some sad news tied to a death in your family or you may bid this parent or family member goodbye. You can't deal with the drama they bring anymore. On the other end, you may find yourself being talked about, slandered, or just in the middle of gossip because of who you are dating or married to. This person will not be what you think and in the end, you may have regrets, feeling as if this wasn't even worth it. A lot of things that you thought would bring you joy, just end up bringing sadness. Things are not as they seem and you will become more aware of this in May. It's likely this month you will be going through a spiritual awakening. Although it will be uncomfortable, it has been long overdue.

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